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Onkyo TX-8140 Power: 160 W Channels: 2 Weight: 18.5 pounds
Harman Kardon HK 3770 Power: 240 W Channels: 2 Weight: 13.19 pounds
Yamaha R-N303BL Power: 200 W Channels: 2 Weight: 15.9 pounds
Onkyo TX-8220 Power: 100 W Channels: 2 Weight: 15 pounds
TX-8140 TX-8140



Rating: 5

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HK 3770 HK 3770

Harman Kardon

HK 3770

Rating: 5

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R-N303BL R-N303BL



Rating: 5

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TX-8220 TX-8220



Rating: 5

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Product Features

  • Title - Onkyo TX-8140
  • Total output power - 160 W
  • Number of channels - 2
  • Signal-to-noise ratio - 92 dB
  • Title - Harman Kardon HK 3770
  • Total output power - 240 W
  • Number of channels - 2
  • Signal-to-noise ratio - 100 dB
  • Title - Yamaha R-N303BL
  • Total output power - 200 W
  • Number of channels - 2
  • Signal-to-noise ratio - 100 dB
  • Title - Onkyo TX-8220
  • Total output power - 100 W
  • Number of channels - 2
  • Signal-to-noise ratio - 98 dB

Audio Receivers under 500 – The Best Affordable Options

The market of audio receivers is quite baffling, to say the least. Customers still believe that good sound is worth a lot of money. Read on to find your best stereo receiver under 500.

Receivers of any kind take some time getting acquainted with. It is very hard to understand what is what, especially if you are not an electronics whiz kid. Perhaps you have never had such a product in your house before, and you need a beginner-friendly option. Frankly speaking, the audio receivers are usually associated with luxury, vast space and modern interiors. However, it is not exactly true. You can enjoy amazing sound even with a modest and affordable family device.

Read our review of the best AV receivers.

A set of standard receiver functions is all you need to have good sound. With a little bit of our help and guidance, you can pick out your very best home stereo receiver under 500. We simply give you the unbiased review and first-hand user experience with ratings.

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Our pick
Yamaha R-N303BL
The best stereo receiver under $500
The R-N303 is the perfect blend of technology and timeless design elegance.

Onkyo TX-8140 – Almost Five Stars


This lovely little receiver has all the good important functions together with some handy options like 4 AM/FM buttons. We believe it could be the top of the best stereo receivers under 500, but the final decision is yours. TX-8140 is amazing for its price-quality ratio and the wide range of use. Enjoy various options like Bluetooth, Spotify, Pandora, Sirius, Slacker, Deezer, etc. It is amazing, considering the price point and the lifespan.

Onkyo TX-8140 PROS:
  • The instruction is very clear and simple. So, even if you have never used receivers before, Onkyo TX-8140 is very easy to install and plug in a couple of your domestic speakers.
  • Even if you love loud music, the sound is going to be really clean and crisp with no artificial noise.
  • Use it together with apps for Android or Apple. This way you can run your iTunes and other music on Onkyo receivers.
Onkyo TX-8140 CONS:
  • Some customers report overheating issues, so just be careful if you run it for a long time.
  • If you use it heavily, you can blow your receiver up and ruin the transistors.
  • If you use this receiver with Pandora, you might have gaps in the stream as the sound stops and starts.

Harman Kardon HK 3770: The Touch of Luxury


Here is candidate number two for the best stereo receiver under 500 nomination. This one has a rating that is slightly lower than the previous one. Although the price is slightly higher, HK 3770 has got some very nice features. For example, you get a separate input for a subwoofer. You can also enjoy all the common features like radio, internet radio, Bluetooth, etc. Although it is somewhat expensive, Kardon is one of the best 2 channel stereo receivers out there.

Harman Kardon HK 3770 PROS:
  • You get amazing bass sounds: much cleaner and deeper than with other affordable receivers.
  • No loss of sound when adding a second pair of speakers. The volume and sound quality will be just as good.
  • The customer support is available when you need it. You get to have an instant reply; and they speak English well.
Harman Kardon HK 3770CONS:
  • The receiver tends to shut down without a warning in case of overheating which usually happens after a few hours.
  • Sometimes you might have to deal with the burned power cable. Usually, this is a production fault that you can tell right away.
  • The remote might be slow to react or some buttons in it might break down. Quite a common error according to the customers.

