Best Home Subwoofer under $300

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If you’re looking for a way to boost your home theater or stereo system staying within the budget, you need the best subwoofer under 300. The modern subs of this price range feature many of the options the more expensive models offer, sounding steady and confident. They might be lacking comfort of the wireless connection or adjustable sound wave direction; still, their bottom deepness and powerful bass won’t let anyone come back to a sub-less sound system.

The best home theater subwoofer under 300 must have solid cabinet construction and a high-quality woofer. The latter can be of different shapes and materials. Still, any woofer type chosen must make the user feel the difference with bottom-level bass. The frequency range might vary slightly, staying within 20 – 200 Hz in average. Power and sensitivity can differ as well, bringing each subwoofer model the uniqueness of a sound character.

The subwoofers of this price range usually have adjustable crossover and a phase reversal mechanism. These technologies allow tweaking the lows in order to reach the desired clarity and sharpness of mids and lows, or widespread dense soundstage pulsating in each corner of the room.

The cabinet shape and size are not number one consideration; yet, should be taken into account. Though even the smallest models can be quite powerful, they won’t fill the large room as efficiently as large speakers do. Direction of the sound firing is also important, as it sets the optimal position for the sub, and its ability to create additional effects.

Number and versatility of connections define the devices the sub can be paired with. While adapters are always there to help, using them might lead to the poorer sound characteristics, while the direct connection is optimal for the full audio production.

All these features and many others are discussed in the reviews section. Browse it to pick your best subwoofer under 300!

Subwoofer under $300 Reviews

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Klipsch Reference R-10SWi: Deep Accurate Bass, Good for Music & Movies

Klipsch Reference R-10SWi

This budget-priced subwoofer represents a successful series of high-quality speakers by Klipsch that have different size and power specs to offer. The current model has an amplifier power of 300W that brings the sound onto a solid, rock steady yet pleasantly dynamic foundation.

The rigid woofer’s cone is made of the signature IMG spun copper which rigidity brings well-set balance and clarity to the sound. The in-woofer resonance provides for the bottom deep vibration effect, and the sound fills the room. The woofer has 10-inch diameter and front firing disposition. It expands the signal with equal power in all directions, while the sweet spot stays in front and at some distance of the sub.

In spite of the relatively small size, this top-quality subwoofer is able to get as high as 112 dB producing the same steady bass throughout the whole volume and frequency range. The latter might be a bit narrow for a sub of this price (the upper edge is defined at 120 Hz and reaches as low as 32 Hz). However, it is compensated by the richness of nuance and precision of the bass throughout the whole playback.

Integrated phase control allows tuning the sub’s performance and blending it with other speakers in the set. The incorporated crossover for low frequencies supports the detailed and clear performance.

The subwoofer has a typical Klipsch brand look, preserving conservative base and the bright spot of the open woofer. The cabinet is made of solid MDF damping the unwanted resonance and supporting the concentrated sound output.


  • The amplifier is fully digital enabling the tailor-cut audio delivery on a neutral base.
  • The sub can be paired with different speakers / receivers due to the double type connection (LFE and Line inputs supported).
  • The grill’s finish is nice-to-touch and doesn’t interfere with the sound delivery.


  • Gain control is a bit rigid.
  • Rather heavy and cumbersome to move around.

BIC America F12: Powerful Bass, Adjustable Performance

BIC America F12

This active subwoofer is able to produce the big sound – it makes a good addition to high-end acoustic systems or a packed home cinema.

The BASH-type amplifier allows the sub to use the relatively small continuous power rate (150W) to produce an overpowering penetrating low signal that does convey the sound vibes. The bass is bottom-low, boomy, and expansive. And it keeps its high-level performance throughout lengthy playbacks (like full-scale movies). The sub supports very accurate and distinctive frequency separation, delivering every note within its stated range with impact and precision. It can pick frequencies as low as 25 Hz and unfold its unique sonic signature up to 200 Hz border.

The nominal sensitivity of this unit goes as 90 dB, which isn’t too high. However, an efficient amplification and rich expansive soundstage provide for the sound to be perceived louder than it actually plays. This sub also produces next to no distortion due to the patented vent technology that nulls the port noise.

The unit has a sturdy build. It is quite heavy and not on the small side; still, the solid design allows dampening any unwanted vibration and emit the neutral clear sound. The cabinet is durable and has a sleek grainy finish. The grill is easy to remove, uncovering the stylish metallic driver cone.

The subwoofer is easy to connect almost to any system due to sturdy gold-plated connection ports. Tuning it into the orchestra of other speakers isn’t a problem due to the integrated tweakable crossover.


  • 12-inch solid woofer is supported by the heavy surrounding.
  • A separate connection port allows the sub to work out the Dolby Digital / DTS signal directly.
  • An auto-on and off function serves for media system integration and easy start off the spot.


  • Might be an overkill for basic systems / small rooms.
  • Turns hot upon extensive load.

Definitive Technology ProSub 800: Punchy Bass, No Distortion

Definitive Technology ProSub 800

This hi-tech model represents a small yet powerful device, creating a serious competition on the “affordable subwoofer” market niche. It features a passive radiator technology that provides for the steady deep bass and next to no distortion of the sound.

The sub features an 8-inch woofer (the cone is made of the polymer), which is fused with the radiator of the same size. This construction enables a boomy bass going as deep as 20 Hz. The upper limit of the frequency supported makes 150 Hz, which is OK for most movies and music. The woofer is secured from resonance and vibration by the double surrounding. The audio signal comes concentrated and dense, while free of the external impact.

The built-in amplifier implements the MOSFET technology producing 300W output. It delivers clean and tangible sound, with sharp outline of each instrumental / voice / effect line, with each detail being distinctive.

The cabinet is a solid MDF, monocoque type. With the thick front and rear panels, and numerous internal braces, it is completely free from resonance and vibration.


  • Realistic natural sound.
  • The electronic crossover features high accuracy and precision and enables the optimal pairing with the main speaker’s set.
  • Wide sound expansion area, with the fullness of effect at each spot.


  • The sound is less dynamic in comparison to other competitors on the list.
  • Lacks warmth at low volumes.

Polk Audio PSW111: Powerful Bass for Small Rooms

Polk Audio PSW111

This compact sub has been designed as a solution for small home media systems. However, its concentrated powerful sound and simple hook up make it a good choice for a car subwoofer under 300.

The unit implements an 8-inch woofer integrated flawlessly into the subwoofer cabinet to eliminate undesirable effects and enhance the sound reproduction. It has a smart circuit engineering solution that allows it to emit transparent distinctive sound with a punchy effect. The sturdy build and technology implemented let this sub maintain a perfect balance at any load and at the trickiest sonic curves.

The soundstage created by this subwoofer is detailed and has the spacious effect. The small-to-mid sized rooms are filled with its bottom low creeping bass immediately, with a high definition clear audio heard at any position. The bass goes forceful, featuring good dynamics and precise frequency response. The latter starts not too low – at 38 Hz, however, this sub can catch the signal at as high as 250 Hz and work it out.

The subwoofer has all connection types usually required in the home media systems: line-level, LFE, speaker-level inputs and outputs. It’s no brainer hooking it up, though it might take some time to tweak the sub with the more powerful set of speakers.


  • The port fires downward for enhanced bass penetrating effect.
  • Smart amplifier system represents the energy-saving and power-boosting engineering solution.
  • Stylish cabinet design (with rounded corners and triangular legs).


  • Winding up the volume sometimes results in clipping (at the top level).
  • The bass isn’t boomy enough for serious media systems.

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