Dayton Audio BS36

Dayton Audio BS36
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Sound Quality 4.8
Features 4.7
Design And Size 4.7
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Dayton Audio BS36 review – choose the great speaker

Dayton Audio BS36 review & specs

As expected from the product, BS36 offers a convincing combination of high build quality and an excellent Dayton Audio BS36 specs. Enjoy the light and airy treble from Dayton Audio BS36. The sound is clear and especially clear when reproducing speech.

The compact soundbar plays full high and medium frequencies and can operate at high volume without distorting the sound. However, bass lovers will be disappointed, as the low-frequencies here are obtained, though tangible, but not saturated. But for watching TV this is a reason for criticism – and your neighbors will say thank you for the lack of powerful bass.


The speaker looks very good, it looks neat and compact in appearance. The speaker case is heavy and has a nice glossy black finish. Please note that this is not a regular powered sound panel that connects directly to your television, as you can see at Best Buy. This is a passive speaker system with left, center, and right speakers built into a single package.

The sound bar was well packed and looked great right out of the box. It feels sturdy, with a good design and a modern look. I really like that it comes with several cords to be able to connect to a TV or other device, regardless of age or function. I liked the design of this soundbar: it does not look catchy, but it is modern and, by the way, very high quality.


Connecting and installing a soundbar is quick and easy: we connect electrical and HDMI cables and place the device directly in front of the TV. To hang the soundbar on the wall, you will have to purchase a separate bracket. If your TV has no HDMI output, but there is an ARC (Audio Return Channel), an adapter with HDMI to the optical audio cable that comes with it is useful.

Dayton Audio is configured via an Android and iOS app on your smartphone. You can also use the program for Windows and Mac OS. Dayton Audio BS36 LCR speakers use low-frequency subwoofers for superior dynamic effects and bass enhancement, as opposed to thin speakers built into high-definition televisions. When BS36 is combined with a pair of SAT-BK satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer, such as the Dayton Audio SUB-80, you will get surround sound with a spacious sound, but a compact size that will amaze family and friends.

Our Verdict

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Sound Quality




Design And Size




Rated 4.7 Out off 5.0*

Sound Quality


Rated 4.8 Out off 5.0*

The Dayton Audio BS36 is an outstanding speaker for its size and price. Its sound quality is well-balanced, with a focus on accurate reproduction of music rather than just loudness. The frequency range extends from 50 Hz to 20 kHz which covers the full spectrum of human hearing capabilities while still providing ample bass response due to its 3" woofer cone design. Additionally, it features a 0.5" dome tweeter that ensures crisp highs without any distortion or harshness in the higher frequencies above 4kHz; this makes it ideal for use as part of home theater systems where accuracy and clarity are important factors when selecting speakers. Overall, if you're looking for great audio performance at low cost then the Dayton Audio BS36 should definitely be considered!



Rated 4.7 Out off 5.0*

The Dayton Audio is a bookshelf speaker that offers great sound quality at an affordable price. It features a 3" woofer and 1/2" silk dome tweeter, allowing it to produce powerful bass with clear mids and highs. The frequency response range on the BS36 is 60 Hz - 20 kHz which allows for accurate reproduction of music across all frequencies. Additionally, its small size makes it perfect for use in smaller spaces or even as desktop speakers without sacrificing too much sound quality compared to larger models. With 8 Ohms impedance rating, these speakers can be connected easily with most amplifiers without needing additional hardware upgrades like external crossovers or equalizers. Overall this product provides excellent value for money given its affordability and high-quality performance capabilities making them ideal choice when looking to upgrade your audio system

Design And Size


Rated 4.7 Out off 5.0*

The Dayton is a well-designed, compact subwoofer that fits nicely in small spaces. It measures just 11.5" tall and 8" wide with an overall depth of 10 7/8". Its black textured finish blends seamlessly into any décor while providing protection from scratches or other damage to the cabinet itself. The front baffle features four pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation without having to drill additional holes yourself - making it ideal for use as a replacement speaker when you need something more powerful than your existing setup provides. Inside, there's plenty of power thanks to its 36 watts RMS amplifier and 5 1/4 inch polypropylene cone woofer which provide enough bass response even at low volumes allowing this little powerhouse great flexibility in both home theater setups as well as music applications such as party sound systems or background music playback needs

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for space-limited home theater
  • High-gloss black lacquer finish
  • Easy setup


  • Size limitations
  • Limited brand recognition


Audio Features

Built-in Channels


Amplification Type


Separate Speaker Connections

Separate Speaker (in Package)

Supported Channel Quantity


Streaming Services

Google Play Music

Apple Music (AirPlay)

Other Streaming Services

has not


Amazon Music



HDMI Input/output

Ethernet (RJ45)


Headphone Output


Analog Audio Input/output (RCA)


Coaxial Digital Input/output


Optical Digital Input/output








Weight, Kg/pounds


Size (H X W X D), Cm/in

10.1 x 93.1 x 10.1/4.2 x 37 x 4.8


Soundbar Buttons

has not

Connection To Source


Placement Type

table-top, wall-mountable


Separate Subwoofer Connections

Separate Subwoofer (in Package)

Built-in Subwoofer

User Manual



Multichannel Surround


Dolby Atmos