Pioneer SW-8MK2 review & specs

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Pioneer SW-8MK2 Subwoofer Review

Pioneer SW-8MK2

Recently I had the chance to test an amazing subwoofer, so I decided to write a Pioneer SW-8MK2 review. This subwoofer has a strong 100-watt internal amplifier that is specifically designed to deliver accurate bass on both high and low volume settings. The back panel includes 3 switch positions, as well as line and speaker level inputs that create convenient connectivity options, and allow the device to work efficiently with any speaker. The setup is quite simple and straightforward, and the delivered sound is of great quality on lower frequencies, without any sign of distortion.

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Pioneer SW-8MK2 Design

SW-8MK2 is a rather compact subwoofer that comes in an ash-black color, which is the only option that is currently available on the market. The general style of the device is quite conventional. The front part features an 8-inch front firing woofer, with a large diameter front port and a grey carved Pioneer logo beneath. Just under the logo, there's a LED light that indicates whether the subwoofer is turned on or not.

On the back, there's a black control panel, which organically fits into the overall customary ash-black design of the subwoofer, and includes a few red and yellow outputs used to distinguish the connectivity possibilities. I think that, because of its austere design, this subwoofer may perfectly fit into any room or studio without spoiling the interior.

Pioneer SW-8MK2 Features

SW-8MK2 specs include a powerful internal amplifier with 100-watt peak power and a front-firing woofer that deliver the sound of amazing quality on lower frequencies, in comparison with similar subwoofers. Moreover, this item features a vented enclosure which creates an extended and accurate bass sounding. There's a 180-degree phase switch option on the back panel that allows controlling the delivered sound. This subwoofer has 3 available modes; they are – always on so the device won't turn off automatically, music on mode, and a standby mode so the subwoofer will automatically turn off.

With the help of a crossover and phase adjustments options, I could easily connect the device with speakers of various models, and the sound quality spoiled neither when I listened to music, nor when I used the device for watching movies. The frequency, volume, and phase adjustments allow customizing a perfect well-rounded bass sounding that may suit rooms of different size.

Pioneer SW-8MK2 Performance & Sound quality

The general sounding quality is quite clean and accurate, I didn’t notice any traces of distortion while I tested this subwoofer. The bass quality is well balanced, tight, and rather musical, the device handles low frequencies very well and has a clear bass response. Moreover, the vented enclosure further enhances the bass sound and this feature makes the music experience even better and the bass much deeper and more powerful.

I would like to make a remark that the bass is not loaded, which means that this subwoofer is not a boom box type product; it’s rather a musical sound type. The phase adjustment option permits easily setting the perfect sound level and finding the sweet spot where the delivered sound is of the best quality.

The Pioneer SW-8MK2 settings have a frequency range of 38 Hz and up to 150 Hz, but the delivered bass sounding starts to lose its capabilities at the range of 100 Hz, so it’s better to use the product with lower frequency. Although, during my testing, I have noticed that this subwoofer handles most of the music genres well enough – it's good for drum and bass, hip-hop, rock, and even the jazz sounds smooth.

This product is great for watching movies as well, the sound delivered by the subwoofer is not too boomy, and so it’s able to create a pleasant and engaging cinema-like experience. Pioneer SW-8MK2 perfectly blends and works in harmony with the majority of the speakers, regardless of the manufacturer, which is a big plus for this particular subwoofer. If there’s a chance, I suggest using the RCA connection for the best overall performance and sound quality.

Pioneer SW-8MK2 Setup

SW-8MK2 setup is pretty simple, I didn’t have any trouble with it because actually there’s no need to assemble the subwoofer, I just had to determine whether to plug it into an amplifier or to the receiver. The item is rigid and there's no rattling or air trembling sounds while it's working. The con is that it has only the standalone option, and it cannot be mounted to the ceiling, but it may fit into a stand or on a shelf. In general, the item is lightweight and compact; it's easy to carry around because the weight is about 20 pounds.

I have figured out that the best place to install the subwoofer is in the corner of the room because the bass rate pumps up increasingly. To my mind, the device will make its best performance in a relatively small or medium sized room. This is not a boomy kind of subwoofer, so it doesn’t sound that well in large rooms or outside of the house.


Pioneer SW-8MK2 is a small but powerful subwoofer that delivers accurate and clear bass response and works best on lower frequencies. Another plus is that it works in perfect harmony with the overwhelming majority of the speakers that are available for purchase today. To my mind, it's better not to use it on the range higher than 100 Hz because then the sound becomes blurred and I could directly feel obvious signs of little distortion. Regardless of its size the 100-watt amplifier performs quite well and works best in small and medium-sized rooms. There are 3 modes included for the customer's convenience, which allow including or excluding automatic turn off of the device. A minor disadvantage is that it can’t be mounted to the ceiling, yet it may fit almost in any apartment or studio because of its compact dimensions and stylish matte ash black finish. All in all, by the terms of price and quality correlation this is a great musical type subwoofer that works best on lower frequencies and may be used both for music making and entertaining cinema experience.

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Pioneer SW-8MK2






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Detachable grilles


Nominal output power (RMS), W


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Impedance, Ohm


Frequency response, Hz


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Port placement

front panel


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RCA stereo line level inputs (pair)


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Subwoofer phase

Low-pass filter

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Dimensions (H x W x D), cm/in

27 x 27 x 30/12.2 x 12.2 x 14.2

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