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Yamaha YST-SW012 review
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Pioneer SW-8MK2 review
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Definitive Technology ProSub 800 review
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Klipsch R-120SW review
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  • Yamaha YST-SW012 review

    Yamaha YST-SW012

    • Yamaha
    • | 80

    • 764
    • |
    If you want to receive a deep, powerful bass, not spending a lot of money, pay attention to studying of performances of the very promising model – a front-firing active subwoofer. I hope this Yamaha YST-SW012 review will help deal with the question. The device has good specifications that make it something worthwhile for va...Continue Reading
  • Polk Audio PSW10 review

    Polk Audio PSW10

    • Polk Audio
    • | 200

    • 4573
    • |
    Polk PSW10 is a subwoofer from the world famous manufacturers of audio systems, which was warmly received a positive feedback from the owners. Polk Audio PSW10 for a small price has a sound quality on equal terms with mo...Continue Reading
  • Dayton Audio SUB-1500 review

    Dayton Audio SUB-1500

    • Dayton Audio
    • | 200

    • 50
    • |
    The Dayton Audio SUB-1500 is a great subwoofer if you want to fill your room with the shaking bass sound. It is a great, powerful model that can provide you with a clear, well-balanced sound. This model also features various dials that allow you to control numerous parameters to make it an inseparab...Continue Reading
  • Dayton Audio SUB-800 review

    Dayton Audio SUB-800

    • Dayton Audio
    • | 100

    • 82
    • |
    The Dayton products come from a pedigree of DIY and pro audio, where performance and durability are prerequisites. The value of this entire line of subs is evident. This cheap little sub can rattle a smaller house apart if you want it to. If you put Dayton Audio SUB-800 on a hard floor it will transfe...Continue Reading
  • Acoustic Audio PSW-6 review

    Acoustic Audio PSW-6

    • Acoustic Audio
    • | 90

    • 477
    • |
    It could be really difficult to choose the best subwoofer, which ideally matches your needs and preferences. People usually do not understand the most important features of these devices, that’s why we decided to write this Acoustic Audio PSW-6 review in order to consider the main pros and cons ...Continue Reading
  • Monoprice 9723 review

    Monoprice 9723

    • Monoprice
    • | 200

    • 79
    • |
    Monoprice 9723 review will be a smooth slice for those who look for perfect accomplishment for their sound theater. This is an interesting combination of an excellent enclosure, a good speaker and a fair amplifier. If you want ample clean bass at a very reasonable price, this is a good choice. Finding a balance b...Continue Reading
  • Pioneer SW-8MK2 review

    Pioneer SW-8MK2

    • Pioneer
    • | 100

    • 413
    • |
    Recently I had the chance to test an amazing subwoofer, so I decided to write a Pioneer SW-8MK2 review. This subwoofer has a strong 100-watt internal amplifier that is specifically designed to deliver accurate bass on both high and low volume settings. The back panel includes 3 switch positions, as well as line and speaker level inputs that c...Continue Reading
  • Dayton Audio SUB-1000L review

    Dayton Audio SUB-1000L

    • Dayton Audio
    • | 200

    • 20
    • |
    Dayton SUB-1000L deserved the audience’s respect with its features and size. There is nothing special in its design just because mostly all subwoofers look the same – they are black and square...Continue Reading