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Last Updated: Dec 18, 2023
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SVS SB-2000
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JBL SRX828SP – a piece of art among subwoofers


JBL Professional is a top-notch company of audio products and has already made a statement in the market of subwoofers, having launched a strikingly powerful and also portable the fully configurable SRX828SP loudspeaker with a high productivity from the SRX800 series. JBL Professional by itself is famous for its patented Differential Drive Technology that reduces weight and increases power output; the models have low distortion and extended low-frequency response that creates smooth clear sounding. This design was created for the combination of leading sound and small or medium-sized installations. With its SRX800 line, JBL has set a bar of high standard for expert portable PA systems.

JBL SRX828SP Design

At the beginning of a JBL SRX828SP review, its size should be pointed out. This speaker is enormous in size (Width - 47.4 in; Depth - 26.8 in; Height - 22.6 in; Weight - 145.28 lbs – a size of a coffee table or a TV stand). Thus, it’s suitable for filling up with ground shaking sound club shows, touring bands, schools or a wedding hall - where durability is as crucial as sound quality; for outdoor but definitely not for the indoor stereo room, this is for a much larger area. It still would be way more than you would need for that size room.

I wish wheel casters were adjusted to its bottom for easier moving and sketches prevention but you can add them by yourself. However, it has integrated carrying handles.

Ergonomically SRX828SP offers indexed feet, tripod mounts support, and flexible array of configurations. The shell and the front mesh are sturdy. The body material is plywood. Outwardly it’s covered by the powder-coated steel and has lightweight plywood cabinet with DuraFlex finish.

Overall, think about its placing properly because it’s complicated to move it around.

JBL SRX828SP Features

The SRX828SP subwoofer has 18" Speaker Driver Diameter; amplification Type of speaker system. SRX828SP owns a full package of features: class D digital switching amplifier, DriveCore technology, LED indicators, built-in DSP, and fan, smartphone remote control, integrated audio amplifier and wired connectivity technology. Also, it has powerful DSP that makes it great for monitoring applications or main PA

The SRX828SP is fitted with Ethercon connectivity that provides full HiQnet network-ability, so you'll be able to take all the benefits of the HiQnet Performance Manager that makes the most of a room every time. A single software application supports you with a complete configuration control.

The SRX828SP features 20 PEQ's, signal generators, and input mixing. Moreover, the subwoofer is compatible with V5 JBL Tunings and empowered with 96kHz FIR Filters and LevelMax Limiting ensuring compatibility with their innovative Vertec and VTX touring systems. Also, it provides amplifier monitoring and has 50 slots for recallable presets. Mind that it has only 2 seconds of delay.

Furthermore, the network of the reinforcement system can be organized through a tablet due to Audio Architect and a standalone application for iOS and Android. Also, wireless control is available through a standard wireless router or simple wired control - through an Ethercon connector on the back of the system.

Also, SRX828SP is able to be stacked in a cardioid configuration for a show on stage due to M10 suspension points and indexed feet.

A power button, a master level, 2 input channels feature XLR/1/4" combo jacks and individual XLR direct outs, XLR mix output for conveniently daisy-chaining other speakers, phone stereo 6.3 mm, and a built-in LCD display for some settings are present.

One thing, I would like casters to be included, but they are actually easy to order separately.

The major SRX828SP specs in brief are:

  • Nominal Output Power: 1500 Watt (with max (RMS) output power - 2000 Watt - the highest power rating in this class of loudspeakers) - the subwoofer is bestowed by Crown proprietary front-end DriveCore technology.
  • Frequency Response: 29 - 150 Hz - a broad range of frequency means that loudness can be adjustable from the lowest level to the super highest one, 150 Hz is sufficient enough for a huge dance hall.
  • Output Level (SPL): 141 dB – it’s capable of massive sound pressure levels with outstanding headroom, utterly low distortion and pure clarity throughout its frequency range.

JBL SRX828SP Performance & Sound quality

2000-watts of power, Crown amplification, and DriveCore technology from Harman is an undoubted sign of the cutting-edge quality of a one-piece amp circuit that offers great sound and power efficiency. Sound is smooth and deep with slight noise in the loudest volume. The quality couldn’t be better. It produces high sound pressure levels with headroom, practically unnoticeable distortion, and utter clarity throughout its frequency range. This SRX828SP system can be operated for live performances, mobile or fixed DJ systems, sound system rentals or tours, and permanent installations.

