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  • Klipsch Sub-12HG review

    Klipsch Sub-12HG

    • Klipsch
    • | 500

    • 515
    • |
    The Klipsch Sub-12HG is a great solution for people who need a reliable flexible solution. This model is a great combination of high power and crystal-clear output. The down-firing driver design makes it easier to find the appropriate place for it. It also has backfiring ports to make the output sound even de...Continue Reading
  • Klipsch R-115SW review

    Klipsch R-115SW

    • Klipsch
    • | 600

    • 111
    • |
    The model has first been released in 2014 and has been extremely popular ever since. The price point remains stably high. Klipsch R-115SW will cost you around $900 regular retail price. You might think about getting your hands on it during the Black Friday sale but I would not bet on that. R-115SW is a m...Continue Reading
  • Klipsch R-10SW review

    Klipsch R-10SW

    • Klipsch
    • | 200

    • 542
    • |
    Recently I had the opportunity to test a great subwoofer so I decided to write a Klipsch R-10SW review. This device is a high output powered subwoofer with an efficiently working powerful amplifier. It's primarily designed to deliver deep and detailed bass, but it also works well enough on higher frequencies. The item is quite lightweight and c...Continue Reading
  • JBL SRX828SP review

    JBL SRX828SP

    • JBL
    • | 1900

    • 18
    • |
    JBL Professional is a top-notch company of audio products and has already made a statement in the market of subwoofers, having launched a strikingly powerful and also portable the fully configurable SRX828SP loudspeaker with a high productivity from the SRX800 series. JBL Professional by itself is famous for its patented Differential Drive Technolo...Continue Reading
  • Klipsch Reference R-10SWi review

    Klipsch Reference R-10SWi

    • Klipsch
    • | 300

    • 145
    • |
    The Klipsch Reference R-10SWi is a great model for people who look for a small but powerful solution. This model is not only a modern looking solution, but it also has various features and functions to make sure you get the best possible user experience. This model would be perfect for small...Continue Reading
  • Klipsch R-120SW review

    Klipsch R-120SW

    • Klipsch
    • | 500

    • 186
    • |
    Progress does not stand still. And increasingly, in our homes, instead of TV, there are home theaters that allow you to watch programs and films of the highest quality in a pleasant home environment. We know that a subwoofer that reproduces sound effects, such as peals of thunder during a thunderstorm, explosio...Continue Reading
  • JBL LSR310S review

    JBL LSR310S

    • JBL
    • | 400

    • 72
    • |
    JBL LSR310S has a clean, crisp, full sound with shimmering highs, mids that cut and a polished, full low end. It hits frequencies you could never hear before and hits them with polished authority. No flabbily fat sloppy low end here. If you are producing Hip Hop or Electronic music with a lot of basses this is a great ...Continue Reading
  • Klipsch R-112SW review

    Klipsch R-112SW

    • Klipsch
    • | 400

    • 110
    • |
    R-112SW has an absurd amount of power is always a good way to get high performance at lower volume levels without straining. Needless to say, this thing has vast reserves of power, and you may even find yourself feeling slightly self-conscious when certain "bass events" hit late at night. In the Klipsch R-112SW...Continue Reading
  • JBL EON618S review

    JBL EON618S

    • JBL
    • | 700

    • 29
    • |
    The JBL EON618S is a perfect solution for people who look for a super powerful subwoofer. This model is from JBL, which means it was engineered and built using numerous technologies to make sure you get the best audio experience possible. This subwoofer does not look like a super modern solution, but it is still very a...Continue Reading
  • JBL Arena Sub 100P review

    JBL Arena Sub 100P

    • JBL

    • 114
    • |
    Modern sound technology is developing at an active pace and its own steep subwoofer for the house no one surprises. The subwoofer is an important component of modern acoustics, allowing to feel every sound. Such devices quickly gained popularity and became an important component of a powerful acoustic sys...Continue Reading
  • JBL PRX718XLF review


    • JBL

    • 24
    • |
    The JBL PRX718XLF is a perfect subwoofer for people who need much bass power. This is a model designed by one of the world-leading companies that offer various audio solutions. The JBL PRX718XLF has various features that make this is a great option both for music and films. This model outputs perfectly clean and de...Continue Reading