Definitive Technology vs JBL

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  • JBL SRX828SP review

    JBL SRX828SP

    • JBL
    • | 2000

    • 18
    • |
    JBL Professional is a top-notch company of audio products and has already made a statement in the market of subwoofers, having launched a strikingly powerful and also portable the fully configurable SRX828SP loudspeaker with a high productivity from the SRX800 series. JBL Professional by itself is famous for its patented Differential Drive Technolo...Continue Reading
  • Definitive Technology Supercube 2000 review

    Definitive Technology Supercube 2000

    • Definitive Technology
    • | 600

    • 46
    • |
    If you look for a great subwoofer and you want something powerful that looks very modern, then you should pay special attention to the Definitive Technology Supercube 2000. This model is not only a modern-looking solution and it can be perfectly integrated into any audi...Continue Reading
  • Definitive Technology ProSub 800 review

    Definitive Technology ProSub 800

    • Definitive Technology
    • | 300

    • 82
    • |
    Definitive Technology ProSub 800 would be a fantastic sub for a smaller room, call it up to maybe 16' x 16' with a standard 8' ceiling. No complaints at all about the sound quality or output. And for the price it costs (low $200 range) it really is a steal. This sub is overkill...Continue Reading
  • JBL LSR310S review

    JBL LSR310S

    • JBL
    • | 400

    • 72
    • |
    JBL LSR310S has a clean, crisp, full sound with shimmering highs, mids that cut and a polished, full low end. It hits frequencies you could never hear before and hits them with polished authority. No flabbily fat sloppy low end here. If you are producing Hip Hop or Electronic music with a lot of basses this is a great ...Continue Reading
  • JBL EON618S review

    JBL EON618S

    • JBL
    • | 700

    • 29
    • |
    The JBL EON618S is a perfect solution for people who look for a super powerful subwoofer. This model is from JBL, which means it was engineered and built using numerous technologies to make sure you get the best audio experience possible. This subwoofer does not look like a super modern solution, but it is still very a...Continue Reading
  • Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 review

    Definitive Technology ProSub 1000

    • Definitive Technology
    • | 500

    • 66
    • |
    ProSub 1000 produces great sound/bass when watching movies or playing video games on Xbox or anything else. It works so well at this, that sometimes you may not pick up on the subtle sounds that are actually coming from the woofer that set make the scenes much more realistic....Continue Reading
  • JBL Arena Sub 100P review

    JBL Arena Sub 100P

    • JBL

    • 114
    • |
    Modern sound technology is developing at an active pace and its own steep subwoofer for the house no one surprises. The subwoofer is an important component of modern acoustics, allowing to feel every sound. Such devices quickly gained popularity and became an important component of a powerful acoustic sys...Continue Reading
  • JBL PRX718XLF review


    • JBL

    • 25
    • |
    The JBL PRX718XLF is a perfect subwoofer for people who need much bass power. This is a model designed by one of the world-leading companies that offer various audio solutions. The JBL PRX718XLF has various features that make this is a great option both for music and films. This model outputs perfectly clean and de...Continue Reading