JBL SRX828SP Setup

A couple of words about the SRX828SP setup. This subwoofer is powered; it uses standard 3 prong plug in. In addition, it has a built-in power amp, so you have to connect an input signal through an XLR cable. It should pretty much work with any PA. You can run the input lines through the sub into the rest of the system. With onboard user-configurable DSP you have a complete set of tools to get the best sounding.

SRX828SP depends on the quality and level of the signal; in case the signal is sent through another powers speaker, then either Attenuate or Boost depending on what sounds balances and clear.

In JBL SRX828SP settings you can also eliminate noise when any signal is present. You can simply unplug the signal XLR cable.


Starting with the setting and further usability process even a newbie won’t have any doubts or even look to the manual because everything is pretty clear, despite SRX828SP being a subwoofer for pros. A fully automating configuration saves time. Understandable wired control is provided via Ethercon connector as well as third-party wireless router capability. Control set includes Audio Architect and standalone applications for both iOS and Android. Also, it includes HiQnet Motion ControlTM iOS app. In addition, it has JBL WK-4S Caster Kit.

Consequently, the sounding quality is out of doubt, it is clear with deep bases and, of course, astonishingly loud. However, mind the fact that it’s impossible to move around along, so choose the placing thoughtfully.

More Details

Key Specifications
BrandJBL Amazon_rating 4.8 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 1500 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 2000 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 1500 Sensitivity, DB 141
Key Specifications
BrandKlipsch Amazon_rating 4.7 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 400 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 800 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 800 Sensitivity, DB 118


  • The packaging was good and the speaker arrived in perfect condition.
  • Sounds good while turned low too.


  • The thing I'd consider for improvement would be to have two of these suckers for even vibrations.
Key Specifications
BrandSVS Amazon_rating 4.7 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 500 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 1100 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 500 Sensitivity, DB


  • The output bass is clear at different frequencies. This model is a good option both for audiophiles who prefer to listen to their favorite music and for movies.
  • The sealed design makes the output sound deeper.
  • Good integration controls.


  • Some customers claim that they hear noise when the subwoofer comes out of the standby mode. The buzzing sound can be quite loud.
4.9 |
HTC Score
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Key Specifications
BrandJBL Amazon_rating 4.6 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 200 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 200 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 100 Sensitivity, DB 113


  • Powerful and Accurate Bass
  • Compact and Sleek Design
  • Adjustable Crossover and Volume Controls
  • Integrated Slip Stream Port Design


  • High price point
  • Not the smallest or lightest subwoofer
Key Specifications
BrandKlipsch Amazon_rating 4.6 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 150 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 300 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 150 Sensitivity, DB 112


  • The wireless feature works flawlessly – it is reliable and is easy to use. The range is impressive.
  • It is quite powerful and the output sound remains clear. Many customers don’t go above 30% of the volume.


  • Some customers state that this model may be unreliable (an amplifier issue).

JBL Arena Sub 100P: сomplete your audio system with a proprietary thunderous bass

JBL Arena Sub 100P review & specs

Modern sound technology is developing at an active pace and its own steep subwoofer for the house no one surprises. The subwoofer is an important component of modern acoustics, allowing to feel every sound. Such devices quickly gained popularity and became an important component of a powerful acoustic system. Modern manufacturers offer various models of subwoofers that are suitable for home use.

Which model to choose? What parameters to consider when choosing? Let's try to understand. I hаd thе оppоrtunіty tо test one of the subwoofers JBL and I would like to do a JBL Arena Sub 100P review. Consider the Arena Sub 100P specs.


Arena Sub 100P makes it easy to match your current home furnishings and decor. The subwoofer case is compact enough to fit in a small room. Glossy coating of all components of this system will complement the interior of any room in your home.

The hull shape, made in a modern style, with a rounded side and top panels, create an elegant appearance. The subwoofer is available in black, with removable grilles coated with ground metal. The subwoofer is designed for use with all speakers of the JBL Arena series: 2-floor standing, 2 shelves, center channel acoustics, and 1 subwoofer. Rear entrances and controls for easy setup and system integration.


