Denon AVR-X6400H vs Pioneer SC-LX901

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Common Denon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Model AVR-X6400HSC-LX901
Brand DenonPioneer
Rating 4.4 of 54.1 of 5
Reviews 4195
AmplifierDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Total output power 1180 W 850 W
Output power per channel 140 W 140 W, 200 W, 255 W
Output impedance per channel 4 Ohm 4 Ohm, 6 Ohm, 8 Ohm
Frequency response 20 Hz-20 kHz 20 Hz-20 kHz
Total harmonic distortion 0.05 % 0.08 %
Number of channels 11 11
Signal-to-noise ratio 110 dB 108 dB
FunctionsDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Amplifier class
Digital player
Internet radio
Network audio player
Audio formatsDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Apple lossless
Built-in decodersDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
DTS-HD master audio
DTS neural:X
Dolby Atmos
Dolby digital plus
Dolby surround
Dolby true HD
Built-in displayDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Type fluorescent fluorescent
Colour black black
Connectivity interfacesDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
IEEE 802.3
IEEE 802.3u
Signal processingDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
HDMI pass-through up to 4K up to 4K
Video conversion/scaling HDMI to HDMI scaling, analog to HDMI up conversion HDMI to HDMI scaling, analog to HDMI up conversion
3D pass-through
Upscaling via HDMI up to 4K up to 4K
Connector typeDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
AV inputs 2 4
Optical digital inputs 2 3
Coaxial digital inputs 2 2
HDMI inputs 8 7
HDMI outputs 3 2
Optical digital outputs has not has not
Coaxial digital outputs has not has not
Subwoofer outputs 2 2
USB 1 1
Phones 1 1
Media content sourceDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
RadioDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Tuner type digital digital
Tuner bands AM/FM AM/FM
Preset station 40 40
Preset station qty
Additional featuresDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
A-B speaker switch
Deep color
AIR Studios monitor certification
Three-zone capability
Advanced sound retriever (ASR) technology
Apple air-play support
Audio return channel (ARC)
Auto power off
Pure direct mode
Dual-zone capability
Smartphone remote control
Sound featuresDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Audio D/A converter 32bit / 192kHz 32bit / 192kHz
DSP preset qty
Sound output mode
Surround sound effects Dolby Surround Front Stage Surround Advance
Surround system class 11.2 channel 11.2 channel
Digital content protection HDCP 2.2 HDCP 2.2
Digital sound processor (DSP)
ClockDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Built-in clock
Sleep timer
Power deviceDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Operational power consumption 720 W 340 W
Standby power consumption 0.15 W 0.15 W
User manualDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Manual N/A N/A
DimensionsDenon AVR-X6400HxPioneer SC-LX901x
Dimensions 15.1 x 17.1 x 6.6 inches 7.4 x 17.1 x 7.3 inches
Weight 32 pounds 46.6 pounds

Denon AVR-X6400H

Denon AVR-X6400H

Pioneer SC-LX901

Pioneer SC-LX901
Denon AVR-X6400H
Pioneer SC-LX901

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  • 28.3Denon AVR-X6400H
  • 25.3Pioneer SC-LX901

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