Best Soundbar for Samsung TV

Advanced smart Samsung TVs are very thin and aren’t able to contain powerful speakers that are usually quite big. That’s why they need external amplifiers, in particular, soundbars to create immersive soundstage. If searching for the best soundbar for Samsung TV, keep reading the post to know about several the most compatible models in terms of connectivity and sound quality.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are good for mobile devices but they’re not developed to create surround effects. Set of loudspeakers should be connected with a receiver and a sub to arrange complete acoustic system but it requires much space in the room, tons of adjustments and investments.

The soundbar is the right decision to provide powerful clear sound and to save space and money at the same time. How to know what is the best soundbar for a Samsung TV? One should pay attention to the number of HDMI inputs, Bluetooth and other features. If having just a TV, self-powered models are the most relevant. When arranging home theaters, passive soundbars will be great.

Soundbar for Samsung TV Reviews

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VIZIO SB3651-F6: Theatrical Movie Experience


This soundbar has silver panels at the edges and black cloth grille (not removable). The unit contains control sensor buttons on the top and three speakers to drive left, center, and right channels. It comes with 10 indicators to display the diversity of options.

It features two HDMI port to hook it up to both a TV and game console of a projector, for example. Moreover, its HDMI has ARC that make it possible to use two sources of the signal simultaneously. Besides, its Ethernet and USB ports support WAV and MP3 formats. This model features the Atmos tech to increase sound immersion and DTS Virtual:X to simulate overhead sounds. The unit has Bluetooth but toggling it between a TV and other devices is a tricky game (it’s necessary to turn the soundbar off/on and re-pair it with a TV).


  • Clear sound and sufficient bass.
  • The system comes with a wireless sub and two speakers in the box.
  • Chromecast is on board to stream Pandora, YouTube and other services from a mobile device without a glitch or interferences.


  • Doesn’t include a dialog enhancer.

KEF HTF7003: Great Surround Soundstage Coupled with a Good Receiver


This soundbar for Samsung TV is remarkable for its slim oval profile to look great both on the wall and on the TV table/stand. It has a glossy aluminum cabinet with three built-in speakers. It is designed with separate left, center, and right channels and two woofers, one tweeter for each of them. That allows arranging multi-channel system, but the soundbar is non-powered and has no HDMI inputs.

So, it needs a receiver to be hooked up to a TV. In other words, this model is developed to use the entire receiver’s potential for getting sound effects and to replace front speakers on a 5.1 surround system.


  • Full high-quality sound regardless of the angle a TV is moved.
  • Each of the channels available uses a separate pair of common speaker wires instead of brand connectors.
  • A wall-mount bracket and a table stand are included in the kit.


  • Some frequencies sound hollow, so you need a sub in addition to a receiver.

Dayton Audio BS36: Exceptional Sound for a Home Theater System

Dayton Audio BS36

When asking for the best Soundbar for Samsung TV, think about this compact mountable model with left, center, and right channel speakers within its enclosure. It has modern design due to its wooden surface with a high-gloss black lacquer finish.

It’s a passive model that cannot be hooked up directly to a TV but needs the external receiver/amplifier to create surround soundstage. It’s also possible to add wireless sub but the soundbar itself has no suitable output. That’s why a sub should be connected via the relevant line level that’s on the back panel of the receiver.


  • Great enhancement of midrange sound and vocals.
  • Saves space by removing tower speakers from the home theater system.


  • Brackets to mount the soundbar on the wall are absent.

ZVOX SB380: Sound with Clear Vocals and Detailed Dialogs


It has good build quality and compact dimensions. The unit comes in brushed-aluminum enclosure with metal grille and it’s helpful for arranging a 3.1-channel system since it features three built-in speakers and one woofer.

The edges of the soundbar are capped with rubber stoppers with a bass port on one side and control buttons on the other. A special display allows seeing all volume and input regulations.

It’s developed to improve dialogs, to make them more detailed and accurate for perceiving articulation and the slightest shades of emotions. That’s why the voices sounded great during the test. Besides, the unit delivers deep distortion-free bass even at high volumes.


  • Numerous setting levels of speech enhancement to one’s liking.
  • Simple direct connection to a TV.


  • No Bluetooth that limits its functionality.
  • Music sounds not warm enough (the highs could be quieter and subdued) and lacks texture.

Yamaha YAS-107: Simple Solution to Get 3D Soundstage

Yamaha YAS-107

It’s an entry-level model that doesn’t support such popular Yamaha’s techs as MusicCast multi-room system or sound projection. However, it’s a high-quality device to provide flawless TV watching. It contains HDMI connections for hooking it up to a TV directly. Moreover, it supports DTS Virtual:X to arrange 7.1.4-channel system for getting three-dimensional sound.

The unit has compact dimensions and cloth grille without any mental elements over the surface. All the control buttons are on a strip along the top that allows mounting the soundbar horizontally on the wall if needed.


  • The provided remote control allows adjusting the level of bass and surround.
  • The soundbar is compatible with the free branded app to proceed with the adjustments from the mobile device.


  • Requires investments in high-end HDMI cord for 4K TV with gold-plated connectors to replace a poor-quality optical cable that’s in the box.

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