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The turntables didn’t lose their popularity even in the modern age of digital sound. However, many of them got some contemporary features — for example, a USB port. If you choose your best USB turntable, it will allow you to not just reproduce your vinyl records collection, but also will give the possibility to download tracks to your smartphone, tablet or computer in the MP3 format. Such record players differ from the usual analog turntables by their possibility to be hooked up to a computer or a laptop. This way, you can digitize your favorite music.

I have selected top 6 of the best units for these USB turntables reviews. All of them are in the budget price segment, so there is no need to break the bank for buying one. Find out about features, specs, advantages, and disadvantages of the USB turntables that I have selected, and choose your perfect one!

USB Turntables Reviews

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Audio-Technica AT-LP120: Vinyl Player for Advanced Users

Audio-Technica AT-LP120

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120 is a turntable designed primarily for professional use. It is equipped with a high torque motor, with the bearing plate fixed on the shaft. The direct drive enables a quick start of the disc. The unit also comes with the special Audacity software for digitization.

The turntable provides direct and reverse rotation of the disk, and the possibility of its smooth adjustment within /- 10 %, or /- 20%. To control the rotation speed of the disc, there is a special scale. The support disk of the AT-LP120 is made of aluminum and covered with an anti-vibration mat.

The player has a built-in phono equalizer for a direct connection to the line input of any amplifier, as well as a high-quality tonearm with the Audio-Technica AT-HS10 pickup holder. The head of increased efficiency has a Dual Magnet design. For convenience, the player is equipped with a tonearm microlift. It also has adjustable feet, and a dust cover.

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120 features will be appreciated primarily by DJs, although due to the high quality of the design and its solid appearance, this turntable can possibly be the best USB turntable for music fans as well.


  • The turntable provides high-quality sound with a good level of bass and accurate rhythm.
  • The presence of a built-in amp simplifies the use of the player in the systems that do not have their own preamplifier.


  • The vinyl player doesn’t have an automatic stop.
  • The included RCA cables are non-removable and too short.

Jensen JTA-230: Simple And Affordable Turntable

Jensen JTA-230

The JTA-230 model by Jensen is the cheapest turntable in our list: it costs under $100. It is a portable device with 13.4 x 13.8 x 6.4 inches size dimensions. The player has a plastic construction and a rubber feet for stability. This is an entry-level vinyl player, so it is not able to give out Hi-End sound.

This model also has tone and pitch controls that are usually missing in most entry-level record players. This turntable comes with a belt drive and is almost completely controlled manually, which is a convenient feature for selecting specific tracks. The device has an automatic stop function, which means that as soon as the final track is completed, the engine will stop rotating the disc. This feature reduces wearing out of your vinyl records. It also comes with two built-in speakers, and, despite their small size, they are able to play without distortion even at the maximum volume levels.

The JTA-230 is not able to give you high-quality sound, but it is reliable enough for its price. If you want an autonomous turntable that you can use for everyday listening, with the ability to digitize your vinyl collection at an affordable price, this USB turntable will be suitable for you.


  • The turntable supports plug-and-play system.
  • There is a headphone jack and RCA connectors that give the possibility to improve the sound by connecting to external speakers.


  • The auto stop function works unreliable at 78 RPM as the tone lever jumps back and forth, meaning the engine will continue to work.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB: Automatic Vinyl Player

Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB

The AT-LP60-USB is one of the most affordable vinyl record players on the market. It’s fully automatic and doesn’t require any special knowledge and skills in handling. Like all the other players, it needs to be installed on a horizontal hard surface as far as possible from the speakers in order to avoid interference.

After installation, using the player is almost as convenient and simple as a usual CD player. When the disc ends, the arm returns into the slot, so you don’t have to worry about it. The button on the other side switches the playback speed between 33 and 45 RPM. The Audio-Technica's built-in preamp makes it possible to connect the player directly to a Hi-Fi system or a pair of active speakers using an RCA cable. A switch on the rear panel allows you to use an external preamp. Perhaps, this is the only way to potentially improve the sound quality of the player.

