Best Home Subwoofer under $500

Those who value audio quality know that best subwoofer under 500 allows making sound amazing and much more enjoyable. There is a great diversity of subwoofers on the market. They can vary in size, design, performance, and price. If you seek something that won’t damage your budget gravely, focus on options that combine smart design and a fair price. It is pretty simple to get a good subwoofer at a price not exceeding $500. All you need is to consider their advantages with regard to audio quality, build quality, connection method, and pricing. You may have got baffled with a number of characteristics each subwoofer can boast about.

It is for this reason that I have made up a list of the most reasonable subwoofers under 500. This quick guide is a rescue for everyone who is in need of expert help. As once as you have realized what makes a subwoofer trustworthy, you will be able to make the right buying decision.

So let’s get to the point and learn more about subwoofers before you have to make a choice.

6 Subwoofers That Fall Within the 500$ Budget

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Audioengine S8: Dual Line-level Inputs and Compact Size

Audioengine S8

This subwoofer is a unique combination of smart design and a fitting price that makes it a popular choice. Despite a little size, this sub is able to produce powerful sounds and can be coupled with any speakers. The wireless adaptor allows using the subwoofer as a part of the home stereo cabinet as well as taking it outside. You should realize that the bass needs some adjustment through media player filters to set the frequency point compliant with your own devices. However, once adjusted, the sub produces a clear and crisp sound without distortion. You do not have to turn up the full volume to hear the bass effect. The ultralow frequency response allows playing each detail of the audio and at the same time does not prevent from hearing the main vocals. After testing, I can conclude that the sub works well for any genre of music and operate properly in any environment, whether a guest room or a bathroom.

The bottom-firing and front-ported design ensure easy installation and flawless performance. Besides, the anti-resonant steel frame protects the subwoofer from breakup and prolongs the service life of the product.

The Audioengine S8 subwoofer can be fairly called the best home theater subwoofer under 500. Though it takes a long time to tune the phase, crossover, and volume, you will be fully provided with the refined bass and crystal sound.


  • This sub is a versatile match to a large variety of speakers, with A5 being the most successful complement.
  • It delivers the perfect bass performance at the low volume levels.


  • A too large gradation for a limited spectrum of frequency (50 to 130 Hz) complicates the process of finding the perfect frequency.
  • The port noise may mess up the sound clarity at times.
  • The setup guide does not explain clearly how to install the subwoofer to deliver the best sound tone.

Klipsch R-120SW: Customized Bass and Reinforced MDF Construction

Klipsch R-120SW

Unlike the previous one, this subwoofer is somewhat more costly but concurrently a way too powerful in delivering the deep bass. There are a number of essential features making this sub different from others. Firstly, the 400W peak power is rather large for this type of subwoofers, and so it helps create a loud and immersive sound that multiplies the sound intensity. Secondly, the built-in digital amplifier serves as a catalyst for boosting the bass response, which can be viewed as another benefit of this product. I’ve also pointed out quite a large frequency spectrum, which results in improved sound quality.

Another remarkable feature of this sub is an adjustable crossover and phase controls that allow a user to adjust the bass frequency to a media system. I should also highlight a particularly vast frequency range that lets you set an ideal frequency point. Consequently, you can quickly achieve the maximum bass output by setting the ideal parameters consistent with your home theatre.

This model is also equipped with 12'' super light and rigid IMG cones, which substantially lowers the risk of breakdown. Besides, the sub is made up of exceptionally reinforced materials (spun-copper) that ensure the subwoofer durability for years to come.

All this makes the Klipsch R-120SW particularly attractive in terms of quality performance and price. As much as you want to bring your sound to a higher level, this subwoofer can be of much help to put this aspiration into practice.


  • The stylish design fits in perfectly with any accommodation and furniture.
  • The setup procedure is simple and easy and takes a little time to bring the subwoofer into operation.
  • You can reach a room-filling sound by splitting the audio signal coming from the synth output.


  • The user manual contains no troubleshooting information.
  • The size is not small, and so the subwoofer requires some space for the installation.

JBL LSR310S: Slip Stream Port with a Custom 10'' Down-firing Driver


Among all subwoofers under 500, this model is an example of versatile design in complex with an impressive bass output. The principal characteristic of this product is Slip Stream Port ensuring dynamic bass response at any volume. Likewise, the 200W amplifier boosts the sound power and allows employing the sub inside as well as outside.

I find this subwoofer advantageous for two more reasons. Firstly, Selectable Input Sensitive enables the connection with a large variety of equipment, so you cannot worry about its compatibility with your own devices. Secondly, the maximum peak input ( 20.3 dBu) substantially lowers the risk of failure as the sub can operate at full capacity for long hours.

The sound clarity is no way affected by noise, so the user can enjoy high-quality playback. At last, the sub features the XLF extended low-frequency setting incorporating a special ample bass tuning, which allows imitating the dance club sound.

