Bose vs Sony

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  • Sony HT-CT800 review

    Sony HT-CT800

    • Sony
    • | 300

    • 144
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    This model has been released back in 2017 and remains modern till this day. All the connectivity options, features, and design make it pretty timeless. If you want a sound bar that comes with a subwoofer plus a set of cables and mobile alignment options look no further. A very humble price of $350 is another...Continue Reading
  • Bose Soundbar 700 review

    Bose Soundbar 700

    • Bose
    • | 800

    • 74
    • |
    The loudness of Bose Soundbar 700 is very good and the speaker can handle the full range of different music: from hip-hop to classic as well. The set up is easy-going thanks iOS app from the Bose it walks you through the setting up process. The best option is to use the optical connection for adjusting the ...Continue Reading
  • Sony HT-Z9F review

    Sony HT-Z9F

    • Sony
    • | 900

    • 57
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    Sony always brings new home speakers to CES. This was no exception. The company introduced several solutions, the most interesting - HT-Z9F. This is a soundbar support Dolby Atmos surrounds sound in 3.1 formats. Of course, for a full-fledged Dolby Atmos, more than 3 or 4 speakers are needed, but Sony seems to be able t...Continue Reading
  • Sony HT-X9000F review

    Sony HT-X9000F

    • Sony

    • 67
    • |
    The Sony HT-X9000F is an impeccable solution for those who want to the all-in-one option. This model supports Dolby Atmos, 3D Surround, DTS:X, and Vertical Sound Engine. This 2.1 channel solution features 7 sound modes, which improve the output sound, making it perfect for movies, sports, news, and games. On top ...Continue Reading
  • Bose Solo 5 review

    Bose Solo 5

    • Bose

    • 1383
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    Small soundbar Bose Solo 5 - the model is not new, but deserved. The decision on the market for a long time, according to the characteristics, may not be amazing, but even I was very pleased to use Solo 5 - despite my acquaintance with older, advanced models. It's all about the excellent combination of price and qualit...Continue Reading
  • SONY HT-G700 review

    SONY HT-G700

    • SONY