Recording music from a vinyl disc is not a problem. Through the USB port, files can be saved in a computer or laptop in WAV format with the help of the included Audacity program to process them as you wish. As you see, the quality and equipment of this Audio-Technica player are much higher than its competitors in the same price category are able to offer.


  • This compact turntable takes up very little space — a bit more than the vinyl record itself.
  • The sound of this turntable stand out for its rhythmic basses and quite decent stereo pan.


  • The manual work is minimized, including the lack of speed adjustment.

Numark PT01USB: Turntable For Djing And Casual Listening

Numark PT01USB

The Numark PT01USB is a classic suitcase-style record player that resembles popular portable players from the past. Although, it’s far superior to old suitcase vinyl players in terms of its versatility. It has a rugged case with a handle and built-in stereo speakers, and thanks to the built-in battery, you can use it without access to an outlet. The device supports three speeds: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM, and comes with an adapter for 45 RPM.

The player has an auto stop function and a stereo RCA output for connection to a home audio system. Thanks to the USB port and special Vinyl/Tape software, you can convert records to transfer them to a computer. This model has a built-in speaker and headphone output, and also supplied with a special anti-skid system that will allow the needle to stay in contact with the plate even if the player is angled or subjected to vibrations.

The PT01USB it is a record player with USB that is not just an advanced tool for converting vinyl records to a digital format. It is also suitable for both DJing and for a home stereo system.


  • The turntable supports the “plug and play” system and generally easy in exploitation.
  • It has quite decent built-in speakers, so you won’t have to plug the external ones for a casual listening of vinyl records.


  • The tonearm doesn’t lift automatically after the end of the plate.

Victrola V50-200: Retro Record Player

Victrola V50-200

The V50-200 model by Victrola goes in a vintage throwback design featuring modern technologies. It is available in black, red, and blue color resolutions. This belt-driven player has three available speeds: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM. The built-in Bluetooth transmits music across the whole room to a distance of 33 feet. The easy-to-use recording software is compatible with PC and Mac and allows converting vinyl tracks to MP3 via USB.

The other features include stereo speakers and AM / FM radio with a backlit tuner. Designed with an inspired by 50s faceplate, the 3.5 mm AUX-in and the headphone jack enable playing music from any device that doesn’t support Bluetooth. Its size dimensions (13 x 6.8 x 15 inches) make the turntable compact and comfortable for carrying.

In general, it’s quite a decent device among those USB turntables that are able to offer crisp and clean sound in multiple formats along with a classic vintage look like it was made in 50s. If you want such an authentic record player, but don’t want to deny modern features, this turntable should be on your list.


  • The turntable also includes a built-in CD player.
  • The built-in speakers are quite decent if you are not demanding for a bass boost.


  • The cabinet of the player is made from a cheap plastic.

Stanton T55USB: DJ Turntable

Stanton T55USB

The Stanton T55USB is, first of all, a DJ player. Two start/stop buttons are suitable for both horizontal positioning of the player and vertical for scratching. This belt-driven turntable is not heavy; it both accelerates and slows down quickly. The mat under the plate slides quite tightly over the disc, and the plate easily slides along the mat, which is good for scratches. The USB output is also focused more on DJ usage than on simple digitization.

The ADC operates at 16 bits at 44.1 and 48 kHz. The lack of playback speed of 78 RPM is also a consequence of the intended purpose of the turntable. However, there is Zotope Music and Speech Cleaner in the kit — a program for improving quality and enhancing the sound files. To get the best possible sound from the Stanton T55USB, I would advise you to use an external preamplifier.

The Stanton T55USB is a relatively inexpensive DJ turntable, and it is hardly worthwhile to demand the advanced music quality from it, but this record player copes well with its direct responsibilities.


  • The turntable provides easy operation.
  • The straight type tonearm provides improved tracking for scratching.


  • The turntable goes without a protective dust cover.

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