Best Portable Turntables

The best portable turntable is all about compactness. It is really aimed to give you a possibility to carry your record player with you wherever you go. They are also supplied with powered batteries, so you literally need nothing except vinyl record and the turntable itself.

Except for costing much less than a standard vintage turntable, the portable one have a bunch of other benefits. First, they are much more solid than the traditional sensitive vintage players are. Second, they give a possibility of digitization of the vinyl records. Finally, the compact turntables are modern devices, which are as comfortable in usage as usual digital players are, so they won’t confuse a newbie with the difficult operation.

So, if you are tired of classic bulky vinyl players, the present top is here to save your space and money by helping you in choosing the best portable record player!

Portable Turntable Reviews

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1byone Vintage turntable: Simple & Cheap

1byone Vintage turntable

This belt-driven turntable by 1byone goes in two colors: turquoise and black, and has one of the lowest prices on our list. Under $50, you will get a record player with the integrated speakers and three standard speeds. It goes in a classic vintage suitcase.

The turntable is designed like a classic 60s – 70s vinyl player, but despite this can offer a bunch of modern features, like headphone jack and RCA jacks. The record player stands on three rubber stands, so it is fairly steady.

This vintage turntable by 1byone is a device with modest functionality that really looks like a retro record player. So, if you’re looking for the best portable record player for a moderate price and vintage style to complete your retro interior, be sure to check this one.


  • The base of the turntable is made of an artificial leather and wood and reinforced with metal at the corners, which is quite impressive for such a budget variation.
  • The stylus of the player has a removable cover for protection during frequent transportations.


  • The built-in speakers aren’t able to please with decent quality, so they not suitable for permanent listening (it is better to use headphones or external speakers).

Numark PT01USB: Affordable DJ Turntable

Numark PT01USB.jpg

This Numark turntable is designed to listen to recordings literally anywhere and at any time because it has battery, built-in speakers, carrying handle, protective dust cover, headphones jack, and backlight.

This player also can rotate at three standard speeds. The tonearm lever has an auto start / stop function and a removable stylus. A 7-inch platter includes a felt mat and can hold 12-inch records. The platter actually protrudes several inches above the device's coverage areas. You will see the control buttons at the lower right corner. There are also a volume adjust and the pitch control to plus or minus 10%.

Except for the opportunity to be hooked up to the audio system, it also has a USB port. So you can digitize your whole vinyl records collection without even worrying about the quality loss. The kit also includes EZ Vinyl Converter software to ease your work with records digitization. The turntable can be hooked up to both Mac and PC.

This portable turntable by Numark is suitable for both DJ’s and usual music fans who are searching for the affordable compact model.


  • The turntable is easy to set up thanks to the detailed instructions and plug-and-play system support.
  • The built-in speaker has an impressively decent sound.


  • The disc axis doesn’t turn, so it is necessary to control the position of the plate.

Sylvania stt008usb: The Smallest & The Most Affordable

Sylvania stt008usb

The Stt008usb model, presented by Sylvania, is among the most affordable on the audio market, as it costs less than $50. The turntable goes in three colors (black, blue, and pink) and can literally fit in one hand with its 15 x 6.5 x 5 inches size dimensions.

The turntable comes with USB encoding and a software disc, so it can work with batteries or by USB. It also goes with two rotation speeds (33 and 45 RPM) and has a standard 3.5 mm headphone output. Despite its tiny size, it is supplied with a speaker, which actually sounds very quiet, and, to my mind, barely worth using. Anyway, there is an output for the external speakers. On the rear panel, you will find batteries cover and the on-and-off switch.

In the present portable record player review, I would recommend the Stt008usb model by Sylvania to those, who want to spend the smallest amount of money for the smallest portable turntable you could ever find.


  • The turntable converts the vinyl recording to different formats with the help of the Audacity software.
  • The LED lighting expands the possibilities of this compact device.


  • There is no sort of a tone control provided.

Feir tp204: The Best Portable Turntable For Beginners

Feir tp204

The Tp2014 is a compact belt-driven model, presented by Feir primarily for vinyl newcomers: having only the necessary features, it won’t make you puzzle out with the exploitation. The portable turntable reviews is a good way to find out that the present turntable is offered in the classic white suitcase and a handle, which is suitable for frequent transportations. The turntable itself is made out of wood and then wrapped in faux leather.

The turntable plays records in three standard speed rotations and even doesn’t require an adaptor. All the most necessary outputs and cables are also provided.

The Feir tp204 is not among those tiny battery powered record players: it’s a full classic turntable, although still portable that goes in a popular briefcase design.


  • The Tp204 record player goes with the already balanced tonearm.
  • The stylus of a turntable comes with a protective plastic cover.


  • The built-in speakers reproduce sound too quiet.