Best Soundbar under $100 in 2020

Buying an audio device under $100 is a real thing now. Just forget about the high-tech features and costly additional functions that are usually offered for the professionals. A lot of famous companies now give you a chance to find the best soundbar under 100 dollars. Don’t forget to take into consideration a few main features that differ an affordable device from a usual one:

    • the soundbar under $100 connects directly to a TV, not via the AV-receiver;
    • a budget sound panel is nothing more than just a simple replacement of the standard TV acoustics;
    • mostly, its cabinet is made from plastic.

Before buying a soundbar, it’s necessary to analyze its advantages and disadvantages, even if it’s a budget product. Read this article about four soundbars that we have selected, and be ready to choose the best soundbar under 100 dollars!

Soundbars Under 100 Reviews

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Yamaha ATS-1070: Multifunctional Soundbar

Yamaha ATS-1070

The Yamaha ATS-1070 is an ultra-thin sound panel that is suitable for the shelf near the TV, as well as for wall mounting, with its compact 5.2 x 35 x 2.2 inches size dimensions. It has an understated design, touch buttons, and discreet LED indicators.

Bluetooth provides wireless data transfer from any mobile devices. It is also equipped with a special Clear Voice mode, which brings dialogue and performance to the forefront, making voices clearer.

The ATS-1070R is equipped with two built-in subwoofers, as well as with a unique bass reflex system. The Bass Extension processing provides performing without a need for a separate subwoofer. A sub automatically turns on together with a TV. However, a special output will allow you to connect an additional subwoofer if necessary. With DTS Virtual, a sound panel is able to virtualize a surround sound. It is suitable for use with any multi-channel content, including soundtracks with DTS and Dolby encoding.

If you are looking for a soundbar for enhancing the dialogue, or one that will give you a cinematic sound, the Yamaha ATS-1070 is one the best soundbars under 100 dollars that are able to provide you exactly these functions.


  • Easy setup using HDMI, optical, or analog connection.
  • Plenty of different modes for a TV.
  • There are various sound adjustments, including even low frequencies regulation.


  • There is no current volume indicator.
  • The speakers are upholstered in a cloth that quickly gets dirty.

VIZIO SB3820-C6: A Compact Unit To Complement Your Home Theater


The SB3820-C6 by VIZIO is a 38-inch 2.0-channel soundbar. It has a tangible weight coming in 5.75 inches. The soundbar itself is wrapped in black fabric. The sound panel doesn’t really look cheap, it feels like a quality product when you hold it in your hands. On both sides of the panel, there are two brushed aluminum panels with the VIZIO logo on them. It comes with a minimalistic black remote control with a silver outline.

There is a coaxial audio cable, a stereo 3.5 mm RCA audio cable, and a digital optical cable. It also comes with a wall mount kit. If for some reason, you will lose the remote control, the soundbar has all the control buttons on top of it: there are the power button, a button to connect devices using Bluetooth, and the volume buttons. The LED also indicates the volume level. The sound comes out of two 2.75 inch full range drivers.

The SB3820-C6 doesn’t include a subwoofer, but it takes up less space without it, and still sounds louder than 100 dB. It will not give the same balanced sound as the soundbar with a subwoofer, but it is among the top soundbars under 100 in terms of space saving properties.


  • The soundbar features Dolby and DTS audio technologies.
  • The Deep Bass modules provide a decent low-end sound.


  • The completely dark remote has no backlight, so it’s hard to use in the dark.

TaoTronics TT-SK15: Decent Replacement For Built-In TV Speakers

TaoTronics TT-SK15

The TaoTronics TT-SK15 is a separate sound panel with a length of 40 inches that contains four powerful speakers and designed to replace the built-in speakers of a TV or computer. All black cabinet and clean lines look crisp and will fit harmoniously to almost any TV. The metal accent in the middle makes the soundbar look like a premium model. A user-friendly LED screen displays the modes and volume status.

The TaoTronics has provided the sound panel with a possibility to play music directly from the device using Bluetooth, or connect it to a TV via wired connections. The usual audio IN ports (red and white) for the RCA cable, optical (Toslink) port and coaxial port are also included. The built-in controls are intuitive with the help of volume, input and power buttons.

The TaoTronics made a decent soundbar under $100 for those who are really tired of its TV's speakers but doesn’t want to spend much money on a new audio system. If you install it on furniture under the TV or mount it on a wall, the soundbar will be a solid improvement for your home theater audio and enhance its sound performance.


  • The universal remote control allows adjusting plenty of playback settings.
  • Two passive radiators bring decent bass.


  • The soundbar doesn’t have any internal sound settings.
  • The HDMI input is not provided in this sound panel.

Akixno SR210: Universal Tiny Soundbar

Akixno SR210

The SR210 goes with a completely black cabinet with a metal Akixno logo in the middle. The soundbar was made using harder plastics and steel, so it does feel like it was made of quality materials. All the controls are located on the right side of the bar, and on the back side, it has all connections.

There is a choice to use it over Bluetooth connection or to connect it directly to a TV via RCA cable, optical cable, or the 3.5 mm cable. It has four 10W speakers, so the total power is 40W. The multifunctional remote has pretty much everything the user may need: it allows changing between three modes and different inputs, adjusting the volume, turn it on/off. There is no standby mode on this soundbar, so it will cut off automatically, or you will have to do it manually with the remote.

I was pretty impressed with the performance of this soundbar and its sound quality: it gives really clear highs and mids and perceptibly deep bass. In my opinion, the Akixno SR210 delivers the features that most people are looking for in low-priced soundbars.


  • The soundbar has different LED colors to provide a convenient work in the dark.
  • Its 2.02 lbs weight makes the sound panel extremely portable.


  • The bass power is lacking due to the absence of a subwoofer.