Best Home Theater Projectors under $1000

Whether you are into games or movies, the high-quality picture is what allows diving into the entertainment. With a projector, you will achieve even better immersion because a common TV screen is not able to deliver so many details as you can see on a large screen. It is quite a hard task to find the best projector under 1000. However, if you look hard enough, you will get a number of meaningful benefits in return. The multimedia content delivered with a projector is more realistic and genuine. So if you are determined to upgrade your home theater, below, you can find a variety of smart options that could meet your budget and demands.

Projectors under 1000 Reviews

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BenQ HT2050 - the best projector under 1000

BenQ HT2050

The BenQ HT2050 has every chance to become the best home theater projector under 1000 for its ability to deliver a splendid picture on a diagonal screen ranging from 60’’ to 180’’. The projector has the brightness of 2,200 Lumens and generates a high-resolution image when displaying both video and game content. The vertical lenses are designed for angle adjustment, which results in more advanced image quality. The calibration feature allows shifting the image mode with regard to a day or night ambient light. The projector is fully compliant with the latest HDTV standard and sticks to the authentic color reproduction. The sound backed up by BenQ CinemaMaster Audio Enhancer reminds of that from Hollywood studios and will shake your room with its rich and strong resonance.

The BenQ HT2050 operates quietly so that the user is able to hear movie lines distinctly. Besides, the projector design is consistent with SmartEco technology, which promotes energy conservation and a long battery life.

In a nutshell, the projector falls within a range of reliable and adequate products that can empower a home theater system with an excellent image and decent sound.


  • The model can compete with other more costly projectors produced by Optoma or Emerson.
  • The setting-up process is pretty simple.


  • The sunlight dulls the screen colors, so it is best to keep the projector from sunlight exposure and limit the ambient light.

ViewSonic PRO7827HD

ViewSonic PRO7827HD

Unlike the previous model, the ViewSonic PRO7827HD is slightly more expensive. Yet, this little increase in the price is connected to a number of technical benefits the user can experience in real life.

Firstly, the diagonal screen reaches up to 300’’. The brightness of 2200 Lumens along with SuperColor RGBRGB technology ensures a detailed and vivid picture with vast color coverage. The projector system envisages five viewing modes to suit different ambient environments. The integrated 10W speakers provide strong sound at all volume levels. The image calibration is custom-oriented and designed to produce true-to-life colors in any light. The set-up process is not complicated and flexible owing to a 4-corner adjustment coupled with one vertical lens. The projector is equipped with a number of cables and has an integrated micro USB cable, which allows hooking it up to numerous devices.

Finally, the user is also given an industry-leading warranty with access to the US-based customer service. In case you face any troubles with the projector operation, you can have it fixed or replaced within the next 3 years.

Therefore, the ViewSonic PRO7827HD has enough strong points to be among the top projectors under 1000. It may have unpredictable deficiencies, but in the long run, you are at liberty to use your warranty at any time.


  • The 1.3:1 zoom ratio provides great flexibility in placement distance from the screen.


  • You can use only 1 USB port at a time. It is impossible to power several ones.
  • The sound quality is actually poor because speakers are below average.

Optoma HD26

Optoma HD26

This model has an incredibly low price in comparison with other similar projectors. Yet, I’ve included the Optoma HD26 in the list for its relatively attractive specs.

The first feature striking the user is the brightness of 3,200 Lumens, which greatly exceeds that of the projectors above. The projector is capable of generating full HD detailed picture without distorting original colors. The built-in 10W speakers deliver loud sound, which may get slightly messy at a larger volume. The user can hear any sound effects, but they lack some clarity and accuracy. So it is best to integrate outside speakers to ensure high-quality audio. The lamp is set to serve 6500 hours, which is another key advantage of the Optoma HD26. At last, the user is provided with a warranty for limited parts and free 60-day technical support.

With regard to downsides, I see the absence of shifting lenses quite discomforting when setting up the projector. Likewise, the maximum diagonal screen makes up 107’’ and does not work well with large rooms with a length of over 12 feet.

In summary, the Optoma HD26 could be the best projector under 1000 but for these two major weaknesses. Once Optoma fixes them, this projector can claim this title.


  • The remote control has lighting for buttons, which makes it easier to find the required button in night mode.


  • The projector does not respond to the remote control.
  • The fan produces too much noise.

Epson Home Cinema 1060

Epson Home Cinema 1060

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 is another projector under 1000 with high-end characteristics.

The projector is able to deliver pictures of real-life size on a large screen with the diagonal reaching up to 300’’. The brightness of 3,100 Lumens allows exploiting the projector in different lighting conditions without fear of changing color accuracy. The user can control light output depending on the ambient environment. A variety of cables enables an easy connection to various devices, including a gaming console and a Blu-ray Disc player. The projector uses innovative 3LCD technology which fully eliminates the rainbow effect. The contrast ratio is not largely extended (15,000:1) but yet produces a detailed picture, even in a dark room. The Epson Home Cinema 1060 is also consistent with SmartWay principles and promotes reasonable recycling.

The only shortcoming is that the user is not given any warranty or tech support in the even the projector malfunctions.

Thus, the projector is a smart choice within the given price range. It delivers a superb colorful image and works perfectly on both a blank wall and a screen. If you have complementary equipment to reinforce sound, the Epson Home Cinema 1060 is clearly a reasonable decision.


  • The project supports the true-to-life color balance even in lots of ambient light.
  • The fan is noise-free and runs in eco mode.


  • Charging may not be available with some mobile phones.
  • There are no audio outputs, so you can connect your stereo system only via Bluetooth.

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