Best 48-inch TV Reviews

Best 48-Inch TV Reviews

Large screen diagonals are the most popular ones nowadays, but, when choosing a TV for an apartment, bedroom, dorm, or another place with limited space, a large-sized TV is not what you need. A 48-inch model is a perfect balance between small and big TVs.

Buying a TV of rather a small size, it’s especially important to make sure that the picture is bright and detailed enough so you can see everything clearly. That is why we have selected 2 high-quality 4K OLED models available today. So read the following descriptions and pick your best 48-inch TV for a small room.

48-Inch TV Reviews

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LG OLED48CXPUB: Best 48-Inch TV


This 4K Ultra HD model belongs to the high-end ones. It features an OLED display that delivers exceptionally natural images and allows you to see intense colors and unusually deep contrast. Being based on the AI processor 4K, the TV is not only able to improve the video quality but also provides very fast and lag-free work.

This 48" TV doesn’t have a backlight as it has the ability to dim pixels individually so bright objects on dark backgrounds (such as subtitles, for example) are displayed perfectly clear. This model also supports Dolby Vision IQ. This technology provides scene-by-scene optimization for the most realistic, cinema-like watching experience.

In terms of sound, this model supports the Dolby Atmos surround sound technology, so the audio reproduction will still be decent even if you won’t connect the TV to an external audio system.

The stand is almost as wide as the TV itself and provides really decent support. The frame around the screen is only 0.35 inches thick and almost unnoticeable. The top half of the back panel and the stand are made of metal, so the TV is solidly built. It has 4 HDMIs, 3 USB ports, RF, AV input, Ethernet, RS-232C input, and digital audio output. The LG OLED48CXPUB also supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This 48-in TV works on LG’s proprietary WebOS platform. It allows you to quickly find and stream your favorite video content. Like all high-end LG TVs, this model comes with Magic Remote. It’s equipped with a voice control feature, a scrolling wheel, and a pointer that enables you to use this remote like a mouse. This remote control also has Netflix and Amazon Video shortcut buttons. Thanks to built-in Alexa, you also can manage everything using only your voice.

The OLED48CXPUB can also be considered as the best 48" TV for pro gaming. It has a very quick, 1ms response time, 120Hz native refresh rate, and supports both NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync.

  • A Sports Alert feature on the menu that sends notifications about your favorite teams and players while you are watching other content.
  • It covers almost all of the DCI P3 RGB color space.
  • Very wide viewing angles.
  • The screen has a glossy finish, so reflection handling is not perfect.
  • The color accuracy isn’t great out of the box and requires some calibration.

Sony XBR-48A9S

Sony XBR-48A9S

The XBR-48A9S is a part of Sony’s Master series TVs that are designed to provide the most life-like picture. In this connection, this Sony 48-inch Smart TV combines OLED technology with Pixel Contrast Booster — a feature that maximizes the OLED panel’s contrast. The Triluminos Display feature improves color gradation. The X1 Ultimate Processor upgrades the quality of low-resolution content.

The TV also has a Game mode for next-level gaming. By activating this mode, you get smooth and responsive playing experience.

This model has a built-in Google Assistant that you can use for voice control and for getting different information. Moreover, it can also work with Alexa if you have an Alexa smart device.

This 48-inch Smart TV is based on the Android TV platform. It comes with preloaded YouTube, Google Play Music, and many other apps. The provided remote control is large and has a brushed metal finish. It incorporates 2 quick-access buttons for Netflix and Google Play, and also has a dedicated button for Google Assistant.

The TV has 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB, digital and analog audio outputs, composite input, a port for cable/antenna and Ethernet. The stand has a very small footprint (18.3 x 10.1 inches) and the metal frame around the display is only 0.31 inches wide.

  • The TV supports AirPlay 2 for easy integration with Apple devices.
  • The Acoustic Surface Audio technology provides an immersive, multidimensional sound experience.
  • The Object-Based Super Resolution feature detects all the objects on the screen and automatically improves their resolution for a more detailed picture.
  • It can’t get bright enough to overcome intense glare.
  • You can’t place the soundbar in front of the TV as it sits very close to the surface.

How Wide is a 48-inch TV?

Most modern 48-inch TVs have a width of 41.7 inches (not including bezels).

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