Best Home Subwoofer under $1000

High-quality sound system is the dream of most music fans. The electronics market develops very intensively, so the sound equipment is presented in a very wide range. Notwithstanding, if earlier choosing a good active or passive subwoofer was simply due to the weak competition of manufacturers and the lack of choice, today it’s much more difficult to find the best subwoofer under 1000 dollars that is able to meet desires. Sensitivity, impedance, frequency range – all of these parameters can be combined in a variety of combinations, so it’s not surprising to get lost in them.

The competent choice of a decent subwoofer under $1000 is based not only on the quality of the speaker or the power of the amplifier. Its design and inner components are adapted for specific styles of music. For example, subwoofers with a phase inverter seem to have a sharp sound attack (the back volume doesn’t dampen the movement of the diffuser and also works as a sound source), so such electronic market units are preferred by dance music fans. In contrast, the best subwoofer under 1000 dollars with softer and more natural sound has a closed rear volume that allows you to enjoy not only the blues but also many quite extreme styles of instrumental music. Band-pass type body frame, where the diffuser works on the internal volume by both sides (the entire sound comes out through the hole in the box) gives maximum efficiency, but this kind subwoofer can only be recommended for certain users with specific tastes.

Which subwoofer is better – active or passive? The answer depends on the requirements: of course, the best active subwoofer for music under 1000 dollars is easy to connect and install, but the sound quality is not as good as in another-type models. High-class products are passive in their mass because the amplifier is already selected for each specific model. The following reviews of the best subwoofers help get acquainted with worthy acoustic systems in a clearly defined financial segment.

Subwoofer Under $1000 Reviews

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Sonos Sub: Peculiar Class D Amplifier with Ethernet Connection Possibility

Sonos Sub

The Sonos Sub active subwoofer is designed to complete Sonos branded audio systems that require additional bass support. It has the original hull shape – the unit uses two oppositely directed speakers, working on a common central cavity. By means of it, the Sonos Sub is insensitive to the installation site in the room; it can even be installed along a wall or piece of furniture without sacrificing bass quality. In addition, the speakers mutually dampen the vibrations of the walls of the casing they create so that the sound of the subwoofer is clear even at high volume.

Each speaker is connected to its own Class D amplifier that achieves high power bass without significant heating of the unit itself. DSP is used with software settings through a special application in order to control the Sonos Sub sound. The device has an Ethernet connector for the system linking-up, so don’t worry about interfering to walk cables. While using an optional Sonos Bridge, the entire kit can also work from a home router. The body of the subwoofer has deep internal damping, and all connectors are mounted on the bottom panel in such a way, as to make the connection as inconspicuous as possible. This sub can be used to create both stereo and multi-channel audio systems. The unit isn’t the best home theater subwoofer under 1000 dollars because it’s able to reboot from time to time and it seems that the reason is an overheating.


  • The device can be placed vertically or horizontally, which is very convenient.
  • Connecting the subwoofer is possible by pressing only one button on the device.
  • It has an automatic sound equalization system, so all the components will be optimally tuned.


  • Music sometimes skips by itself and then stops completely.
  • Sometimes, it is hard to control the volume (the system doesn’t react on command) and I have to reboot it.
  • The software goes down with each update. It starts working dilatory and long waiting is annoying.

Klipsch Sub-12HG: Device with LED Lights and Auto On/Off

Klipsch Sub-12HG

From a musical point of view, the subwoofer delivers not only the various notes but the physical punch of kettle drums. When turned on, the front LED lights up with two colors – blue and red. In the working condition, the gleam has a blue color and in a dark room this light annoys (it is very bright and blinding). Maybe the black electrical tape usage may fix the problem (after covering the light with tape). After some time, the subwoofer goes into hibernation mode and the LED turns red and shines with the usual unobtrusive red light. The device is able to play the bass at 30Hz without problems; there are neither rumble nor rattling at all. At the same time, the unit can vibrate, while playing at high volumes.

Thanks to black matte exterior color and modern design the Klipsch Sub-12HG perfectly fits into a residential interior. The unit is a heavyweight (20.4 pounds), but such a peculiarity makes the subwoofer stable and allows you to use it as a table for small decorative parts (the construction is sturdy). Meanwhile, the legs make the sub wider from a visual point of view.


  • Both line and speaker inputs allow for bi-amping usage.
  • Auto on/off feature makes it possible to place the sub in a hidden part of the room.
  • The exterior is plain and is a good choice for minimalism fans.


  • The frequency response really reaches 30 and 35Hz but drops down fast to 29Hz.
  • The mentioned device doesn’t have protection from moisture influence.

SVS PB-2000: Realistic Sound and Phase-Inverter Presence

SVS PB-2000

The device contains specially developed speakers, which have two high-grade ferrite magnets, reinforced with a Nomex suspension. The unit also has increased linearity, reliable rubber surroundings, and high-quality insulated liner that raise productivity. The PB-2000 is equipped with a port on the front panel and has a shape of a cube. Phase-inverter design allows you to reach a staggering 17Hz mark. It’s better to note solid energy capabilities and confident bass, without lowering the scale of current sound proceedings. The device is really big (23.2 x 17.3 x 20.9 inches) and heavy (66 pounds), so it’s hard to find the appropriate place for it. Moreover, sometimes the low-frequency sound gets very muddy while listening to deep house music.


  • The installation process is simple. All it takes is to place the PB-2000 in a room, connect its LFE input to the subwoofer output of your receiver, and adjust the channel balance.
  • The SVS PB-2000 is a great choice for movie watching because organic sounds are realistic.
  • The design is classic and assembly quality is rather good because it’s hard to scratch the body frame.


  • The PB-2000 has deep bass with good sound pressure and low distortion. It requires a large amount of air to move, so it’s better not to install it in small apartments.
  • Low notes at 16Hz cause slight distortion.

Yamaha DXS12: DSP Processor and Bass-Reflex Type Case

Yamaha DXS12

Active subwoofer DXS12 is an innovative device from the Yamaha Company, which combines modern technology, unique design, and advanced solutions of engineers. The unit has a massive 12-inch woofer, which is controlled by a high-end amplifier with a rated output power of 600W. In this combination, the system produces a peak sound pressure of 131 dB and operates in the frequency range 47-160Hz. The DSP processor handles the audio signal and controls the intelligent protection system. It also helps sound adjusting (selection of the type of operation, sound, filter frequency, delay time, polarity, etc.). As the patch panel is built on branded XLR connectors, it’s easy to find the required input.

The FIR-X tuning technology is based on a linear phase filter and dynamic woofer low-frequency control technology – D-XSUB, which allows the speaker to work in multiple Boost or Xtended LF modes. The Dynamic Contour function of the dynamic compressor makes it possible to control the level of the input signal in each frequency range. The device is supplemented by the Link function, which mixes sound with a direct feed to the device signals of three channels. Case’s front panel is covered with the reinforced perforated grille that protects the subwoofer from possible mechanical damage. The rubber feet for stability are not really good. They change the shape and look like they aren’t able to keep the subwoofer’s weight.


  • The case of the DXS12 subwoofer has a bass-reflex type and is made of wood, which gives the entire system good acoustic characteristics while maintaining resistance to scratches.
  • There are cast handles for transportation on side panels. They allow the device’s replacing quick and without discomfort for the person.
  • The device has a built-in digital limiter, which protects the speaker from overload, overheating, and short circuit.


  • The specified subwoofer is too heavy (83 pounds) and it might be hard for one person to replace it.
  • LED indication of operating modes doesn’t work correctly, because sometimes colors don’t change at all.

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