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  • Music Hall MMF-7.3 review

    Music Hall MMF-7.3

    • Music Hall
    • | 1600

    • 6
    • |
    The Music Hall’s turntables always remain very conservative, only occasionally undergoing minor modifications. The MMF-7.3 is designed for those who want to enjoy listening to records but has neither the time nor the desire for selecting additional components: heads, clamps, mats, etc. As a complete solution with an optimal combin...Continue Reading
  • Music Hall MMF 2.2 review

    Music Hall MMF 2.2

    • Music Hall
    • | 500

    • 50
    • |
    Music Hall MMF 2.2 specs include features and structural components that help it stand out among competitors in pricing policy. The stands of the Music Hall player MMF 2.2 have internal damping that performs a protective function against mechanical stress. The body is situated on three adjustable feet made of good quality material which absorbs abnorma...Continue Reading
  • Music Hall IKURA review

    Music Hall IKURA

    • Music Hall

    • 3
    • |
    The Music Hall IKURA is a turntable that has a number of interesting solutions that stand out among similar models in this price category. It doesn’t belong to a senior line and occupies an intermediate place between the Music Hall MMF-5.1 and the MMF-7.1. Continue Reading
  • Pioneer PL-30-K review

    Pioneer PL-30-K

    • Pioneer

    • 485
    • |
    This vinyl player from Pioneer is designed to suppress anything that interferes with pure sound reproduction: noises, vibrations, and other mush. Pioneer claims that it was created primarily for music lovers who miss the warm analog sound, reproduced from old-fashioned vinyl audio records. Continue Reading
  • Pioneer PL-990 review

    Pioneer PL-990

    • Pioneer

    • 485
    • |
  • Pioneer PLX 1000 review

    Pioneer PLX 1000

    • Pioneer

    Legendary manufacturer of the audio electronics Pioneer has presented the PLX-1000 model. This is a top-class professional analog turntable for DJs, which is also designed for domestic use. See ...Continue Reading
  • Music Hall usb-1 review

    Music Hall usb-1

    • Music Hall

    • 59
    • |
    This affordable turntable produces mellow and lively sound. It handles the dynamics consistently featuring but the slightest interference at extreme volume and frequencies. The tonearm has the elegant S-shape and the diamond stylus is ultra-thin, able to transmit the sound in an authentic way, accurately and steadily. It is replaceable, so ...Continue Reading