Akixno SR210

Akixno SR210
Brand Akixno Updated_at 2023-12-18 19:07:23 REMOTE CONTROL true Amplification Type active Weight, Kg/pounds 0.9/2.1 Ethernet (RJ45) false
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Akixno SR210 Review – Choose a Good Sound

Akixno SR210 review & specs

Sometimes a great product comes in unexpected packaging. I had a chance to test the Akixno SR210 and compare Akixno SR210 specs with some other products of the same price range. This soundbar worked pretty well!

The volume of the sound was quite adequate to the size of the bar. This is not one of those very large sound panels in the style of a theater room. This is a good-sized panel for a display size about 30-60 ". The soundbar comes with wall-mounting hardware, so you can install it on the wall. If you purchase third-party hardware, you can also attach them to the back panel of your TV one of those universal TV mounts specifically designed for a soundbar.

Actually a lot of sound from a small bar. I would have expected a lower sound volume, but this sound bar actually gave a slightly higher volume than expected. I rarely need to include more than half to get good sound quality.


The sound bar was well packed and looked great right out of the box. It feels sturdy, with a good design and a modern look. I really like that it comes with several cords to be able to connect to a TV or other device, regardless of age or function. To use this on an old TV in my bedroom that did not have an optical digital port, I was able to use the included RCA audio cable. This is a big plus and convenient.

It is the perfect complement to the TV set of different sizes. It looks neat and compact in appearance. I liked the design of this soundbar: it does not look catchy, but it is modern and, by the way, very high quality.


This soundbar is not as loud as the larger versions, which is expected to be only 24 inches. It is significantly louder than TV speakers and has some added depth (low and high frequencies). If you are looking for a terrific bass, it will not provide this, you can look at the wider soundbar/woofer combination.

Like almost all other sound bars in home theaters, it supports the standards of Dolby and DC. The device supports Wi-Fi wireless technology for streаming directly from the Internet аnd hаs options for instаlling in multiple rooms if you hаve more thаn one model. Also, it has built-in Bluetooth.

I really like how you can adjust the bass and other sound levels with the remote control, which is very convenient for adjusting the sound. I like the little remote that works great with the bass and treble settings. Multiple audio and remote inputs make it easy to flick through.



Analog Audio Input/output (RCA)



Coaxial Digital Input/output


Optical Digital Input/output



HDMI Input/output

Ethernet (RJ45)

Headphone Output



Weight, Kg/pounds


Size (H X W X D), Cm/in

5.8 x 58.4 x 5.8/2.4 x 23.6 x 2.4


Placement Type

table-top, wall-mountable

Soundbar Buttons

power, volume down, volume up, Bluetooth

Connection To Source

wired, wireless


Built-in Subwoofer

Separate Subwoofer Connections

Separate Subwoofer (in Package)

Audio Features

Separate Speaker Connections

Separate Speaker (in Package)

Supported Channel Quantity


Built-in Channels


Amplification Type


Streaming Services

Other Streaming Services

has not


Amazon Music

Google Play Music

Apple Music (AirPlay)

Multichannel Surround


Dolby Atmos