Denon vs Pioneer

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  • Denon VL12 PRIME review

    Denon VL12 PRIME

    • Denon
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    The Denon VL12 PRIME is a professional vinyl player. This model is the flagship of the company, one of three new turntables from the Prime line, presented by Denon DJ. In general, the device is designed for playing records and scratching. Continue Reading
  • Denon DP-300F review

    Denon DP-300F

    • Denon
    • | 300

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    Denon is a Japanese company producing HI-FI and HI-END audio equipment for professional and home use. All these qualities are presented in its budget turntable the Denon DP-300F. See priceContinue Reading
  • Denon DP-29F review

    Denon DP-29F

    • Denon
    • | 90

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    Denon, one of the most famous for its audio equipment Japanese companies, has presented its ultra budget vinyl player — the DP-29F. See price Continue Reading
  • Pioneer PL-30-K review

    Pioneer PL-30-K

    • Pioneer

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    This vinyl player from Pioneer is designed to suppress anything that interferes with pure sound reproduction: noises, vibrations, and other mush. Pioneer claims that it was created primarily for music lovers who miss the warm analog sound, reproduced from old-fashioned vinyl audio records. Continue Reading
  • Pioneer PL-990 review

    Pioneer PL-990

    • Pioneer

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  • Pioneer PLX 1000 review

    Pioneer PLX 1000

    • Pioneer

    Legendary manufacturer of the audio electronics Pioneer has presented the PLX-1000 model. This is a top-class professional analog turntable for DJs, which is also designed for domestic use. See ...Continue Reading