Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50

Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50
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Sound Quality 4.9
Features 4.8
Design And Size 4.7
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Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 – Delivering On The Promise

Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 review & specs

The Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 review although short still covers all the information relevant for the customer. The Solo Surround Array, a signature feature patented by Definitive Technology. It is meant to give you immersive surrounding sound without the need to incorporate back speakers.

Although quite costly I would agree with the price point. The product has been created to provide you with a high quality surrounding sound and durability. The home cinema soundbars are not meant to be versatile. They are meant to be, you guessed it, a home cinema in a single case. Mythos SSA-50 will give you exactly that. If you are after great sound you have found a great toy to keep you satisfied for the years to come.


There is no remote and Mythos SSA-50 as a speaker works together with a receiver thus there is no need for a separate dedicated remote control or Smartphone app. It does not work with Alexa.

The tweeters on the front are covered by a single plain matte panel. You do not have any button and all the inputs/outputs are located at the back. The item looks very sleek and stylish. The matte plastic looks expensive and yet sophisticated and understated.

The device itself is around 42 inches long and 30 pounds heavy. Although it is a single unit you will still have to think through your placement options. It does come with the nibs for the wall-mount placement giving you even more options.


This soundbar requires a multichannel receiver as well as a powered subwoofer. Altogether the aligned trio can give you a luxury realistic multidimensional sound. I would suggest that you need to tweak the woofer and the speakers to help them reciprocate and complete each other. The ProSub subwoofer from the same series can be a great addition to your portable home cinema.

The tweeter array is pretty universal and does not depend on the placement. The sound will bounce off the walls just right no matter where you choose to place the bar. Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 specs are really interesting. You get three dome tweeters, four butyl rubber surround tweeters and two high output free range ones.

There are no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB or Ethernet connector options. The soundbar will only work as a part of your home cinema. Although the spheres of use are pretty limited it does deliver a home cinema level sound for around $500 regular retail price.

Our Verdict

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Sound Quality




Design And Size




Rated 4.8 Out off 5.0*

Sound Quality


Rated 4.9 Out off 5.0*

The Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 is an impressive soundbar that delivers outstanding audio performance. With 50 watts of total power, this single speaker system provides a wide range of frequencies from 20 Hz to 40 kHz, allowing for accurate reproduction across all types of music and movies. The included digital signal processor ensures clear dialogue while the built-in subwoofer adds powerful bass to your listening experience. Additionally, with 6 discrete channels (including left/right main speakers), you can enjoy true surround sound in any room size without needing multiple components or extra wiring. All these features come together to create crystal clear highs and immersive lows - perfect for enjoying your favorite tunes and films!



Rated 4.8 Out off 5.0*

The Definitive Technology Mythos is a premium soundbar with an impressive array of features. It boasts seven discrete channels, each powered by its own integrated amplifier for optimal performance and clarity across the entire audio spectrum. The system also includes two subwoofers—each driven by 200 watts of power—and three 5 ¼" mid/bass drivers providing rich bass response at even low volumes. Additionally, this sophisticated setup comes equipped with Dolby Digital decoding technology that allows you to experience crystal clear dialogue in movies as well as immersive surround sound from any source connected via HDMI ARC or optical inputs. With all these features coupled together, it's no wonder why the Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 has become one of today’s most sought after home theater systems!

Design And Size


Rated 4.7 Out off 5.0*

The Definitive Technology is a sleek and modern speaker system designed to fit into any decor. With its slim design, the whole unit stands just 2 inches tall and weighs in at an impressive 10 pounds for easy portability around your home or office. The speakers themselves are housed in cast aluminum cabinets with integrated heat sinks that help keep them cool even under demanding conditions. This unique blend of size, weight, materials and construction makes this soundbar ideal for smaller spaces where you want high quality audio without taking up too much space.

Pros & Cons


  • Single Solo surround Array loudspeaker
  • Offers a good balance of sound quality
  • High-output full-range drivers


  • No Budget-friendly option
  • No support for Dolby Atmos or DTS:X








Audio Features

Supported Channel Quantity


Built-in Channels


Amplification Type


Separate Speaker Connections


Separate Speaker (in Package)

Streaming Services

Amazon Music

Google Play Music

Apple Music (AirPlay)

Other Streaming Services

has not



Optical Digital Input/output


HDMI Input/output

Ethernet (RJ45)

Headphone Output


Analog Audio Input/output (RCA)



Coaxial Digital Input/output



Weight, Kg/pounds


Size (H X W X D), Cm/in

13.6 x 117.5 x 10.7/5.4 x 46.2 x 4.2


Soundbar Buttons

has not

Connection To Source


Placement Type

table-top, wall-mountable


Separate Subwoofer Connections

Separate Subwoofer (in Package)

Built-in Subwoofer

User Manual



Multichannel Surround


Dolby Atmos