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  • Polk Audio PSW10 review

    Polk Audio PSW10

    • Polk Audio
    • | 200

    • 4525
    • |
    Polk PSW10 is a subwoofer from the world famous manufacturers of audio systems, which was warmly received a positive feedback from the owners. Polk Audio PSW10 for a small price has a sound quality on equal terms with mo...Continue Reading
  • Dayton Audio SUB-1500 review

    Dayton Audio SUB-1500

    • Dayton Audio
    • | 200

    • 48
    • |
    The Dayton Audio SUB-1500 is a great subwoofer if you want to fill your room with the shaking bass sound. It is a great, powerful model that can provide you with a clear, well-balanced sound. This model also features various dials that allow you to control numerous parameters to make it an inseparab...Continue Reading
  • Dayton Audio SUB-800 review

    Dayton Audio SUB-800

    • Dayton Audio
    • | 100

    • 81
    • |
    The Dayton products come from a pedigree of DIY and pro audio, where performance and durability are prerequisites. The value of this entire line of subs is evident. This cheap little sub can rattle a smaller house apart if you want it to. If you put Dayton Audio SUB-800 on a hard floor it will transfe...Continue Reading
  • Polk Audio PSW111 review

    Polk Audio PSW111

    • Polk Audio
    • | 300

    • 248
    • |
    You probably understand that it’s really difficult to find the best subwoofer because the number of different alternatives is really enormous. Even despite the fact that there are a lot of comparisons and reviews, you should consider each product precisely and only after that, make your final decision...Continue Reading
  • Polk Audio PSW505 review

    Polk Audio PSW505

    • Polk Audio
    • | 400

    • 2285
    • |
    I had the opportunity to take the Polk Audio PSW505 on my test. This model with a 12-inch driver from the PSW subwoofer series. Polk Audio produces high-quality products that have always received warm feedback fro...Continue Reading
  • Dayton Audio SUB-1000L review

    Dayton Audio SUB-1000L

    • Dayton Audio
    • | 200

    • 20
    • |
    Dayton SUB-1000L deserved the audience’s respect with its features and size. There is nothing special in its design just because mostly all subwoofers look the same – they are black and square...Continue Reading
  • Polk Audio PSW125 review

    Polk Audio PSW125

    • Polk Audio

    • 161
    • |
    The Polk Audio PSW125 is a great 12-inch solution which is perfect for middle and large-sized rooms and powerful setups. This model is built using high-grade components only. Therefore, you will always get clear, distortion-free bass sound. This model is stable and it is power efficient even if you set the ...Continue Reading
  • Polk Audio PSW110 review

    Polk Audio PSW110

    • Polk Audio

    • 212
    • |
    The Polk Audio PSW110 is an amazing 10-inch model which can provide you with clear and rich bass sound. This solution would be a perfect option if you are going to use it in a small or a middle-sized room. The construction of this model allows limiting the audio distortion at high volume levels. This model ...Continue Reading
  • Dayton Audio SUB-1000 review

    Dayton Audio SUB-1000

    • Dayton Audio

    • 113
    • |
    Bass is important, as in the lower frequency register plays a lot of musical instruments, both acoustic and electronic, and most of the spectacular scenes in the movie created using low-frequencies. To play them correctly, you need a specially prepared for this acoustic system - a subwoofer. ...Continue Reading
  • Dayton Audio SUB-1200 review

    Dayton Audio SUB-1200

    • Dayton Audio

    • 124
    • |
    It’s probably a well-known fact that people usually don’t understand the difference between different types of subwoofers. If you are not a professional in this sphere, you probably think that most of them are quite similar and there are only minor recognizable features. However, the rea...Continue Reading