Sonos SUB review & specs

Sonos Sub: excellent quality and impressive design

Sonos SUB review & specs

Imagine the typical subwoofer. I’m almost sure that you imagined an ordinary big black box, which you would like to hide somewhere in the corner of your room in order to be sure that your friends or visitors will not pay attention to this strange device. Are we right? Of course, we are right. However, forget about this forever because company Sonos is going to destroy this stereotype forever. They created an innovative wireless subwoofer, which can blow your mind, that’s why we decided to create this Sonos SUB review and consider the most important pros and cons of Sonos SUB.

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It’s probably not a secret that Sonos SUB’s design is one of the most important features of this product. It is a relatively big black stylish box, which has a slot in the middle. Two force speakers positioned face-to-face, that’s why this subwoofer provides a powerful deep sound. Even despite the fact that stands don’t look solid enough, we should admit that it doesn’t wobble. In addition, you can also lay it on the floor in order to be sure that your subwoofer is protected. Don’t worry about the sound quality because it will be great regardless of its position. To sum-up, Sonos Sub looks really great and interesting. You don’t want to hide this device because it will become an important part of your room design. You can choose black or white designs according to your needs and room design.


If you think that the design of this subwoofer is the only Sonos SUB specs, which can impress, you should change your point of view as soon as possible because the real situation differs. This subwoofer is wireless, that’s why you can forget about any ports and wires. Just connect this device to Playbar, Plabase or Beam and enjoy listening to music or watching movies. Moreover, you should also understand that this subwoofer is compatible with Alexa. There is no need to use wires or control panel. Communicate with your subwoofer and make life significantly easier.

Performance & Sound quality

As you probably understand, the sound quality of this subwoofer is great as well. It’s possible to hear parts of your music, which you would not be able to hear otherwise. The subwoofer gives you an opportunity to listen to pure and high-quality sound without limits at all.


Sonos SUB setup process is really simple because there is only one button set up. Just turn it on and start using within several seconds. Of course, you should not also forget about remote control via the mobile application. Just load this app and change Sonos SUB settings.


There is the main disadvantage of this subwoofer. Yes, we are talking about the price of this device. If you really want to buy this subwoofer, you will be forced to pay several hundreds of dollars and this price is significantly higher than other manufacturers of subwoofers demand. Therefore, if you realize that it’s not a problem to spend this sum of money on a subwoofer, you should buy it as soon as possible because it’s probably the most innovative, stylish and great device in this specific market. This subwoofer is compatible with dozens of streaming services. You can choose Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and other online services in order to listen to music with the help of Sonos SUB.

Common features


Sonos SUB






4.7 of 5




Amplification type


Detachable grilles


Nominal output power (RMS), W

Maximal output power (RMS), W

Audio amplifier output power, W

Audio performance

Sensitivity, dB

Impedance, Ohm

Frequency response, Hz


Crossover frequency, Hz


Driver quantity


Driver size, in


Driver placement

front panel

Port placement

has not


RCA LFE inputs

RCA stereo line level inputs (pair)

RCA outputs

XLR inputs (pair)

XLR outputs (pair)



Speaker outputs (pair)

Speaker inputs (pair)



Subwoofer phase

Low-pass filter

Main power switch


Body material

Woofer composition



Enclosure type


User manual



Dimensions (H x W x D), cm/in

38.9 x 40 x 15.8/15.3 x 15.8 x 6.2

Weight, kg/pounds


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