Best Home Theater Projectors under $300

The projector allows organizing a kind of a screen, the size of which is limited only by the dimensions of the room. However, selecting the best projector under 300 may be real trouble. It’s obviously not an easy deal to make a choice among hundreds of resembling models, especially for those who have never encountered the purchase of such a device. To date, the projectors remain particularly popular. Especially among those who want to watch movies with maximum immersive effect, as it helps organize a home theater.

Anyway, whether you’re choosing it for work, movies or gaming, you should choose the right one. Picking the budget projector is a good idea, as it usually doesn't have unnecessary extra functions, which make them an affordable and optimal buy, especially for home usage. Fortunately, there is no need to be an expert to choose the best projector under 300, both convenient and suitable for your needs. In this review, we will offer three well-equipped models to make your choice easier.

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ViewSonic PJD5155 - best projector under 300

ViewSonic PJD5155

The ViewSonic PJD5155 multimedia projector is suitable mainly for business use. It is equipped with the DLP-matrix. Viewing the broadcast content is available in 16:9 and 4:3 formats. The model has a high level of brightness – 3600 lumens. Thanks to such indicators, the picture remains bright and clear even in daylight.

The vertical distortion correction gives the possibility to quickly align the image if the projector was placed to the right or left of the screen center. To improve the image, the device uses the SuperColor technology, which provides color saturation and depth. The built-in speakers, manufactured by SonicExpert technology, give out clear sound without unnecessary noises. The PJD5155 is equipped with a large number of useful connectors, including HDMI, VGA, and mini-USB.

Talking about the ViewSonic PJD5155 testing, primarily, I would like to note that the colors remain bright, juicy, and natural. The picture is fairly even, with no visible pixelation when viewed from not so far distance. The details (such as hair and fabrics, for example) look surprisingly sharp and well-crafted, which is provided by the high WXGA resolution (1280x800).

This ViewSonic projector is among the best projectors under 300 for presentations, as it has demonstrated the best results when displaying text. It shows clearly even the small print and detailed schemes.


  • It shows decent video reproduction as for the DLP model.
  • It’s able to project the 3D content.


  • The sound, reproduced by the integrated speakers, is too quiet for big or even middle-sized rooms.
  • It doesn’t have a carrying case.

Nebula Capsule

Nebula Capsule

The Nebula Capsule is a projector under 300 that runs on Android 7.1. Actually, it can be called a hybrid of a projector and a speaker, which is made in the same form and size as a usual soda can. Thanks to such compactness, you can always take it with you. Besides, this tiny device is still able to project an image up to 100 inches big.

The Nebula Capsule’s speaker provides 360° surround sound thanks to the 5W of power combined with a smart amplifier. Accordingly, the device can be used as a stand-alone portable Bluetooth speaker, and not only work as a projector.

The full charge of the built-in battery is enough for 2.5 hours of video projection or 40 hours of music playing. The Nebula Capsule is also equipped with a fast charge technology – up to 70% of one-hour charge and two and a half for a full charge. The projector can also play videos during charging, whereas most of its pocket counterparts are not capable of doing it.

There is a possibility to broadcast videos from third-party devices: either mirroring the screen (for tablets and smartphones) or via the HDMI cable. There is also a USB-OTG connector. The projector itself has 8 Gb of free space.


  • This device is able to project content with brightness up to 100 lumens at a resolution of 854x480 pixels.
  • Although the projector can be controlled via smartphone, the remote control is also included in the kit for extra comfort.


  • It is a little bit weaker in power than the other similar models.

Vankyo Leisure 510

Vankyo Leisure 510

The Vankyo Leisure 510 is a well-designed projector, available in white and black colors that can display images up to 200 inches. The strong side of its construction is the number of inputs: the essential VGA, two HDMI, and composite RCA.

The manufacturer claims about 3800 lumens of brightness, which turned out to be too optimistic during the test. However, configured to project 50 inches projection onto a whiteboard, it shows great results in daylight. If you want to increase the projection up to max 200 inches, you only need to eliminate the natural light.

The two built-in speakers do sound better than I expected. The output is stereophonic, and if you don’t expect 6-channel Dolby Atmos, you will be satisfied.

The feature set of the Vankyo Leisure 510 is definitely remarkable. It does offer more functions that the same models of the same price segment. However, not each of these functions works perfectly: it doesn’t give a genuine 1080p and the speakers are a little bit noisy. Although, it definitely one of the top projectors under 300, suitable for watching TV shows and movies at home, as it copes well with the basic functions of a usual projector.


  • The carrying case is included in the kit.
  • The Leisure 510 provides an impressive 1280 x 768 pixels resolution.


  • The projector requires a vconverter to be hooked up to the iPhone.

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