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Best Soundbar For Dialogue: Everyone Has An Option

Since portable reverberation is very thought after and has been really popular for the last few years the manufacturers have reacted to the demand by supplying the market with portable sound bars. We use portable speakers for music but what about the best soundbar for dialogue? They can be used with your TV, Smart TV, gaming console, PC, various streaming services, etc. Some of the bars can substitute a home theater with their quality. Latest models are Alexa compatible and have many other additional perks.

There is not enough available data about the communication clarity for the portable sound bars. Fine tuning the quality dimensional reverberation with only a single bar might be a challenge. With this review, the task of finding the best soundbar for dialogue clarity is easily achievable.

When talking about the traditional home theater configurations the speech is usually recreated by the front speakers with the back speakers being used for background noise and secondary sounds. This way you can achieve a surrounding reverberation with a participation effect. Think it is not possible to get the same with a single stereo tenor bar? Prepare to be surprised.

The tenor bars although small cordless and portable still have some amazing qualities. Look for special modes and voice enhancing technologies if you want to have some proper communication clarity. I have picked out some of the best SONOS, Yamaha and VIZIO solutions. You have different additional features and price points but all the soundbars I have enumerated here are attention worthy.

Best soundbar for dialogue reviews

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Sonos Beam – Ahead Of Time

Sonos Beam

This one is a total market leader, game changer and a great toy for your entire family to have fun with. That is why I find it to be a great model to start my dialogue soundbar review with. If you run it together with Fire TV you can enjoy the Find, remote-free control gimmick.

You have Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet options are foreseen. Since it works with Alexa you can command this soundbar to stream the music from any online streaming service you like to use. Besides the regular Deezer, Pandora, Spotify, and others you also have the Sonos app to help you stream from the hundreds of other online services.

The Dialogue Clarity speech enhancement option is amazing for when you do not want to miss a word. Makes this bar great for when you want to get some proper speech clarity. Plus you have the Night Sound mote to make sure you do not disturb your family when enjoying the tunes at night.


  • It works with Alexa. Just tell the speaker to play music from your favorite streaming service.
  • Can work as a part of home theater with Sonos wireless subs and speakers.
  • The setup is easy. You connect it to the TV and run the Sonos app.


  • The price point is about $400 unless you manage to get it on Black Friday or Christmas sale.
  • Might not align with certain TV brands, check before you buy.
  • No Bluetooth.

Everything Is Foreseen: Yamaha YAS-207

Yamaha YAS-207

Let me tell you why I had to remember this model in my best soundbar for clear dialogue review. This wireless reverberation bar plus cordless woofer set is pretty universal with limitless placement options. Such an offer has been pretty revolutionary for 2017 when the model has been released.

While it works through the Bluetooth streaming you can easily set it up with an HDMI, optical or analog cable. The USB port is used for the firmware updates. Another cool specialty is that this wire-free tone bar and woofer come with a separate remote control as well as an app for a Smartphone or Tablet. There are Android and iOS versions available. Or you can also align it with your Smart TV through HDMI and use a TV remote for the tuning bar as well.

The added Clear Voice element created specifically for dialogues is really amazing. One of the reasons why I’ve added Yamaha YAS-207 to my best soundbar for dialogue review is because of this option.


  • The tenor bar works with DTS Virtual 3D technology. Install the latest free software update, enjoy.
  • You get two years of full warranty from the company which is really good compared to similar models from competitors.
  • Really amazing reverberation quality and the bass is really low and rich.


  • Unfortunately, there is only Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi or Ethernet at all.
  • HDMI handshake issues.
  • The tune level and the bass level might weave up and down which is noticeable on the low volume.

VIZIO SB3621n-F8M: A Budget Option


I loved this wireless two-piece noise system for its versatility, affordability and of course value for your money. The model has been released at the beginning of 2018. This bar can boast of 100 dB with the total harmonic distortion of less than 1%. That means you have less electronic interference. Although the system is cordless the sub requires a separate cord.

VIZIO SB3621n-F8M is a complete cordless system with a speaker bar and a separate sub giving you great bass. I know most of my readers will find it really interesting. Plus this tenor bar has a DTS Virtual: X giving you a multidimensional effect. Some other really cool features include DTS Studio Sound, Dolby Digital, DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume. All decoders work amazing.


  • The price is about $180 regular retail price which is much lower than the competition.
  • 1-year full parts and labor warranty is pretty good. Plus you have 60 days of phone tech support from Amazon.
  • The reverberation is really good for the price so if you are not an experienced picky audiophile you will be happy with the quality.


  • It only works with Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi or Ethernet options foreseen.
  • Many tune delay reports, too many to be a coincidence, to be honest.
  • Starts to shut off after a few months of regular operation.

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