Popular TV comparisons 2018

  • Sony XBR75X900F review Sony XBR75X940E review

    Sony XBR75X900F vs XBR75X940E

    Here is the comparison of two premium LCD 4K TVs powered by Android and equipped with mpressive 75 inches displays: Sony XBR75X940E vs XBR75X900F. They belong to the following series: X940E - is notable for perfect HDR experience with rich blacks and buoyant colors supported by the spo...
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  • LG 49UJ6300 review LG 49UK6300 review

    LG 49UJ6300 vs 49UK6300

    I had the opportunity to make comparison of models 2018 (UK6300) and 2017 (UJ6300) from the budget line of LG. In LG 49UK6300 vs LG 49UJ6300 review I want to compare the functionality of different versions of WebOS. The 2018 model has WebOS 4.0 with ThinkAI, while the 2017 model on WebOS 3.5 has a picture-in-picture...
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  • Sony XBR65X900F review Sony XBR65X850F review

    Sony XBR65X900F vs XBR65X850F

    The Sony XBR65X850F vs Sony XBR65X900F comparison has started after the presentation of these TVs at the beginning of February 2018. The Sony XBR65X850F is a representative of middle-priced range, while Sony XBR65X900F belongs to the high-priced scope. Devices have LED display technologies, but the last o...
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  • Samsung 55NU8000 review Samsung 55NU8500 review

    Samsung 55NU8000 vs 55NU8500

    I created this comparison of Samsung 55NU8500 vs 55NU8000 to oppose these TVs that belong to one brand. Both of these TVs (series NU8500 and NU8000) were released in 2018 and they are in the middle price range. At first glance, 55NU8000 produces an excellent picture quality, while the second item has ...
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  • LG 55UJ7700 review LG 55UK6300PUE review

    LG 55UJ7700 vs 55UK6300PUE

    It’s strongly recommended to compare products to choose the best one, that’s why I created this comparison of two TV leaders - LG 55UK6300PUE vs 55UJ7700. Even despite the fact that LG series UK630 was released in 2018 and series UJ770 was manufactured in 2017, there are many differences (such as audio ...
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  • TCL 43S405 review TCL 43S305 review

    TCL 43S405 vs 43S305

    TCL 43S405 vs TCL 43S305 is the test of two low-cost units of 2017 based on the Roku OS – rather flexible platform that makes you free of being locked into some proprietary ecosystem. Those bedroom-sized TVs have thousands of built-in apps and can be controlled by one remote.
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  • Samsung 58NU7100 review Samsung QN65Q7F review

    Samsung 58NU7100 vs QN65Q7F

    Samsung QN65Q7F vs Samsung 58NU7100 is the comparison of a high-end and mid-range device. Samsung QN65Q7F of Q7F series 2017 is the QLED TV with the Quantum Dots tech to produce billions of colors and to play clear sound. Samsung 58NU7100 of NU7100 series is a cheaper TV 2018 with less wide color gamut....
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  • TCL 55R617 review TCL 55S517 review

    TCL 55R617 vs 55S517

    TCL 55S517 vs TCL 55R617 is a comparison of mid-range TVs 2018 from series S517 and R6 respectively. Both units are based on the “Roku TV” platform that provides thousands of movies. The current set of S517’s screen sizes are 43”, 49”, and 55” and 55 and 65-inches units represent the R6&rs...
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  • Samsung QN65Q7F review Samsung QN65Q8F review

    Samsung QN65Q7F vs QN65Q8F

    I decided to test and compare Samsung QN65Q8F vs Samsung QN65Q7F for a reason. Both models belong to the high-price category. Samsung QN65Q8F is a part of Q8F series. The device was presented to the brand lovers in the 2018 year. Samsung QN65Q7F is a representative of a Q7F series and appeared on the mark...
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  • Samsung 58NU7100 review Hisense 65H9D review

    Samsung 58NU7100 vs Hisense 65H9D

    The Hisense 65H9D vs Samsung 58NU7100 comparison seemed to me unusual, because the first brand wasn’t very famous, unlike the second one. Both units belong to the medium price niche. The Hisense TV is a representative of an H9 series, while the Samsung – NU7100. Screen sizes in series were very ...
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  • Samsung 65NU7100 review Samsung 65NU7300 review

