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DJ turntable sets differ from the audiophile devices by several parameters. The performance and actual manipulation are the key factors. Best DJ turntables are made to enable scratching, beat matching and other music-making technics, while the audiophile turntables are made to ensure minimal user’s intrusion and the most authentic sound. In particular, DJ turntables have:

  • Direct drive motor connection. Almost all DJ turntables for sale have their motor located right under the platter spinning it without mediums. Though in this way a part of the motor noise and vibration is transmitted to the platter and causes a slightly uneven playback, the possibilities of applying disc scratching and other DJ technics are vast. However, some good DJ turntables feature a belt drive system letting to hear more of the sound.
  • High-range pitch control. In a DJ record player, the variable pitch control with the precise adjustment is must have. It allows exact and variative beat matching and provides space for improvisation.
  • Sturdy tonearm and cartridge. Unlike audiophile record players, the best DJ turntables have a solid heavy tonearm and a cartridge enduring any scratching and tempo adjustment. This results in sonic limitations as well.
  • Several connection ports. The DJs usually engage two turntables for beatmixing and other music experiments. That’s why a DJ turntable must be able to connect to another turntable and speakers (if needed).

So, there’s a lot to look at when choosing a DJ record player. Below are the best DJ turntables for beginners and advanced disc jockeys. Pick yours!

DJ Turntables Reviews

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Numark TTUSB – Solid Versatile DJ Record Player, with USB

Numark TTUSB

This turntable features several controls and allows spinning most of the vinyl discs. Out of the box, it can handle 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM vinyls, while older 78 RPM discs can also be played, with the proper software installed. The pitch control is governed by the fader with a sharp scale allowing getting audible results reaching from -10 to 10 percent.

The setup is easy, not requiring any special knowledge or a techie-bound mind. The heavy S-shaped tonearm has a good anti-skating control letting it stay on the disc even at the heavy scratching. The sound flows seamlessly, returning to the point instantly.

The turntable features a USB port for sending the music onto a PC or another digital device. It also has Audacity software included, enabling audio correction and other operations required for the enhancement of the sound and proper storage of the recorded music.


  • Diecast aluminum platter provides minimal vibration and steady speed.
  • The built-in preamp is quite decent providing clean loud sound; turntable can be switched to the external amplifier mode.
  • The included software allows digitizing records and editing tracks; the recording level can be adjusted as well.


  • Hardwired RCA outs prevent from upgrading the cables.
  • The turntable is supplied without a dust cover, and there is no factory model with one.

Jensen JTA-230 – Ready-to-Go DJ Record Player with Speakers

Jensen JTA-230

Despite the belt-driven mechanism, this turntable is ranked among the best DJ turntables for beginners. It has everything to play right out of the box. The unit provides multiple options to control its performance.

The beatmakers will definitely enjoy smart and easily accessible tone control and pitch control, that allow improvising with the sound. The playback level can be adjusted on the run as well.

The turntable is easily spinned with the fingers as well. The tonearm is straight-shaped, with proper positioning and weight for staying on-track even at excessive scratching.

The turntable has a USB out allowing to connect to a PC or another device and digitize the records on the run. There is also an AUX jack for connecting the headphones. sound player, etc. It has integrated software for vinyl-to-digital recording and further processing the recorded audio.


  • The turntable can handle directly any of the three speeds: 78 RPM, 45 RPM, and 33 ⅓ RPM.
  • An external amplifier (and speakers) can be connected through the line out RCA jack, enabling upgrades.
  • The integrated speakers emit quite loud sound, preserving low noise level at max volume.


  • The tonearm gets bent easily when removing it from the disc; tends to skip heavily on the scratched vinyls.
  • Simple plug-n-play setup.

Pyle PLTTB1 – Entry-to-Professional DJ Record Player, Belt-Driven


This sturdy turntable boasts high stability of the performance. The motor isolation provides for silent background and precise outline of all the music nuances. It has a heavy enough platter that, however, is spinned with ease and dynamics.

The weighted tonearm has an S-shape and is balanced accurately, providing non-skipping playback even at the high speed. It also equips a proficient anti-skating mechanism and a well-aligned heavy cartridge with the durable stylus, able to endure the hardest scratching.

Another feature making this turntable one of the most popular mid to cheap DJ turntables is its variable pitch control. Though the fader is a bit too tough, it provides a point-sharp pitch adjustment implementing all the DJ’s ideas fully and precisely.


  • Crisp and rich sound throughout the frequency and volume range.
  • Two-speed performance (33 ⅓ RPM and 45 RPM), with supplied adaptor for 45 RPM discs.
  • A stroboscopic light illuminates the platter reflecting its edge and the speed of spinning.


  • No integrated preamp.
  • No tonearm auto return.

Denon VL12 PRIME – Premium DJ Record Player, with Changeable Torque

Denon VL12 PRIME

This high-end turntable provides everything for the professional beatmixing and scratching emitting the clean and rich in variations sound. It has a directly connected motor with a solid isolation providing for the near-to-flat noise level. The sturdy feet also ensure the efficient vibration protection.

The motor can be set to different modes: high and low torque, enabling different playback and various mixing techniques.

The tonearm has a metal body and is S-shaped for accurate on-skipping tracking. It can be easily adjusted by height via the smart flat dial. Brightness control is incorporated as well. The hi-fi sound from this turntable is high-range and features tons of details and spacious soundstage.


  • Smart neatly scaled pitch control with modified range of 8%-50%.
  • The tonearm support has two positions: “rest” and “lock”.
  • Massive yet dynamic platter featuring the chamfered surface for easy DJ grip.


  • Slight buzzing when the LED light is on.
  • No digital connectivity.

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