The JBL Arena Sub 100P is a 10-inch active subwoofer with a compact and attractive body. The 100-watt amplifier is slightly weaker compared to the best subwoofers I have tested, but this makes it suitable for those with shelf speakers or a sound bar, and they just need a little more low-quality content when watching movies or listening to music.

JBL speakers that are called Arena cannot be imagined without tight and powerful bass. Using a high-power 250-mm woofer made of polycellulose and two rear bass-optimizing ports, the JBL Arena SUB 100P subwoofer plays its note to perfection. The high-performance Class-D amplifier with a power of 100 W contains unobtrusive controls located on the back side, which allow for convenient and seamless setup and easy integration into your home sound system.

This active subwoofer is just phenomenal. In my opinion, it is always at the top of the line, and so it sounds, so you will not be disappointed or unsure of the price because of the price tag.

Performance & Sound quality

To check the sound quality and volume of the subwoofers, I watched action movies and listened to a variety of music. Sub 100P is well established in the short test scene and the test listening to music in the acoustic style.

To test the action scene, I watched a clip from a movie with quick bursts of low-frequency material. This JBL subwoofer did a good job recreating the sound of blaster fire and lightsabers clashes. However, he struggled to maintain low-frequency effects. I also noticed a drop in volume during long screens, which is a common problem for subwoofers with insufficient power.


If we talk to R-120SW setup – very easy to install. This is a great subwoofer that is easy to plug in and blends perfectly with your other speakers. Worked immediately when connected to my system. EQ control and the choice of DSP operation modes are available directly from the control panel on the back of the subwoofer housing or through a console of a special mobile application that is available for devices running the iOS or Android mobile operating system.

Connections of a mobile phone or a tablet, to a subwoofer, are made using Wi-Fi wireless technology. Additionally, there is a digital crossover, through which it is possible to select the desired frequency spectrum (low, medium, high), as well as a limiter that protects the speaker from overloads, overheating and short circuit.


The JBL Arena Sub 100P settings are very simple. The position of the 250-mm radiator and crossover is optimized on a computer, which allows to reproduce natural, surround sound with powerful, deep bass response. This tight, extended bass fits perfectly with the soundtracks of modern movies, music, and video games.

The audio result is an accurate, impressive, high-performance bass performance with high reality with the excellent transient response, vanishingly low distortion, tremendous subsonic power, and high output capabilities. This is truly a unique combination of subtle musicality, and cumbersome power for excellent home theater sound effects, as well as unsurpassed musical excellence.

More Details

Key Specifications
BrandJBL Amazon_rating 4.5 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 100 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 200 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 100 Sensitivity, DB
Key Specifications
BrandSVS Amazon_rating 4.5 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 1500 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 5000 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 4000 Sensitivity, DB 112


  • The output sound is balanced, powerful. It is a good option for movies and films.
  • The mobile application is reliable and it has many functions. The bass is responsible.
  • It is easy to setup.


  • The model is incredibly heavy, so you need to find the right place for it beforehand.
Key Specifications
BrandYamaha Amazon_rating 4.5 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 50 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 100 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 50 Sensitivity, DB 80


  • It has a volume control that helps achieve the perfect balance.
  • The output sound is clear and crisp even at a very high volume.
  • It comes with all the cables you need.


  • It does not have an auto power on/off feature.
  • No crossover or polarity control.
Key Specifications
BrandSVS Amazon_rating 4.5 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 300 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 720 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 300 Sensitivity, DB 100


  • It performs well at higher frequencies that is crucial for speakers with a high crossover point.
  • Great not only for music and movies but also for gaming.


  • Noticeable cutoff for very deep bass – 35Hz.
BIC America F12
4.9 |
HTC Score
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Key Specifications
BrandBIC America Amazon_rating 4.4 Amplification Type active Detachable Grilles Nominal Output Power (RMS), W 150 Maximal Output Power (RMS), W 475 Audio Amplifier Output Power, W 150 Sensitivity, DB 90


  • Adjustable Crossover and Volume Control
  • Front-Firing Design
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Wide Frequency Response


  • Large Size
  • Limited Aesthetics
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