Pioneer vs Sony

Pioneer vs Sony – the battle of past and future

If we compare Pioneer vs Sony brands, Pioneer has longer history, but Sony had time to grow its company far beyond only electronics manufacturer. Let’s define what is more beneficial for a brand: rich history with widely famous breakthroughs or miscellaneous implementation (from electronics to entertainment).

For more info than in a comparison chart, refer to a receiver comparison of each mode separately.

Pioneer – noble past for a steady future


In 1938, in Tokyo, Nozomu Matsumoto started his own business, a shop of radio and speaker fixing, which, further, became the Pioneer Company. The A-8 dynamic speaker - the first launched device. Currently, it produces electronic devices of all ranges, for domestic usage and professionals, at all prices. Since 1968, it has been working globally starting from its first component car stereos. It made the first LD combination player apt for CDs and LDs and the first DVD player for professional DJs and VJs. Its merchandise Pioneer manufactures in Osaka. In 2014, Pioneer Home Electronics was sold to Onkyo.

A VSX series of receivers comes with 80W and 110W per channel and even the SC-37 model with 140W. In Sony vs Pioneer opposition, Pioneer is more powerful due to its SX-1980 with 270W, released more than 30 years ago.

Recently produced AVH-201EX and AVH-200EX double-DIN 6.2”, the first AVH receivers with Bluetooth HFP 1.6 with wideband speech for clearer overall sound quality, The Audio/Video Remote Control Profile 1.5 - the playlist selections that have browsing capability of your media library.

Sony – a producer of flagship merchandise


In 1946, Masaru Ibuka founded the predecessor of Sony Company, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation with about 20 employees. It became the largest music entertainment business being ranked 105th in the Forbes list of 500 Global Companies. The name comes from a widely popular during the 1950s American slang ‘sonny boys’ – intelligent and presentable young fellows.

The first device produced by TTEC was the Type-G, the first tape recorder was manufactured in Japan. However, the ground-breaking invention that opened an access for the company in America was TR-63 portable radio. Until 1968, 5 million items at above average price were sold out.

Cutting-the-edge technology of CD introduction made Sony one of the foremost electronic producers on the market in the 1970s – 1980s (conceded only to Philips that was first) and PlayStation in 1990s, but during 2000s, Sony faced the stagnation of its development. Thus, it opened the new vista – movie production, as a result, Sony was involved in ‘Spider Man’ and ‘Men in Black’ production.

Walkman became the first portable music player. Moreover, Sony has created the following trademarks as Sony α (Alpha), BRAVIA, Cyber-shot, Handycam, Pictures, PlayStation, Xperia. Sony has introduced such recording formats as the floppy disk, Compact Disc, and Blu-ray Disc.

By the year 2018, Sony produces 8 receiver models from $230 -$500 (STR-DH510, DN610; DH710; DH810; DN1010) to the more pricey items between $800- 2040 (DN2010; DA3600ES, DA5600ES). The entry-level models share similar features:

  • the standby pass-through (a signal goes through the TV even when a receiver doesn’t work);
  • the function to decode LPCM audio from a Blu-ray player;
  • the Digital Media Port for analog audio and video signal and digital control that appeared in 2007 (e.g. for iPod or Bluetooth devices).
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