Bose Solo 5 review & specs

Bose Solo 5 review – compact, inexpensive soundbar

Bose Solo 5 review & specs

Small soundbar Bose Solo 5 - the model is not new, but deserved. The decision on the market for a long time, according to the characteristics, may not be amazing, but even I was very pleased to use Solo 5 - despite my acquaintance with older, advanced models. It's all about the excellent combination of price and quality and in the presence of a number of special features that make use enjoyable. But let's get everything in order.

Dimensions of the device – 7 x 54.8 x 8.6 cm, weight – 6.35 kg. The soundbar can easily be placed under the TV, on the wall, in the nightstand, it does not take up much space. The speakers are directed in different ways to cover as much space as possible. In real life, sitting on a couch three meters away from the TV, you do not feel a lack of sound in the Solo 5, no matter which side you are from.

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The appearance of the device is as neutral as possible, a sort of black long block with a single indicator light and a silver Bose logo. Behind - connectors for connecting cables, optical, coaxial, analog audio inputs. Mine advise everyone to use "optics", good, the kit has such a cable. A rear USB port is required for software updates. Do not forget to make the necessary adjustments in the TV settings so that the sound is immediately reproduced from Solo 5.

If you look closely, then you will also see the Bluetooth buttons, Bass, the first is needed to activate the wireless connection. Yes, yes, the soundbar can easily become a column for the living room, given that there are well-tuned speakers, this makes sense. The Bass button will help to add low frequencies. If your house is well audible, it is better not to abuse the low frequencies.


Unlike many other simple soundbars, Bose Solo 5 specs have three distinctive features that deeply pleased me.

The first feature concerns voice intelligibility. You need to use a button with a bubble, as in comics – you press and then you hear voices, while the music and effects do not fade into the background, you can just easily make out the conversation even at low volume.

The second feature is the TrueSpace technology, anywhere in the room you will get surround sound; you can count on about twenty meters. Videostage technology converts any incoming signal into a five-channel one. As the saying goes, here's a simple, “basic” soundbar.

Yes, the third feature. You can connect two Bluetooth devices to Bose Solo 5 at once and switch between them when needed. For example, from iPhone to listen to podcasts, from iPad - the tracks saved in memory. Well, or something else, it all depends on your preferences.

The huge remote control is convenient and can replace your remote control from a TV and other devices. I use it with a TV and a player.

Common features


Bose Solo 5


Solo 5




4.0 of 5




Placement type

table-top, wall-mountable

Connection to source

wired, wireless

Soundbar buttons

has not

Audio features

Amplification type


Built-in channels


Supported channel quantity


Separate speaker (in package)

Separate speaker connections


Built-in subwoofer

Separate subwoofer (in package)

Separate subwoofer connections

Streaming services

Apple Music (AirPlay)

Google Play Music

Amazon Music


Other streaming services

has not




Ethernet (RJ45)

HDMI input/output


Optical digital input/output



Coaxial digital input/output


Analog audio input/output (RCA)

Headphone output

Subwoofer output



Voice control

App control


Remote control


Multichannel surround

Dolby Atmos


User manual



Size (H x W x D), cm/in

7 x 54.9 x 8.6/2.8 x 21.6 x 3.4

Weight, kg/pounds