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Polk Audio PSW505 review
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Polk Audio PSW111 review
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Klipsch R-115SW review
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SVS SB-2000 review
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  • Sonos SUB review

    Sonos SUB

    • Sonos
    • | 700

    • 387
    • |
    Imagine the typical subwoofer. I’m almost sure that you imagined an ordinary big black box, which you would like to hide somewhere in the corner of your room in order to be sure that your friends or visitors will not pay attention to this strange device. Are we right? Of course, we are right. However, forget about th...Continue Reading
  • SVS PB-2000 review

    SVS PB-2000

    • SVS
    • | 800

    • 79
    • |
    SVS is a very popular and respected name. SVS entered the market in 1998 with the aim of filling the most sought-after niche of high-quality, but justifiably cheap subwoofers. Very difficult to choose when the market is overloaded with all types stated theirs are the best. With its powerful amplifier, light speaker, la...Continue Reading
  • SVS SB-2000 review

    SVS SB-2000

    • SVS
    • | 600

    • 109
    • |
    If you like very tight, controlled bass that sits in the mix like butter on toast SVS SB-2000 is your sub. It takes a little getting used to hearing bass the way it is supposed to sound. The bass is never heavy no matter how loud it is. There are double hits on the electronic bass and you’ll appreciate this event...Continue Reading
  • Klipsch R-115SW review

    Klipsch R-115SW

    • Klipsch
    • | 700

    • 104
    • |
    The model has first been released in 2014 and has been extremely popular ever since. The price point remains stably high. Klipsch R-115SW will cost you around $900 regular retail price. You might think about getting your hands on it during the Black Friday sale but I would not bet on that. R-115SW is a m...Continue Reading
  • Definitive Technology Supercube 2000 review

    Definitive Technology Supercube 2000

    • Definitive Technology
    • | 600

    • 46
    • |
    If you look for a great subwoofer and you want something powerful that looks very modern, then you should pay special attention to the Definitive Technology Supercube 2000. This model is not only a modern-looking solution and it can be perfectly integrated into any audi...Continue Reading