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  • Onkyo TX-8220 review Sony STRDH190 review

    Onkyo TX-8220 vs Sony STRDH190

    The Sony STRDH190 vs Onkyo TX-8220 comparison demonstrates that the total output power of both devices varies incredibly. The first one has 200W and ...
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  • Marantz NR1608 review Pioneer VSX-S520 review

    Marantz NR1608 vs Pioneer VSX-S520

    Marantz NR1608 is, above all, a multi-channel receiver, it is also accurate enough to make the most of the sources of hi-res music, and its overall u...
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  • Denon AVRX3400H review Sony STRDN1080 review

    Denon AVRX3400H vs Sony STRDN1080

    The new AV-receiver is unlikely to surprise anyone, even if it can play Dolby Atmos or commute 4K with HDR. Sony STRDN1080 vs Denon AVRX3400H have th...
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  • Onkyo TX-8020 review Onkyo TX-8220 review

    Onkyo TX-8020 vs TX-8220

    The Onkyo TX-8220 vs Onkyo TX-8020 analogy demonstrates different operational power consumption: the first model has 290W and the second one – ...
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  • Denon AVRX4400H review Onkyo TX-RZ1100 review

    Denon AVRX4400H vs Onkyo TX-RZ1100

    Onkyo TX-RZ1100 has got some very cool latest audio features. But at the same time, very few people can afford to pay $1.6K for it. There is a cheap...
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  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1080 review Denon AVR-X4400H review

    Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1080 vs Denon AVR-X4400H

    While the Denon AVR-X4400H vs Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1080 comparing, I paid attention to the DSP preset quantity. The Denon’s product has only 7 a...
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  • Onkyo TX-NR575 review Denon AVRX1500 review

    Onkyo TX-NR575 vs Denon AVRX1500

    Comparing Denon AVRX1500 vs Onkyo TX-NR575, take a note that these receivers are designed for home use but with the same power to the channel - 80W, ...
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  • Denon AVRX3400H review Marantz SR6012 review

    Denon AVRX3400H vs Marantz SR6012

    Marantz SR6012 vs Denon AVRX3400H review is built on the comparison of basic characteristics, for example, support of a surround sound, which is avai...
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  • Yamaha RX-V483BL review Yamaha RX-V485BL review

    Yamaha RX-V483BL vs RX-V485BL

    It is not that easy to compare Yamaha RX-485BL vs RX-483BL as they are of the same brand and are very close to each other in the product line. But t...
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  • Yamaha RX-A3070BL review Onkyo TX-RZ1100 review

    Yamaha RX-A3070BL vs Onkyo TX-RZ1100

    Onkyo TX-RZ1100 vs Yamaha RX-A3070BL review includes the comparison of output power, which TX-RZ1100 has more – 1150W versus 725W in Yamaha, as...
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  • LG 55UK6300PUE review TCL 55S517 review

    LG 55UK6300PUE vs TCL 55S517

    The TCL 55S517 vs LG 55UK6300PUE comparison demonstrates the difference between both devices, which were presented in the 2018 year. The first model ...
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  • Samsung 55NU7100 review Samsung 55NU7300 review

    Samsung 55NU7100 vs 55NU7300

    The Samsung 55NU7300 vs Samsung 55NU7100 collation is very interesting because both models are presented in the 2018 year. The first unit is a part o...
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  • LG 55UK6300PUE review LG 55SK8000PUA review

    LG 55UK6300PUE vs 55SK8000PUA

    The LG 55SK8000PUA vs LG 55UK6300PUE collation shows that the first model belongs to the SK800 series and the second one – to the UK630. All th...
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  • Samsung QN55Q7F review Samsung QN55Q8F review

    Samsung QN55Q7F vs QN55Q8F

    Before I start to compare the Samsung QN55Q8F vs Samsung QN55Q7F, I have to say that the first one represents a Q8F series, and the second one &ndash...
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  • Samsung UN40MU6290 review Samsung 40NU7100 review

    Samsung UN40MU6290 vs 40NU7100

    I want to compare the Samsung 40NU7100 vs Samsung UN40MU6290 and find out the difference between these popular models. The first one was presented in...
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  • TCL 55S405 review LG 55UK6300PUE review

    TCL 55S405 vs LG 55UK6300PUE

    I need to compare the LG 55UK6300PUE vs TCL 55S405 to determine what is better: a well-known Korean brand device or less famous Chinese TV. The first...
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  • Samsung QN55Q8F review Samsung QN55Q6F review

    Samsung QN55Q8F vs QN55Q6F

    The Samsung QN55Q6F vs Samsung QN55Q8F comparison shows that the manufacturer improves its products. The first one is a representative of a Q6F serie...
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  • Samsung 55NU8000 review TCL 65C807 review

    Samsung 55NU8000 vs TCL 65C807

    TCL series C807 was released in 2017, while its competitor, Samsung series NU8000, was manufactured in 2018, but it’s still difficult to compar...
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  • TCL 55S405 review Samsung 55NU7100 review

    TCL 55S405 vs Samsung 55NU7100

    Even despite the fact that Samsung series NU7100 (2018) provides 4K quality, a quite normal sound quality, and well-optimized Smart TV, TCL 55S405 se...
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  • LG 55UJ6300 review Samsung 55NU7100 review

    LG 55UJ6300 vs Samsung 55NU7100

    It’s difficult to compare LG 55UJ6300 vs Samsung 55NU7100 because both of these TVs produce a great sound quality and 4K video quality. On the ...
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