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Today the market offers a huge range of TVs, but even high-quality and expensive models have one single significant drawback – their limited sound capabilities. The particular features of the thin-walled device’s production don’t allow a decent speaker system embedding. Therefore, the sound of even a new TV may not meet the owner’s requirements, so the best TV soundbar can become a great solution.

The soundbar is equipped with high-quality audio components that provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the first-class sound without the use of massive speakers and a subwoofer. Most modern models work together with a TV and can be used independently as players. The best soundbar for TV consists of a set of speakers, audio processor and player itself.

In some cases, the devices have up to sixteen speakers that are located at different angles, as well as a bass speaker, which is used as a subwoofer. The unit management is implemented via a remote control. In order to find the best TV soundbar that will boost the level of sound, you should get acquainted with the four conclusive TV soundbar reviews, because the models described below have proven their reliability and practicality.

Soundbars for TV Reviews

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Sonos Playbar: Multifunctional Unit with Nine Speakers

Sonos Playbar

The device becomes the basis for a full-fledged home theater – completely wireless, freely expandable, and independent of external factors (additional equipment, tricks of apartment renovations, the location of furniture, etc.). The soundbar has nine speakers: six for mid-frequencies and three tweeters for high frequencies, two of which are directed to the sides for maximum effect of surround sound. Each speaker has its own class D amplifier.

There are two inputs for an Ethernet cable and one optical input. The soundbar connects to the TV via an optical cable, and the Ethernet inputs are used either for connecting to the Internet or for synchronizing with Smart TV systems. It quickly plugs the Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled devices, but works with interruptions (the connection disappears from time to time).


  • All the internal elements are enclosed in a metal and plastic body with a minimalistic design.
  • The Sonos Playbar automatically receives a sound signal from the TV and independently distributes it between the nine built-in speakers.
  • The plane flying through the entire screen stirs up the nerves and sounds very believable, so it seems that you are in a full-fledged cinema, and not in a small living room.


  • System updating fails. It appears “Try later” on the screen and nothing’s going on. The best solution is to reset to factory settings.
  • It appears a volume imbalance during Netflix and Hulu use. The Trueplay Tuning and Night mode features don’t solve the problem.

Yamaha ATS-1070: Clear Voice Mode Together with HDMI ARC

Yamaha ATS-1070R

The ultra-thin sound panel Yamaha ATS-1070 fits seamlessly in front of a TV or on a shelf, or can be rotated for low-profile wall mounting. It is also equipped with a special Clear Voice mode, which brings dialogue and narration to the forefront, making voices more understandable. There is one HDMI input, meaning that you can connect 4K UHD sources to the soundbar, and then transfer this signal to your TV to take advantage of the high dynamic range and extended color gamut.

The HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC), which will transmit audio to the soundbar from TV, is useful when you use the TV’s built-in tuner or any of its media streaming applications. You need to make sure the device supports this feature, but today it is quite common. Together with the unit, the user gets a modern remote control; moreover, the additional sound device can be managed by the special mobile app. It’s hard to call the Yamaha ATS-1070 cheap soundbar for TV, but it has most of the latest functions and looks really modern.


  • The setup process is very simple because of the intelligible on-screen guide.
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming works without hindrances and pauses even on a great distance.


  • There is no special display to show enabled settings.
  • The remote control isn’t really comfortable because it slips out of hand.

JBL Bar 5.1: Unique Wireless Speakers and SoundShift Technology Combination

JBL Bar 5.1

The model is equipped with the removable wireless surround speakers powered by rechargeable batteries that work nearly ten hours. The JBL sound panel supports three audio formats: PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital, and DTS, on optical and HDMI inputs. The mentioned device is supplemented by the SoundShift technology, so you can instantly switch between the audio of a TV, mobile phone, or tablet. The remote control allows adjusting the operation of the sound panel.


  • This JBL unit is compatible with many remote controls from today’s popular TV models, so you can use the remote from your TV and manage the soundbar.
  • The ultra-slim design greatly combines with a small weight (8.82 pounds), so it can be placed under the TV, or next to it.
  • The MP3 and WAV files are supported; furthermore, the file name appears on the panel LED display.


  • The left detachable speaker holds the charge worse than the right one, and requires more frequent recharging.
  • The JBL mutes itself sometimes, so I have to restart it.

Bose Solo 5: Deep Bass and Construction Peculiarities

Bose Solo 5

The device’s appearance is as neutral as possible. It consists of a long black block with a single indicator light and a silver Bose logo. There are rear cable connectors, optical, coaxial, and analog audio inputs, which work seamlessly. The speakers are swayed in different directions to cover as much space as possible. All voices are well heard, while the music and effects don’t fall behind, you can just easily make out the conversation even at low volume.


  • A big remote control is convenient and can replace your remote from a TV and other devices.
  • A Bass button will boost the sound with lows. Such a feature is especially useful if your house provides a decent aural range.
  • The soundbar can easily be placed under the TV, on the wall, in the nightstand; it doesn’t take up much space.


  • I have to re-adjust Dialogue and Mass modes every time I turn on the TV.
  • HBO and YouTube are quieter than other programs.

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