Best Soundbar under $500 in 2021

Want to choose the best soundbar under 500? Here, one can find out some dedicated reviews to reveal all the models’ peculiarities. First, let’s see why those devices are in demand in the age of home theater systems. The latter ones usually demand space for wires and multiple speakers. Not all listeners own large apartments with a separate room for acoustic entertainment. In this case, soundbars (external TV speakers) come in handy to mount it on the wall or place between the TV’s stands and to use one cable for fast connection with the TV. Soundbars provide a surround sound not via speakers but virtually.

Why TVs need sound improvement? The latest models are too slim to deliver good power through built-in speakers only. The majority of TV programs are recorded in 2-channel stereo format. Soundbars support this separation and reproduce a good stereo sound. Besides, one can add bass when choosing a model with a built-in sub or with the opportunity to connect the external subwoofer.

The units introduced below are the entry-level models that have enough features to satisfy the customers. They let connect a sub, have Bluetooth onboard, can be hooked up to wireless multi-room systems, and have high-quality wireless audio.

Premium models are remarkable for customized parts and perfect built quality. As a rule, they’re designed for large spaces, have great total power, more dynamics, and ultra-stylish look. Certainly, the customers should overpay much for the benefits that are not necessary to enjoy loud and clear TV sound.

Let’s dive deeper into top soundbars under 500 to reveal the most worthy models in this price range.

Soundbars under 500 Reviews

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Sonos Beam – Soundbar with Wireless Connectivity and Voice Controlled System

Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam was created to stream any content through the TV including video games, books, and podcasts.

This model is well-designed and comes in black or white finishes; it is rather compact and light. All touch controls are on the top of the device and allow changing volume, choosing a track, play/pause, and a mic mute. There are LED indicators to display the status. All the ports are on the back panel of the soundbar. The unit can be mounted on the wall, but the compatible brackets are sold separately.

This TV speaker has such advanced features as HDMI connection and Amazon Alexa voice control system by default. However, Google Assistant or Apple Siri can be installed if desired. If the TV doesn’t feature HDM, the connection via Optical Audio Adapter is possible.

It is possible to connect this model wirelessly (via Wi-Fi) to other Sonos speakers and place them in different parts of the house/apartments to arrange a multi-room system. However, it is designed only for small and medium spaces.

The Sonos Beam delivers a good surround and immersive sound because all drivers are placed all along the soundbar and also at its edges.


  • The room settings allow adjusting the sound for watching TV programs and listening to music separately.
  • A wide range of music services to use with the Sonos platform.


  • Doesn’t work as a Bluetooth speaker.
  • No opportunity to configure Xbox to control it directly.

Sony HT-X9000F – Customized Adjustment and Variety of Connections

Sony HT-X9000F

When dealing with the best soundbar under 500, the Sony HT-X9000F can get this honorary title thanks to its Vertical Surround Engine that let two front in-built speakers direct the sound vertically to create the virtual surround effect. Besides, the unit comes with seven modes for watching movies, sports, news, playing games, and listening to music. The Sony HT-X9000F supports Dolby Atmos, but the signal can only go over the HDMI input.

This model provides wireless connectivity via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Moreover, one can playback his/her favorite collections via USB. The soundbar features Voice Enhancement to separate vocals from the background noises. This provides outstanding sound quality with clear and accurate dialogues.

The unit also looks stylish with its silver base and logo-free surface in a matte finish. It has five control buttons, but the remote control is also can be useful. The unit comes with an external sub to hook it up wirelessly to the system.


  • It is turned off/on automatically with the TV.
  • It recognizes TV remote to control volume.
  • A white outline around the HDMI sockets to understand which way round the HDMI plugs go in.


  • Soundbar comes with only a single HDMI port.
  • The sound starts fading if sitting more than 10 feet from the device.

VIZIO SB36512-F6 – Full-Packed Device with Rear Speakers

VIZIO SB36512-F6

This model is one more soundbar under $500 that offers amazing sound with good bass. Besides, it includes actual rear speakers to make the surround sound more immersive that is typical for soundbars in this price range. It’s also a good-looking device in a black cloth wrap and with silver-colored ends. LED indicators show the volume status but not the active inputs.

Its connectivity is impressive and offers HDMI (one input and one output to support ARC), optical, coaxial, USB, analog, and even Bluetooth types of connections. Wired connectivity is also possible through the Ethernet port. The unit also comes with the Chromecast extension called SmartCast to connect the soundbar with the smartphone/tablet for streaming content.


  • Separate adjustment of the surround sound, a sub, and a center speaker.
  • The satellite speakers have color-coded inputs of blue and gray to indicate the difference between them.
  • RCA cables are long enough (about 28 feet).


  • The unit can be paired with the provided sub only. No opportunity to swap it out in the future.
  • Dolby Atmos can be enhanced only horizontally but not vertically to get benefits of it in a 2-dimensional plane.

Samsung HW-N650 – Versatile Soundbar to Watch, Listen, and Play

Samsung HW-N650

The unit’s low form factor is good to place it in front of the majority of modern TVs. It has a sturdy metal construction with a black finish. This model is one of the best soundbars under 500 due to the brand Samsung Acoustic Beam tech that help produce panoramic sound. Special dynamics on the top of the cabinet boasts accurately placed openings to sync the sound with the action on the screen.

The unit can be connected wirelessly not only via Wi-Fi but Bluetooth as well to enjoy content from the mobile device. It can be hooked up to the TV through HDMI or optical and analog inputs. The soundbar was designed for plug-and-play connectivity with the Samsung TVs to control them with a single remote.


  • It is great for movies, music, and games (a special Game Mode is implemented).
  • A wireless sub provides overall bass performance with clear and crisp other frequencies.


  • Doesn’t support lossless formats.
  • No support for the multi-room system.

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