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Best All In One Turntable – Find Your Perfect Mate

I have to admit these reviews turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. There is a huge niche in the music hardware market for people who love their vinyl records and hold on to them. Picking the best all in one turntable is a grueling task but someone had to do it.

The vinyl records fans are a small tribe but they are pretty dedicated to their hobby. Such music lovers are ready to pay money for a proper modern turntable that should have all the latest features together with quality sound and the authentic retro feel to it.

For every top-selling option, I checked the model year as well as the price point, versatility, and warranty policy. All of the units are good at something. There are options for when you need to turn your records into MP3 when you just want great sound or amazing design. Every reader will find a turntable for his home. Remember to leave your comments down below and share your own preferences with me.

Best All in One Turntable Reviews

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Transform Vinyl into Digital: 1byone 471NA-0002

1byone 471NA-0002

The manufacturer has definitely put in a lot of thought to make this one look as close to the old school vinyl records player as possible. You have the traditional dust cover and the sleek wooden panels look. The unit has been designed in 2016.

The price of $110 is pretty nice and humble. Meaning that this little beauty is pretty affordable. Use Bluetooth and Plug and Play for all your gadgets. This all in one turntable can be used with your PC, tablet, Apple and Android devices. The RCA switch is also available.

Plus you also have the built-in set of stereo speakers so you know everything is foreseen. It might be great if you are looking for an all-in-one device for your apartment. But it might also be a minus because when the manufacturer is trying to make a multipurpose unit the quality and durability might be lacking.

1byone 471NA-0002 PROS:
  • You can use it to save your vinyl records as MP3 files on your MP3 player.
  • The versatility is amazing. You can use it for everything, literally everything.
  • Vintage wooden style.
1byone 471NA-0002 CONS:
  • The vinyl player needle can skip once in a while.
  • Some customers report output issues although I have not mentioned any.
  • The sound is there but it is not that great.

Teac LP-R550USB – Probably too Good to be True

Teac LP-R550USB

You can now turn your vinyl disks, CDs, and favorite AM/FM radio shows into CD records or digital files. Plus you can also adjust the levels to make sure the recording is good. I loved that feature, makes this all in one record player one of my top picks even though it has been released back in 2011.

Teac gives you an opportunity to pick out a solid black or a walnut finish in order for you to pick what is best for your interior. This multipurpose turntable is also compatible with your Apple and other products through RCA, phones and USB inputs

The turntable has 3-speed options for you to play different types of recordings. A company trademark cue lever allows for super gentle handling. So you do not have to worry about your vinyl disks getting scratched.

  • Remote control comes in a package.
  • The price is only around $300 for some next level versatility.
  • You get the regular 90 day Amazon tech support for free.
  • Do not expect amazing sound. It does have speakers but I feel like they are there only to mark up the price point.
  • The manufacturer warranty covers the unit only for 12 months and the CD drive for only 3 months.
  • The volume control is pretty weak and you have to tweak it a lot.

Victrola Nostalgic: An Affordable Option

Victrola 6-in-1 Nostalgic

This multipurpose all in one media center does it all. I mean it, you can use it for your tape cassettes, CDs, AM/FM radio tuner, and 33 feet Bluetooth. Yes, it might sound too good to be true and I am not trying to give you an impression of it. The foreseen functions are numerous with all the pros and come that come with it.

The model has been released in 2017 and weighs around 17 pounds only. I would say that it can totally be the best all in one turntable for a humble user looking for something good yet affordable.

You can also use it with your headphones and Apple devices as it has all the jacks necessary. And you also get to have the built-in speakers. Not bad, right?

Victrola Nostalgic PROS:
  • Amazing vintage design to look like the vinyl disks players from nearly 100 years ago.
  • Very cheap, only around $80 regular retail price.
  • Amazon tech support is free for 90 days.
Victrola Nostalgic CONS:
  • The speakers are pretty mediocre. If you are an audiophile it won’t work for you.
  • Many users complain that it goes out of service within a year of regular operation.
  • Radio tuner can shut down and make sudden pauses.

Hyped Up: Electrohome EANOS700

Electrohome EANOS700

This multifunction turntable can boast of 4 fitted speakers for dimensional stereo sound. It can play music from your CDs, vinyl records, AM/FM radio, plus it has a 3.5 mm input for all your Android and Apple devices. The USB allows you to connect it with any hardware you have at home.

The cue needle is made out of ceramics so it will be very soft on your vinyl. That means you do not have to worry about scratches. The turntable plays all 3 vinyl records speeds as it is belt driven. So it can play your entire collection.

But beware, back in the day, the company would offer an extra warranty year for people giving them positive reviews. This might have added to the hype.

Electrohome EANOS700 PROS:
  • The mp3 encoder is foreseen in order for you to be able to save the vinyl records as mp3 files without the need of a computer.
  • The sound is pretty good comparing it to other options.
  • The dark walnut finish makes the cabinet look very stylish giving it a retro feel.
Electrohome EANOS700 CONS:
  • Although the unit has been released in 2012 and is relatively new comparing to the other models in this list you can only buy a pre-owned one.
  • The price point is pretty high, $200 for a used turntable.
  • The customer service is hard to reach and is not very responsive.

My Top Pick - Victrola V50-200

Victrola V50-200 review & specs

It’s one of the newer vinyl players being released only in 2016. The turntable plays all 3 vinyl records speeds, CDs, AM/FM radio. Plus it comes with a Bluetooth allowing you to stream your favorite music from up to 30 feet away. The USB digital encoding software allows you to save your retro vinyl as MP3 records. The headphone jack and 3.5 mm input are also available.

I like that V50-200 comes in three colors. You get to pick black, red or turquoise. There are many other colors available for the other Victrola models. I know it feels nice to have color options. With all the functions foreseen Victrola V50-200 could be your best all in one record player. But I am also a warranty and durability freak. My toys should last long, work well and have a good reliable warranty service.

Victrola V50-200 PROS:
  • It costs only $74 off the regular retail price. If you manage to get it on sale it will be even cheaper.
  • With the fitted stereo speakers, the sound is really amazing.
  • You have the 90 day Amazon tech support.
Victrola V50-200 CONS:
  • Multiple CD player issues reports. I haven’t had any but there is a pattern if you check the comments.
  • It is very popular so expect some of your friends to also own it.
  • Do not rely on the manufacturer warranty. You would have to ship it at your own expense.

Too Good to be True: Crosley CR704D-PA

Crosley CR704D-PA review & specs

The multipurpose turntable comes with the side-mounted cassette deck, AM/FM radio and CD player. Plus you have the standard USB and Bluetooth features common for all models. This player is good for music fans not for when you want to make media files etc.

The turntable can play all 3 vinyl speeds so you do not have to worry about your entire collection being compatible. This 2017 model also comes with built-in speakers. It does not have the encoded vinyl to MP3 software though.

The price point is very humble. Depending on what retailer you buy it from it will cost you anything between $120 to $150 for a brand new one. You might say that it is a newer model hence high ratings but I actually feel like the hardware and the decks in this one are pretty good and reliable.

Crosley CR704D-PA PROS:
  • This model is from 2017 so it is younger than the competitor options.
  • Very affordable.
  • The sound is actually pretty nice even I liked it.
Crosley CR704D-PA CONS:
  • The wooden frame is pretty weak, some customers reported it falling apart after some days.
  • No RCA, and no headphones input.
  • Unfortunately, it also can skip like all turntables both old and new.

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