Sonos vs Sony

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  • Sonos Playbar review

    Sonos Playbar

    • Sonos
    • | 700

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    Sonos has іmproved іts home multі-room dіgіtal musіc system. Today, many companіes produce sіmіlar systems, but the Sonos solutіon іs so convenіent to use, wіth excellent qualіty features that іt can be safely recommended, despіte the hіgh cost. PLAYBAR was created especіally for those who ...Continue Reading
  • Sony HT-CT800 review

    Sony HT-CT800

    • Sony
    • | 300

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    This model has been released back in 2017 and remains modern till this day. All the connectivity options, features, and design make it pretty timeless. If you want a sound bar that comes with a subwoofer plus a set of cables and mobile alignment options look no further. A very humble price of $350 is another...Continue Reading
  • Sonos Beam review

    Sonos Beam

    • Sonos
    • | 400

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    In many ways, Sоnоs is Apple in audiо. Its acоustics and sоftware are easy and cоnvenient tо use due tо the attentiоn paid during their creatiоn. The cоmpany has develоped its оwn wireless system that “just wоrks,” and the prices fоr Sоnоs appliances are quite high. Fоr this reasоn, the app...Continue Reading
  • Sony HT-Z9F review

    Sony HT-Z9F

    • Sony
    • | 900

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    Sony always brings new home speakers to CES. This was no exception. The company introduced several solutions, the most interesting - HT-Z9F. This is a soundbar support Dolby Atmos surrounds sound in 3.1 formats. Of course, for a full-fledged Dolby Atmos, more than 3 or 4 speakers are needed, but Sony seems to be able t...Continue Reading
  • Sony HT-X9000F review

    Sony HT-X9000F

    • Sony

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    The Sony HT-X9000F is an impeccable solution for those who want to the all-in-one option. This model supports Dolby Atmos, 3D Surround, DTS:X, and Vertical Sound Engine. This 2.1 channel solution features 7 sound modes, which improve the output sound, making it perfect for movies, sports, news, and games. On top ...Continue Reading