AV receivers comparison

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It is wonderful that modern devices are able to make our entertainment experience better. Many people like to spend their evenings watching good films and let us be honest, it is a perfect way to spend a weekend. However, there are different ways to watch a film. Some people prefer using their personal computers or laptops to watch films.

Of course, you can have a big good monitor, but there is another great way to watch a movie you like – a home theater. This kind of devices may be not that popular today, but is still a perfect option for people who like movies and who want to see and hear every detail. It is amazing how modern devices can make provide you with hours of joy.

A Blu-ray disc is able to guarantee a very high level of an image quality. However, there is another component that should not be omitted – sound. Of course, what we see is important and we want to see a high-quality image, but sound means a lot as well.

A combination of a perfect high-resolution video with stunning sound is the only way to guarantee you a perfect experience. Therefore, if you want to hear every sound, then you should consider having a good AV receiver. Such devices are very important, since they can guarantee a great quality of sound.

There are different models of AV receiver, from cheap to quite expensive ones. There are such popular brands as Yamaha AV receivers, Sony, Pioneer as well as some brands that you might have never heard of. This short article will help you find the right AV receiver for your home theater.

Do not worry, you will understand everything even if you have never dealt with this kind of devices. Please, consider checking our articles dedicated to the best receivers available today. It may be super helpful.

An AV receiver - a device that is able to make audio and video better

First, you need to understand why you need an AV receiver. Such devices perform an important function. They receive audio and video signals from different sources and process them. After that, an AV receiver sends video and audio to different devices, like a television or a monitor, etc.

A receiver can get input signal from DVD or BD players, video game consoles, television, radio etc. In other words, a powerful device processes input data to generate output data.

You may think that is useless, but that is not correct. Modern devices from popular brands, like Denon AV receivers, have a number of useful functions that are able to provide you with high-quality image and great sound, even if the input signal is quite weak. There are many other useful functions, like decoding, amplifying, video upscaling, etc. overall, it is a great device that is able to enhance image and audio data received from different sources.

A typical case of usage may be following. You have a home theater and a set of seven speakers (including a subwoofer). You connect a home theater with an AV receiver that is able to decode different formats and amplify sound.

Then, you connect an AV receiver with speakers. Therefore, the amplified noise-free sound signal comes from a receiver. In this case, you will get nice sound and you will hear every sound. It is a perfect option to make your experience even better.

Finding the best AV receiver for you in one click

If you have decided to buy a receiver, then the first thing you should do is to compare different models from different manufacturers, paying your attention to the most crucial parameters. Such devices have many important parameters, like an amplifier class, supported audio formats, decoders, signal processing and connectivity interfaces, etc. Of course, Sony AV receivers may have functions that Onkyo AV receivers do not, but those functions may be not that important for you.

Our rating of the best AV receivers able to save you a ton of time. Using this page, you will be able to compare different models of receivers from different manufacturers. You can compare Pioneer AV receivers with models from Yamaha.

There is nothing difficult about using this wonderful comparing tool. Here is a short instruction for you:

  • Find the model you want to add to compare.
  • Click the “Add to compare” button (If you made a mistake, then click the “remove” button).
  • Choose several models.
  • On the right side you will see a list of models you are about to compare (You can remove a model by clicking the small black cross).
  • Having chosen all models, you want to compare, click the “compare now” red button. The button is next to the “remove” button”. There is also a “compare now” button on the right side in the bottom of the list of the chosen models.

After that, you will see a page with the comparison chart of the models you have chosen. The chart is divided into several sections to facilitate the comparison process. There are such sections as “functions”, “audio formats”, “amplifier”, etc. Everything is clear. It can save you much time. Moreover, you can add a new model right on the comparison page, you just need to type the name of a model in the field right under “Add receiver to compare”.

Of course, manufacturers release new receivers and when it happens, the new models will be added to the list of the devices to compare.

The Best AV Receivers You Can Buy

There are different models and some of them are quite expensive, while others are not. First of all, you need to understand why you need an AV receiver. That will help you understand what functions are crucial for you. Of course, one of the main functions of an AV receiver is to amplify a sound signal, so you need to pay attention the amplification.

However, you need good speakers in order to enjoy a great quality of sound. Please consider checking our reviews dedicated to different models of AV receivers, where we pay special attention to different functions. Such articles will be helpful both for people who are looking for their first AV receiver and for those who need a new device with many useful functions.