Yamaha R-N303 – A Family Friendly Option


This one is also a nominee for the best stereo receiver under 500 award. The Yamaha R-N303 receiver is really cool because, on one hand, you pay very little money for it, and on the other hand, R-N303 has all the same cool modern features. R-N303 audio receiver is relatively affordable comparing it to other audio receivers in the under 500 dollars category. Besides, it works with Alexa plus it has the most of features of the previous two receivers. Maybe it is not that exciting or luxurious, but this receiver has an amazing price-quality ratio.

Yamaha R-N303 PROS:
  • It is reliable and solidly built although not very sophisticated. So it is a great option for the whole family and you do not have to worry about your family members damaging it.
  • It is just as good for big space and loud sound as it is for quiet music in your bedroom.
  • It has a wider range of music apps than the previous two. R-N303 also includes Napster and Tidal that were not featured in the previous ones.
Yamaha R-N303 CONS:
  • The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features take some time to set up and be properly adjusted.
  • You do not have the balance control option.
  • Some customers have reported Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-related issues and irregular connection.

Onkyo TX-8220 – The Cheapest One


This one might not be the best stereo receiver under 500 dollars, but we had to add it as an option for you to consider. Receivers do not have to be expensive and just in case you need a really cheap one we’ve got you covered. We believe that you do not need to have a load of cash to enjoy good sound. Onkyo TX-8220 is the most affordable in the affordable category and that means a lot. It also has some advanced features: for example, you get to control the balance, treble, and bass.

Onkyo TX-8220 PROS:
  • If you want to have pure sound, you can skip the bass, treble and balance controls. Ignore them to enjoy clear sound.
  • TX-8220 is very easy to sync with other software. The chance of any connection issues is very low.
  • The manual for setup and programming is very easy, so you can handle it even without any experience.
Onkyo TX-8220 CONS:
  • This one does not work with Alexa, which you can easily overlook, especially if you have never had Alexa to begin with.
  • TX-8220 might not be able to handle expensive and powerful speakers.

Comparison Table

Even if you still feel like you need more data to make the final choice we give you all the information and technical specifications in the form of a chart. Take your time and look at all the offers, options, and features. Make sure you like everything about the product, and the comparison chart, in this case, can be really handy. We have a special feature allowing you to choose products and add them to the table for a better side-by-side comparison.


