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Who are the authors of reviews on our website HelpToChoose?

Meet our team! We are well-educated and passionate industry specialists. Our work became our hobby. Our main goal is to write expert reviews that are based on our personal experience during the thorough testing of each device which is represented on our website. We usually estimate design, features, performance, and the setup process. After reading our reviews, you'll get the answer to the main question: Should you buy this or that item and why?

Our team

Alex Robson — Owner/Founder of helptochoose.com. Alex graduated from Green Meadow Waldorf School (music faculty). He is an amplifier and music guru. In his house, there are a lot of audio gadgets such as AV receivers, speakers, subwoofers, turntables, etc. Since Alex is a huge music fan, his shelves are full of vinyl records and Blu-ray disks. Having degree in music, he can estimate amplifiers or other devices like a pro!

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Alex Robson

Neal Smith — Team Lead/Editor of our comparison reviews. He is a video geek with a film editing degree. Neal specializes in everything that is related to video and visual effects. Now his workplace is a couch in front of the TV or projector screen.

Neal Smith

Charlie Hoffman — Marketing Specialist of helptochoose.com. Mr. Hoffman graduated from the Marketing school in LA. He is our guide to the marketing world. Charlie is in charge of public relations and manages everything to make our lives easier.

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Charlie Hoffman

Lynell Burmark — Editor of our comparison reviews, musician (guitar), and music producer. He is an audio geek and Bachelor of Music.

Lynell Burmark