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  • Onkyo TX-NR676 review Denon AVRX1500 review

    Onkyo TX-NR676 vs Denon AVRX1500

    I had a chance to test two great solutions – Denon AVRX1500 vs Onkyo TX-NR676. This review will be helpful for people who are looking for a hig...
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  • Onkyo TX-NR575 review Onkyo TX-SR373 review

    Onkyo TX-NR575 vs TX-SR373

    I have tested and compared two high-performance solutions - Onkyo TX-SR373 vs TX-NR575. This review is helpful for people who are looking for a good ...
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  • Yamaha RX-V585BL review Yamaha RX-V685BL review

    Yamaha RX-V585BL vs RX-V685BL

    I have tested two high-performance solutions - Yamaha RX-V685BL vs RX-V585BL. This review should help you understand what model is better for you. A...
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  • Marantz SR5013 review Pioneer VSX-LX503 review

    Marantz SR5013 vs Pioneer VSX-LX503

    Pioneer VSX-LX503 vs Marantz SR5013 is not that easy to compare. The price point is quite similar with only $200 difference. However, the AV receiver...
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  • Denon AVRX2400H review Onkyo TX-NR686 review

    Denon AVRX2400H vs Onkyo TX-NR686

    Both receivers are alike but Onkyo TX-NR686 vs Denon AVRX2400H have some peculiar features that make each one of them stand out. Onkyo has a very hig...
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  • Sony STRDH590 review Yamaha RX-V385 review

    Sony STRDH590 vs Yamaha RX-V385

    Sony STRDH590 vs Yamaha RX-V385 use different surround sound effect systems and converters creating different impressions. Both Yamaha RX-V385 and So...
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  • Onkyo TX-NR575 review Denon AVRS740H review

    Onkyo TX-NR575 vs Denon AVRS740H

    Delivering the powerful HD sound and impressive video, Denon AVRS740H can be definitely called an energy-saver. It is also a great option for 3D-form...
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  • Denon AVRX3400H review Onkyo TX-NR686 review

    Denon AVRX3400H vs Onkyo TX-NR686

    The Onkyo TX-NR686 vs Denon AVRX3400H common reference allows me to see that there is a difference between their operational power consumption rates ...
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  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A3080 review Yamaha RX-A3060BL review

    Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A3080 vs RX-A3060BL

    The Yamaha RX-A3060BL vs AVENTAGE RX-A3080 survey allows seeing the difference between total output power rates. The first model is able to produce 9...
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  • Onkyo TX-NR676 review Onkyo TX-NR585 review

    Onkyo TX-NR676 vs TX-NR585

    Onkyo TX-NR676 vs TX-NR585 test proves that 2 receivers of the same brand can be significantly different: Onkyo TX-NR585 lacks DTS-HD master audio, D...
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  • Sony XBR85X850F review Sony XBR85X850D review

    Sony XBR85X850F vs XBR85X850D

    Before we are 2 TVs with a screen of 85 inches. The Sony X850F series is the mid-range model for the 2017 Sony 4K HDTV line, as well as the successor...
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  • Sony XBR55X900F review LG 65SK9000PUA review

    Sony XBR55X900F vs LG 65SK9000PUA

    Full HD TVs are produced by all manufacturers, but we will consider only 2 popular brands. Sony XBR55X900F vs LG 65SK9000PUA – which TV is bett...
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  • Sony XBR85X850F review LG 86SJ9570 review

    Sony XBR85X850F vs LG 86SJ9570

    Full HD TVs are produced by all manufacturers, but we will consider only 2 popular brands. Sony XBR85X850F vs LG 86SJ9570 – which TV is better ...
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  • TCL 43S405 review TCL 43S517 review

    TCL 43S405 vs 43S517

    I have tested TCL 43S517 vs 43S405. I had a chance to compare various features of these TV models. TCL 43S517 belongs to the S517 series, while TCL 4...
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  • LG 65UJ6300 review Samsung 65NU7100 review

    LG 65UJ6300 vs Samsung 65NU7100

    I had a chance to compare and test two high-performance solutions - Samsung 65NU7100 vs LG 65UJ6300. Samsung 65NU7100 belongs to the NU7100 series, w...
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  • Sony XBR75X850F review LG OLED65C8PUA review

    Sony XBR75X850F vs LG OLED65C8PUA

    If we try to compare LG OLED65C8PUA vs Sony XBR75X850F let's start with the fact that they have a different screen size — 65 inches versus 75 i...
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  • Samsung UN65MU7500 review Samsung 65NU7300 review

    Samsung UN65MU7500 vs 65NU7300

    This time I tested and would like to compare Samsung 65NU7300 vs UN65MU7500 and want to say that the second one showed itself better, thanks to the p...
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  • Samsung 49NU8000 review Samsung 55NU8000 review

    Samsung 49NU8000 vs 55NU8000

    This time I want to compare Samsung 55NU8000 vs 49NU8000. In fact, the only difference between these two models is that the first versus the second h...
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  • Samsung UN43NU6900FXZA review TCL 43S517 review

    Samsung UN43NU6900FXZA vs TCL 43S517

    I want to compare TCL 43S517 vs Samsung UN43NU6900FXZA because after testing both, I consider myself a fan of both models. Both TVs have 43-inch scre...
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  • Samsung 55NU8500 review Samsung 55NU7300 review

    Samsung 55NU8500 vs 55NU7300

    Samsung as always pleases with a beautiful picture on both TVs. At 55 inches with an ultra HD image, even the smallest details can be viewed. They ha...
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