I should admit that the price for this product fully corresponds to the woofer performance. As long as you expect your new sub to deliver deep and loud sound, the JBL LSR310S 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer is able to live up to all its meanings.


  • The subwoofer provides clean and solid bass response and fills out the lower frequency ranges completely.


  • It requires a subtle adjustment to achieve proper performance without distortion and noise.
  • Packaging may be too loose, which may result in damaging the subwoofer parts upon delivery.

SVS PB-1000: 10’’ Powerful Subwoofer with the Peak Power Up to 700W

SVS PB-1000

Weighing as much as 46 pounds, this massive subwoofer is everything you need to enjoy the room-shaking bass! Being a slightly old-fashioned woofer first produced in 2012, the SVS PB-1000 sub cannot be connected via Bluetooth. Nevertheless, this brand has good recognition in the market and time-tested quality.

Staffed with a 10-inch driver, the woofer can compete with newer models in terms of loudness. It has the Sledge STA-300D DSP amplifier (power peaks up to 700W), which allows the woofer to ensure a clear and quality sound. What also makes the SVS PB-1000 sub an attractive option in the market is its 3 analogs that enable the user to adjust phase, volume, and the LFP (low-pass filter) filters. The sub’s adjustability is right that feature allowing decent compatibility of the SVS PB-1000 with the speakers by other manufacturers. The device is made of firm but relatively light MDF tying down acoustics.

When judging about its size, this powered subwoofer under $500 is rather large and will definitely require the user to open up some space for it. However, this is just the case when massiveness equals power as its cabinet should be capable of keeping 700W inside. The woofer can be successfully used in conventional audio systems, though it is more rational to use it as part of home theater. The only problem can be finding a proper location for a massive sub in your room, though this issue can be easily fixed by placing it somewhere under your table as woofers are intended to produce mainly low and ultra-low frequency sounds.


  • The subwoofer has an extended and rich bass output.
  • The woofer has a long lifespan promising many years of high-quality service.
  • The PB-1000 has a true-to-source accuracy in the reproduction of audio.


  • The SVS PB-1000 may be not powerful enough when working in large places.

Klipsch R-112SW: Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofer with All-digital 600W Amp

Klipsch R-112SW

This sub is a reasonable option for those users who are willing to empower their home theater system. Having a 12-inch driver, the woofer can produce ultra-low frequency sounds at a very little volume. Although the Klipsch R-112SW is a rather powerful loudspeaker, it has a surprisingly clean and tight sounding base. Its all-digital amplifier has a peak power at 600W, which means that it can easily deliver window-shaking sounds.

The woofer amplifier gives ample power with high efficiency to achieve true-to-source accuracy in the reproduction of a wide range of sounds. When speaking about the competitive advantage of this very model, it has a front-firing slot port that has an exclusive internal flare technology to minimize port noise and ensure clean and undistorted sound.

The sub has a brushed black with satin painted plinth enclosure made of polymer veneer. Moreover, the user can also order the Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit in order to ensure wireless connection to the sub. However, a cheap price for this product is dictated by its relative vulnerability to voltage drops. It is manufactured and assembled in China. The subwoofer lifespan is about 2-3 years, so there is a high probability that the woofer amplifier will stop working after several years of usage. As a result, you should expect the need for replacing the broken amplifier with the new one to keep the subwoofer in operation.


  • The woofer has a versatile design that can comply with both home and office environment.
  • The product is mostly suitable for small home theater systems.


  • The subwoofer construction is made of medium quality.

Definitive Technology ProSub 1000: High Output Compact Subwoofer

Definitive Technology ProSub 1000

This model can be potentially the best subwoofer for music under 500. The principal feature of this product is the ability to reproduce a wide range of genres, from pipe organ and symphonic to hard rock audio owing to a powerful amplifier and a 10” bass radiator located on the bottom. Based on the up-to-date technology, the woofer can be hooked up to any audio system and fully customized. I’ve made sure the sonic quality is free from defects and provides an extended bass response that does not turn into noise at any volume level. The subwoofer possesses some more advantages. In particular, two protection circuits is an effective safeguard against overload and failure. Moreover, excellent performance is ensured through discrete MOSFET output devices. If you seek an endurable woofer with a high capacity, the Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 falls under this expectation completely.

I am also delighted with the cabinet construction. Since all the panels are tightly merged into one single unit, the risk of breakage is minor. The user also benefits from the integrated low pass filter that helps set the subwoofer at the right frequency, so you no longer need to use media programs to find your perfect sound.

Though the price for this subwoofer is close to $500, all the benefits fully justify the purchase and bring the user even more pleasure than one could expect of it.


  • The subwoofer creates a realistic sound environment when watching movies or playing games.
  • A rotary volume knob on the side allows a quick adjustment of setting while using the woofer.


  • Some LED indication on the front panel could be of much help for easier usage.
  • A rotary volume knob on the side may be not accessible if the subwoofer is located in a tight corner or location).

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