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  • Onkyo TX-SR444 review Onkyo TX-SR373 review

    Onkyo TX-SR444 vs TX-SR373

    Onkyo is a leader in intelligent, sophisticated and immersive entertainment solutions. Having had an opportunity to test Onkyo TX-SR444 vs Onkyo TX-...
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  • Pioneer VSX-LX302 review Pioneer VSX-933 review

    Pioneer VSX-LX302 vs VSX-933

    Recently, the popularity of such amplifiers is growing all over the world, modern devices receive a lot of interesting functions, including the abil...
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  • Pioneer VSX-832 review Pioneer VSX-932 review

    Pioneer VSX-832 vs VSX-932

    It is always fun to compare two receivers from the same company. Pioneer VSX-832 vs VSX-932 for example even though the brand is the same they are v...
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  • Denon AVRX1400H review Denon AVRS740H review

    Denon AVRX1400H vs AVRS740H

    It is hard to compare Denon AVRX1400H vs AVRS740H because they belong to different weight categories. AVRX1400H does not have DTS:X immersive audio o...
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  • Onkyo TX-RZ720 review Onkyo TX-NR686 review

    Onkyo TX-RZ720 vs TX-NR686

    Two externally similar models of receivers should be compared in performance since for example, they have different amplifier power - 160W (NR686) an...
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  • Yamaha RX-V485 review Pioneer VSX-832 review

    Yamaha RX-V485 vs Pioneer VSX-832

    Pioneer VSX-832 vs Yamaha RX-V485 checking is made to compare two budgetary receivers with the same total output power – 400 watts but with a d...
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  • Yamaha RX-V685BL review Pioneer VSX-933 review

    Yamaha RX-V685BL vs Pioneer VSX-933

    It’s strongly recommended to compare different gadgets if you want to choose the best one: Yamaha RX-V685BL vs Pioneer VSX-933. Both of them su...
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  • Denon AVRX4400H review Onkyo TX-RZ820 review

    Denon AVRX4400H vs Onkyo TX-RZ820

    I decided to compare Denon AVRX4400H vs Onkyo TX-RZ820 in order to find the best device. At first glance, both of these products are great because De...
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  • Yamaha RX-V685BL review Marantz SR5013 review

    Yamaha RX-V685BL vs Marantz SR5013

    The comparison of Marantz SR5013 vs Yamaha RX-V685BL should clarify all the differences between them in order to understand whether Marantz worth ove...
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  • Yamaha RX-A3070BL review Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A3080 review

    Yamaha RX-A3070BL vs AVENTAGE RX-A3080

    While looking at Yamaha RX-A3070BL vs Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A3080 it seems questionable to pay much money for Yamaha RX-A3070BL that has no dual-zone ca...
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  • Sony XBR75X900F review Sony XBR75X940E review

    Sony XBR75X900F vs XBR75X940E

    Here is the comparison of two premium LCD 4K TVs powered by Android and equipped with mpressive 75 inches displays: Sony XBR75X940E vs XBR75X900F. Th...
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  • LG 49UJ6300 review LG 49UK6300 review

    LG 49UJ6300 vs 49UK6300

    I had the opportunity to make comparison of models 2018 (UK6300) and 2017 (UJ6300) from the budget line of LG. In LG 49UK6300 vs LG 49UJ6300 review I...
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  • Sony XBR65X900F review Sony XBR65X850F review

    Sony XBR65X900F vs XBR65X850F

    The Sony XBR65X850F vs Sony XBR65X900F comparison has started after the presentation of these TVs at the beginning of February 2018. The Sony XBR65X8...
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  • Samsung 55NU8000 review Samsung 55NU8500 review

    Samsung 55NU8000 vs 55NU8500

    I created this comparison of Samsung 55NU8500 vs 55NU8000 to oppose these TVs that belong to one brand. Both of these TVs (series NU8500 and NU8000) ...
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  • LG 55UJ7700 review LG 55UK6300PUE review

    LG 55UJ7700 vs 55UK6300PUE

    It’s strongly recommended to compare products to choose the best one, that’s why I created this comparison of two TV leaders - LG 55UK630...
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  • TCL 43S405 review TCL 43S305 review

    TCL 43S405 vs 43S305

    TCL 43S405 vs TCL 43S305 is the test of two low-cost units of 2017 based on the Roku OS – rather flexible platform that makes you free of being...
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  • Samsung 58NU7100 review Samsung QN65Q7F review

    Samsung 58NU7100 vs QN65Q7F

    Samsung QN65Q7F vs Samsung 58NU7100 is the comparison of a high-end and mid-range device. Samsung QN65Q7F of Q7F series 2017 is the QLED TV with the ...
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  • TCL 55R617 review TCL 55S517 review

    TCL 55R617 vs 55S517

    TCL 55S517 vs TCL 55R617 is a comparison of mid-range TVs 2018 from series S517 and R6 respectively. Both units are based on the “Roku TV&rdquo...
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  • Samsung QN65Q7F review Samsung QN65Q8F review

    Samsung QN65Q7F vs QN65Q8F

    I decided to test and compare Samsung QN65Q8F vs Samsung QN65Q7F for a reason. Both models belong to the high-price category. Samsung QN65Q8F is a pa...
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  • Samsung 58NU7100 review Hisense 65H9D review

    Samsung 58NU7100 vs Hisense 65H9D

    The Hisense 65H9D vs Samsung 58NU7100 comparison seemed to me unusual, because the first brand wasn’t very famous, unlike the second one. Both ...
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