The Best AV Receiver

Modern devices are able to help us spend our spare time. It is wonderful that modern devices are able to provide us with hours of joy. For example, we can play video games, listen to our favorite music, or watch a good film with our friends. There are dozens of devices that are able to make us happier. Of course, we all like watching a good film, or TV series. We always want to see everything and hear everything to make sure we catch every detail.

Modern technologies let us see everything, since a resolution of the video is quite high and surrounding sound systems make us feel like we are in the movie we watch. To make sure we get everything from a movie, we need the right equipment. Some people have home theaters. They may be not that popular today, since many people prefer using PCs or laptops to watch films, however, a home theater is a completely new level in terms of experience.

Modern home theaters are able to provide us with a very high quality of image (some devices support 4K resolution, so you will see even the smallest details, but you need a TV that supports 4K) and great sound (7.1 surrounding sound systems).

The combination of a stunning video with great sound is able to provide us with a unique experience. You may also need some additional devices in order to get everything possible from a video player. In that case, you should consider using an AV receiver. Such devices are widely used by people all over the world, since they can amplify a sound signal, process video or perform many other useful functions.

In any case, it is the device for people who value the quality of video and sound. Different models have many functions and it quite hard to understand everything especially if you have never used this kind of devices. A good way to find the device that suits your needs is to compare different models. Please check our article that is dedicated to the process of comparison of different models. We are sure that you will find that article very useful.

AV receiver will make everything better

The first thing we should do is understand what such devices do. It takes an input signal, processes and generates an output signal for TVs,  monitors, speakers, etc. They can get an input signal from different devices, like DVD players, radios, gaming consoles, etc. They have many functions, that are able to generate the right signal for different output devices.

Modern models of receivers may amplify sound and generate a completely noise-free signal for speakers. However, such devices process video signal as well. For examples, they can upscale video without major quality losses. Modern devices from well-known companies, like Pioneer AV receivers.

They have many super useful functions, that are able to create the signal that you need. It is necessary to mention that different models are better for certain tasks. Here is a simple example of how you can use an AV receiver. Let us say, you have an audio player and a set of speakers. You can connect a player to a receiver.

It will generate an amplified signal for speakers. Modern devices let you tweak different parameters to get the sound you want. In this case, you will get crystal-clear sound. Plus, you can tweak it (for example, via an equalizer).

Find the device that meets your demands perfectly in one click

Certain models are better for certain activities. For example, some Denon AV receivers are perfect for people who prefer to listen to music and get everything from the device. If you look for a cheap device, then you should pay attention to some Sony AV receivers, like STRDH130.

You need to know why you need a receiver. If you need a good device that will be used to enhance an audio signal only, then you should pay attention to amplifying features and decoding. If you do not want to deal with different cables, then consider buying a device that uses a wireless type of connection.

Many models from different manufacturers are available. Luckily, there is a perfect solution that is able to make the process of comparison easier.

It will compare different models for you and save you a ton of time! For example, you can compare Onkyo AV receivers with Pioneer models. There is nothing difficult about using this service.

  • Find the model that you want to add to compare.
  • Click on the “Add to compare” button (Click the “remove” button to remove a product).
  • Choose several models (by clicking the “Add to compare” button).
  • On the right side you will see a list of models you are about to compare (You can remove a model by clicking on the small black cross).
  • Having chosen all models you want to compare, click the “compare now” red button. The button is next to the “remove” button”.

After that, you will see a page with the comparison chart of the models you have chosen. There are different sections that have parameters of a model. This chart will provide you the necessary information. Therefore, you can understand if it is the right model you need. This service can save you much time. You do not need to have many tabs opened to compare different parameters manually. If you would like to add a new model to the comparison, you can just type its name in the field under “Add receiver to compare”. This service is user-friendly, fast, and super useful for people who are looking for a good device.

Choosing the best AV receivers for you

There are world-known brands, like Yamaha AV receivers and small companies that just started manufacturing such devices. If you want to get everything then you should consider buying a product from a well-known brand.

If quality is not that important then you should consider buying a cheap device. However, you should pay special attention to functions and features of a device. You need to know well why you need a receiver.

That will help you understand what parameters you should focus on. If you want to use it as a sound amplifier, then pay attention to amplifying, supported audio formats, output power, etc.  

If you want to connect it to a home theater, then focus on decoders, signal processing functions, etc. Please consider checking our reviews where we compare av receivers.

Those articles will be useful both for people who already have a receiver and for those who want to buy one.