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  • LG 49UK6300 review TCL 49S517 review

    LG 49UK6300 vs TCL 49S517

    The LG 49UK6300 and TCL 49S517 are both pretty similar, both are worth around $400 and are available on Amazon. LG 49UK6300 is compatible with Alexa ...
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  • Sony XBR65X850F review Samsung QN55Q6F review

    Sony XBR65X850F vs Samsung QN55Q6F

    These models have some common features but at the same time, there are some major peculiar options that you either love or hate. QN55Q6F belongs to a...
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  • TCL 55C807 review Sceptre U550CV-U review

    TCL 55C807 vs Sceptre U550CV-U

    It was fun to compare Sceptre U550CV-U vs TCL 55C807. They are similar 55-inch Smart TVs with good reviews and affordable prices. TCL 55C807 is worth...
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  • LG 55SK9000PUA review LG 49UK6300 review

    LG 55SK9000PUA vs 49UK6300

    LG has been a leader in luxury Smart TV market creating new series every year. And every release is a huge event so I decided to compare the two most...
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  • Sony KD70X690E review Sony XBR70X830F review

    Sony KD70X690E vs XBR70X830F

    Having tested two solutions from Sony – Sony XBR70X830F vs KD70X690E, I would like to share my experience that should help you choose the right...
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  • LG 49UJ670 review Samsung 50NU7100 review

    LG 49UJ670 vs Samsung 50NU7100

    I would like to share my experience after comparing and testing two solutions – Samsung 50NU7100 vs LG 49UJ670. Samsung 50NU7100 is from the NU...
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  • LG 43UJ6300 review LG 43UF6400 review

    LG 43UJ6300 vs 43UF6400

    I had a chance to test and compare two solutions from LG – LG 43UF6400 vs 43UJ6300. 43UF6400 is from the UF6400 series and 43UJ6300 belongs to ...
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  • Sony KD43X720E review Sony XBR43X800E review

    Sony KD43X720E vs XBR43X800E

    I had a chance to compare and test two solutions from Sony – Sony XBR43X800E vs KD43X720E and I would like to share my experience to help you c...
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  • Samsung 55NU7100 review Samsung 58NU7100 review

    Samsung 55NU7100 vs 58NU7100

    Having had a chance to test and compare two solutions from LG - Samsung 58NU7100 vs 55NU7100, I would like to share my experience. Both models belong...
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  • LG 49UJ6300 review LG 49SK8000PUA review

    LG 49UJ6300 vs 49SK8000PUA

    I have tested two high-performance solutions from - LG 49SK8000PUA vs 49UJ6300. 49SK8000PUA belongs to the SK800 series and 49UJ6300 is from the UJ63...
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See all battles