    Samsung 65NU7100 vs 65NU7300

    Samsung 65NU7300 vs Samsung 65NU7100 is the comparison of 2 models of NU7300 and NU7100 series. Both units appeared in 2018; they are LED TVs with the VA displays that are known for their high contrast ratio but poor color accuracy at an angle versus IPS’ low contrast ratio and great color accur...
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  • LG 49UJ6300 review LG 49UK6300PUE review

    LG 49UJ6300 vs 49UK6300PUE

    LG 49UK6300PUE vs LG 49UJ6300 is the test of the rather popular budget representatives of UK630 and UJ630 series respectively that appeared in 2016. These series are remarkable for Smart TV function based on WebOS and Ultra HD support. The IPS display type allows watching from different perspectives without loss of...
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  • TCL 55S405 review TCL 55S517 review

    TCL 55S405 vs 55S517

    TCL 55S517 is the low-cost HDR TV of S517 series that hit the market in 2018. TCL 55S405 is a budget device of S405 series (2017). The test TCL 55S517 vs TCL 55S405 claims to clarify their key differences. S517 series is well-known for the TVs with good performance and functionality for attractive prices. As for S405 series,...
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  • Samsung QN55Q7F review Samsung QN55Q6F review

    Samsung QN55Q7F vs QN55Q6F

    The whole testing period was enough for a full-fledged Samsung QN55Q6F vs Samsung QN55Q7F comparison. The first device belongs to the Q6F and was presented to the world in the 2017 year. The second one is regarded as a part of Q7F series and appeared on the stores at the beginning of this year. TVs are me...
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  • TCL 55C807 review TCL 55R617 review

    TCL 55C807 vs 55R617

    The comparison TCL 55R617 vs TCL 55C807 demonstrated to me that there is no limit to perfection. Mentioned TVs belong to the medium price niche devices. The first one appeared on the market in the 2018 year and the second one – in the 2017 year. Important fact: the TCL 55R617 is a representative of R6 series, and the T...
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  • LG 65UK6300PUE review LG 65UJ6300 review

    LG 65UK6300PUE vs 65UJ6300

    The LG 65UJ6300 vs LG 65UK6300PUE comparison appeared to be very interesting. Devices belong to different series: LG 65UJ6300 to UJ630 and LG 65UK6300PUE to UK630. They both are representatives of the middle-priced range. The 65UJ6300 firstly appeared in the 2017 year, while the 65UK6300PUE was presented at the beg...
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  • LG 86UK6570PUB review LG 86SJ9570 review

    LG 86UK6570PUB vs 86SJ9570

    The LG 86SJ9570 vs LG 86UK6570PUB comparison demonstrated to me one important thing: LG is trying to implement modern technologies in its products. The LG 86SJ9570 belongs to the SJ9570 series, while LG 86UK6570PUB to UK6570. Both TVs can be a great proof. The first one model was firstly represented in the 2017 y...
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  • LG 43UJ6300 review LG 43UK6300 review

    LG 43UJ6300 vs 43UK6300

    I managed to get two budget models of 4K TVs from series UK6300 (2018) and UJ630 (2017) respectively. In my review of the LG 43UK6300 vs LG 43UJ6300, I would like to compare these models in their ability to work with high-resolution video and the color reproduction during video playback.
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  • TCL 65C807 review TCL 65R617 review

    TCL 65C807 vs 65R617

    I want to make a comparison TCL 65R617 vs TCL 65C807 in ability to produce a good quality of video and sound playback. These are two similar Ultra HD TVs with Roku OS from series R6 (2018) and C807 (2017) from the price segment about 1000 dollars, but they have differences in design and I decided to share my opinion about th...
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  • TCL 49S405 review TCL 49S517 review

    TCL 49S405 vs 49S517

    What is the best product — TCL 49S517 vs 49S405? Both of them are able to produce 4K picture quality, support a lot of audio formats and even smart TV. Moreover, TCL series S517 and S405 are relatively new (they were released in 2017 and 2018) and cheap. So, what should you choose — TCL 49S405 vs 49S517? Read thi...
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