Find AV receivers

Pioneer SC-LX801 4.1 Power: 810 WChannels: 9Weight: 38.5 pounds
Onkyo TX-RZ710 4.0 Power: 560 WChannels: 7Weight: 23.1 pounds
Onkyo TX-SR353 4.0 Power: 650 WChannels: 5Weight: 17.6 pounds
Onkyo TX-NR555 4.1 Power: 560 WChannels: 7Weight: 22 pounds
Onkyo TX-SR343 3.7 Power: 250 WChannels: 5Weight: 17 pounds
Onkyo TX-NR545 3.7 Power: 700 WChannels: 7Weight: 19 pounds
Onkyo TX-SR444 3.2 Power: 700 WChannels: 7Weight: 17 pounds
Denon AVRS530BT 4.0 Power: 450 WChannels: 5Weight: 16.54 pounds
Denon AVRS730H 3.6 Power: 550 WChannels: 7Weight: 18.74 pounds
Denon AVR-X2400H 3.8 Power: 500 WChannels: 7Weight: 20.7 pounds
Denon AVR-S930H 4.0 Power: 560 WChannels: 7Weight: 20.7 pounds
Denon AVRX4400H 4.2 Power: 1050 WChannels: 9Weight: 29.8 pounds
Denon AVR-X3400H 4.4 Power: 735 WChannels: 7Weight: 23.8 pounds
Denon AVR-X4000 3.3 Power: 735 WChannels: 7Weight: 32.2 pounds
Yamaha RX-V581 4.0 Power: 560 WChannels: 7Weight: 17.9 pounds
Yamaha RX-A2060 4.3 Power: 1260 WChannels: 9Weight: 37.5 pounds
Yamaha RX-V377 4.1 Power: 500 WChannels: 5Weight: 16 pounds
Yamaha RX-V677 4.1 Power: 630 WChannels: 7Weight: 22.1 pounds
Yamaha RX-V579BL 4.1 Power: 630 WChannels: 7Weight: 20.6 pounds
Yamaha RX-V779BL 4.2 Power: 630 WChannels: 7Weight: 27.7 pounds
Onkyo TX-NR646 3.6 Power: 580 WChannels: 7Weight: 20.7 pounds
Yamaha RX-A750 4.1 Power: 250 WChannels: 7Weight: 23.2 pounds
Yamaha RX-A860BL 4.5 Power: 525 WChannels: 7Weight: 23.4 pounds
Yamaha RX-A3070BL 4.4 Power: 725 WChannels: 9Weight: 39.9 pounds
Yamaha RX-A1050 4.1 Power: 780 WChannels: 7Weight: 32.8 pounds
Yamaha RX-A850 4.5 Power: 540 WChannels: 7Weight: 23.4 pounds
Onkyo TX-NR656 3.9 Power: 690 WChannels: 7Weight: 22 pounds
Onkyo TX-NR757 3.6 Power: 750 WChannels: 7Weight: 22 pounds
Onkyo TX-RZ610 3.8 Power: 700 WChannels: 7Weight: 22 pounds
Pioneer Elite SC-85 3.5 Power: 760 WChannels: 9Weight: 33.4 pounds
Pioneer Elite SC-87 3.5 Power: 810 WChannels: 9Weight: 38.6 pounds
Pioneer Elite SC-99 4.0 Power: 850 WChannels: 9Weight: 33 pounds
Pioneer VSX-1130-K 3.5 Power: 150 WChannels: 7Weight: 21.6 pounds
Sony STR DH550 3.8 Power: 725 WChannels: 5Weight: 19 pounds
Sony STR-DH770 3.9 Power: 725 WChannels: 7Weight: 19.9 pounds
Sony STR-DN1080 3.8 Power: 1155 WChannels: 7Weight: 23 pounds
Sony STR-DH130 4.3 Power: 200 WChannels: 2Weight: 14 pounds
Sony STR-DN1050 3.0 Power: 700 WChannels: 7Weight: 24.3 pounds
Sony STR-DH830 3.1 Power: 980 WChannels: 7Weight: 18.2 pounds
Sony STR-DA2800ES 3.3 Power: 980 WChannels: 7Weight: 30.6 pounds
Yamaha RX-V681BL 4.0 Power: 525 WChannels: 7Weight: 22.1 pounds
Yamaha RX-V383BL 4.2 Power: 350 WChannels: 5Weight: 16.3 pounds
Yamaha RX-V683BL 4.2 Power: 610 WChannels: 7Weight: 22 pounds
Yamaha RX-V483BL 4.0 Power: 525 WChannels: 5Weight: 17.9 pounds
Yamaha RX-V679BL 4.1 Power: 610 WChannels: 7Weight: 26 pounds
Yamaha RX-A1060BL 4.6 Power: 630 WChannels: 7Weight: 32.8 pounds
Yamaha RX-V379BL 4.0 Power: 500 WChannels: 5Weight: 20.1 pounds
Denon AVR-X4200W 3.9 Power: 800 WChannels: 7Weight: 33.9 pounds
Marantz NR1508 4.1 Power: 250 WChannels: 5Weight: 18.08 pounds
Marantz SR6011 4.1 Power: 850 WChannels: 9Weight: 25.1 pounds
