Best AV receivers under $200 in 2018

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Best AV receivers under $200 – make your choice

Recently, the popularity of such amplifiers is growing all over the world, modern devices receive a lot of interesting functions, including the ability to access the network to play content from online resources.

Due to the increased competition, manufacturers along with expensive models began to offer budgetary AV receivers, the functionality of which is not much inferior to top-end devices. Even the giants of the production of audio and video equipment expand the range of products through models with a democratic value.

In this article, I will try to describe the best AV receivers under 200. Surprisingly low, "ridiculous" price even for the majority of our compatriots in no way speaks about the deterioration of quality, technical parameters or functionality of the model, but only about a few "cut-down" opportunities. For those who are used to being satisfied with small and saving on quality, receivers are a distant and irrelevant topic. I will help you with choosing a good inexpensive receiver. And I hope that you will find for yourselves the best AV receiver under 200 dollars.

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Our pick
Yamaha RX-V383BL
The best receiver under $200
AV receiver with built-in Bluetooth for wireless music playback, stunning 4K Ultra HD video with HDCP 2.2 and a discrete 5.1-channel amplifier design with automatic YPAO™ calibration.

Yamaha RX-V383BL – pleasure from the home theater


Naturally, each brand brings something special to its AV receivers - Yamaha in this sense is not an exception, but rather, a vivid example. The USB-connector with support for connecting iPod or iPhone is carried to the front panel, and when working with conventional flash drives, according to users, the system often takes more time than usual - but everything works correctly.

RX-V383BL impresses with its sound. For this price category, Yamaha has a very large-scale sound; it is smoothly and expressively distributed around the room - so evenly that you will hardly regret the absence of two more rear speakers.

It offers both digital sound for movies and sports, and bridge 5-channel sound for direct vintage stereo. The speaker impedance is adjustable, and also has a short protection in the case where the speaker wires cross. The only drawback for me is that YPAO did not work to place the speakers.

In addition, Yamaha is the master of dynamics. Beyonce's concert on the Blu-Ray disc demonstrates the accurate transmission of all the nuances of her voice, impeccable rhythm and tight, balanced coupling with accompanying instruments. Playing a CD has the same properties, including clockwork and excellent separation.

It's a good home theater receiver. Keeping pace with current trends, the device maintains an economical mode of operation, which reduces power consumption by about 20%. In this case, the device still warms up noticeably - the upper panel of the enclosure is a ventilation grill and put something else on it, probably not worth it.

Yamaha RX-V383BL PROS:
  • The front panel is saturated with "hot" buttons - a convenient alternative way to control.
  • Great for the price – a budget alternative to expensive receivers.
  • Separate bass and treble controls for front and surrounds speakers.
Yamaha RX-V383BL CONS:
  • Only one pair of terminals (for the front channel); the rest must be satisfied with spring clamps.
  • The device is very hot, you need to buy an additional cooling system.

Meet new AV receiver: Yamaha RX-V385


Also, Yamaha released a newer model of this line. Yamaha is known for creating affordable options for the latest high-quality video and audio technologies for home theater – the creation of a new Yamaha AV Receiver RX-V385. The newest product is equipped with acoustic automatic technology YPAO, analyzing the sound capabilities of any room and optimizing the sound for it. The new receiver supports 4K Ultra HD, HDR and Dolby Vision technologies, which allows using a variety of settings. Created as an entry-level product, the new hardware supports all the latest technologies, allowing consumers to create a premium home theater system at an affordable price.

Harman Kardon AVR 1510S – network connection


The first thing I would like to note is the stylish design of the AV receiver. The laconism of the front panel means that certain necessary control functions are available only from the console. The proprietary design of the front panel goes well with the products of the same brand. With the rest - worse.

The AVR 1510S demonstrates a truly American sound with a large dynamic range and a good margin for "low". It allows you to sound a large enough room. Like the previous model, there are four HDMI inputs with support for 3D video and 4K. A striking difference from cheaper models is the presence of an Ethernet network connector: the system is connected to a computer network, works with Internet resources and network devices. Network functions allow you to receive audio and even video from remote sources – not only in the home computer network but also from the Internet.

The HK AVR 1510 is the one of the best AV receiver under 200 and has so many features packed into it. It provides 75 watts per channel, which is more than enough to fill a large living room.

The built-in DSP works with both two- and multi-channel sound. Device management - with the complete programmable remote control, it is worth noting that the front panel of the abundance of buttons is not observed. However, this is additionally compensated by the presence of special proprietary software for gadgets iOS or Android. After installing it, you can control it with portable devices, but for this, you need to connect the model to a router with built-in Wi-Fi. I can not but note that the small heat release of the whole system was achieved due to an efficient pulsed power supply. At the same time, the weight of the device decreased and its energy consumption decreased.

Harman Kardon AVR 1510S PROS:
  • Ethernet port and network function for receiving content from the local network and the Internet.
  • AV receiver has good size and works very well.
Harman Kardon AVR 1510S CONS:
  • The sound of the device is for a home theater, for music it fits much less.

Denon AVRS540BT – enjoy favorite movies and shows with the best picture quality


Denon AVR-S540BT is equipped with an enhanced Dolby Vision scaling. It includes 5 HDMI inputs with a frequency of 4K / 60Hz with full transmission and support for HDCP 2.2 on all HDMI ports. The device is quite musical and high-quality stereo phonograms in its performance are really good. I recommend this device to those who want to replace the amplifier and receiver with one device.

I decided to watch the film to see how he would cope with his high-octane soundtrack. The receiver instantly demonstrated that it was ready to reproduce all the effects of the film, and sounded fascinating and accurate. The midrange was excellent, thanks to which the squeaking of tires and the noise of motors were reproduced in detail, and the accuracy of the transfer of dynamic nuances of sound added credibility to what is happening on the screen. The sound picture uniformly filled the entire room and the images moved uniformly in all directions.

In addition, the sound was completely balanced. The high frequencies sounded clear and transparent, while the basses rumbled confidently in those scenes where it was necessary. However, the bass was a little more modest. This is the one of the best receiver under 200 for your home theater.

The receiver very well transmits the rhythmic pattern and the synchronicity of the sound, which is also dynamic and fluid. Vocals and instruments sound with all the smallest nuances and features, separately and at the same time very harmonized. Playing music on the network provided the same sound quality, although, with the use of Bluetooth or AirPlay, it was expected to decrease.

The receiver comes with a well-designed remote control, but there is also a special application for mobile devices, which provides more convenient access to the functions of the device. It allows you to select inputs, change the settings of the sound character and equalizer, control the sound in additional zones and change the volume.

  • Attractive cost.
  • Beautiful, soft sound and high claimed power.
  • Possibility to operate the TV remote control.
  • Remote - "lightweight" and does not differ convenience.
  • The body is made without a safety factor.

Comparison chart

I suggest you compare the characteristics of the best av receiver under 200 and choose a multichannel receiver of these brands. For the purity of the comparison, I have taken models whose prices differ by no more than 10 dollars. In the comparison chart, you will find out how the models differ in our rating.

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