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Last Updated: Dec 18, 2023
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    The HD 720P Covert Alarm Clock Radio Spy Camera is perfect for anyone looking to keep an eye on their home or office. The device has a built-in DVR with up to 32GB of storage, allowing you to record footage without having any extra equipment. With its high resolution camera and low light capabilities, this device captures clear images even in dark environments. It also supports motion detection recording, which can be set up easily from the included remote control so that it only records when something moves into view. Additionally, this covert alarm clock radio spy camera features loop video recording technology ensuring continuous monitoring and preventing data loss due to full memory cards by automatically deleting old files when space runs out.

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    Key Specifications
    BrandAES Mounting Type Table top Shape Alarm Clock Radio Spy Camera Color Black USB Min, C/F Max, C/F Bluetooth


    • Camera is easy to use and set up.
    • Supports microSD cards
    • Motion detection


    • Not suitable for outdoor use
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