Marantz NR1607 4.1 Power: 325 WChannels: 7Weight: 18.7 pounds
Marantz SR7012 4.4 Power: 950 WChannels: 9Weight: 31.1 pounds
Marantz AV7703 4.1 Power: 1050 WChannels: 11Weight: 22.5 pounds
Onkyo TX-8020 4.2 Power: 100 WChannels: 2Weight: 16.1 pounds
Pioneer VSX-LX102 4.0 Power: 400 WChannels: 9Weight: 22.8 pounds
Pioneer VSX-1131 4.0 Power: 160 WChannels: 9Weight: 19.9 pounds
Pioneer VSX-532 4.0 Power: 210 WChannels: 5Weight: 19.9 pounds
Pioneer SC-LX501 4.1 Power: 560 WChannels: 7Weight: 31.5 pounds
Pioneer VSX-531 3.8 Power: 140 WChannels: 5Weight: 19.67 pounds
Pioneer SC-LX901 4.1 Power: 850 WChannels: 11Weight: 46.6 pounds
Pioneer VSX-830-K 3.1 Power: 525 WChannels: 5Weight: 21.4 pounds
Pioneer SC-1223-K 3.6 Power: 560 WChannels: 7Weight: 25.8 pounds
Pioneer VSX-831 3.4 Power: 525 WChannels: 5Weight: 19.8 pounds
Pioneer Elite SC-97 3.9 Power: 810 WChannels: 9Weight: 33 pounds
Pioneer SC-LX701 4.1 Power: 760 WChannels: 9Weight: 33.2 pounds
Pioneer Elite A-20 3.9 Power: 100 WChannels: 2Weight: 15.87 pounds
Yamaha RX-A1070BL 4.3 Power: 770 WChannels: 7Weight: 32.8 pounds
Yamaha R-S202BL 4.1 Power: 200 WChannels: 2Weight: 14.8 pounds
Denon AVR-X2300W 3.9 Power: 650 WChannels: 7Weight: 25.4 pounds
Yamaha RX-A770BL 4.1 Power: 680 WChannels: 7Weight: 23.1 pounds
Yamaha RX-A870BL 3.8 Power: 700 WChannels: 7Weight: 23.1 pounds
Onkyo TX-RZ820 4.0 Power: 900 WChannels: 7Weight: 31 pounds
Marantz NR1608 4.5 Power: 350 WChannels: 7Weight: 18.3 pounds
Onkyo TX-NR676 3.8 Power: 700Channels: 7Weight: 22 pounds
Onkyo TX-RZ810 4.0 Power: 900 WChannels: 7Weight: 30.9 pounds
Yamaha RX-V385BL 4.5 Power: 350 WChannels: 5Weight: 16.3 pounds
Denon AVR-S510BT 3.8 Power: 350 WChannels: 5Weight: 16.5 pounds
Marantz SR7011 4.3 Power: 1100 WChannels: 9Weight: 30.4 pounds
Sony STR-DH590 4.1 Power: 520 WChannels: 5Weight: 18.25 pounds
Onkyo TX-NR575 4.1 Power: 610 WChannels: 7Weight: 20 pounds
Denon AVR-X1400H 3.8 Power: 560 WChannels: 7Weight: 18.74 pounds
Denon AVR-X6400H 4.4 Power: 1180 WChannels: 11Weight: 32 pounds
Pyle PT684BT 3.4 Power: 720 WChannels: 5Weight: 14.3 pounds
Onkyo TX-SR373 4.0 Power: 500 WChannels: 5Weight: 17.6 pounds
Yamaha MAIN-77326 4.6 Power: 720 WChannels: 7Weight: 37.5 pounds
Marantz NR1606 4.0 Power: 350 WChannels: 7Weight: 22.8 pounds
Sony STR-ZA3100ES 5.0 Power: 700 WChannels: 7Weight: 22.1 pounds
Denon AVR-S720W 3.8 Power: 520 WChannels: 7Weight: 18.7 pounds
Yamaha YSP-5600 3.9 Power: 128 WChannels: 7Weight: 25.8 pounds
Pioneer SX-10AE 4.3 Power: 90 WChannels: 2Weight: 15 pounds
Pioneer VSX-LX302 3.9 Power: 900 WChannels: 7Weight: 22 pounds
Pioneer SC-LX502 4.3 Power: 560 WChannels: 7Weight: 24 pounds
Pioneer VSX-LX303 4.3 Power: 900 WChannels: 9Weight: 24 pounds
Denon AVR-X3200W 3.7 Power: 700 WChannels: 7Weight: 30.9 pounds
Yamaha CX-A5100 4.4 Power: 1100 WChannels: 11Weight: 36.7 pounds
Marantz SR5012 4.4 Power: 700 WChannels: 7Weight: 22.1 pounds
Denon AVR-X8500H 4.8 Power: 1500 WChannels: 13Weight: 51.4 pounds
Onkyo TX-RZ1100 3.8 Power: 1150 WChannels: 9Weight: 43 pounds
Marantz AV8805 5.0 Power: 1500 WChannels: 13Weight: 30.2 pounds
Harman Kardon AVR 1510 3.2 Power: 375 WChannels: 5Weight: 10 pounds