Onkyo TX-NR575 review & specs

Perfect addition to your home theater Onkyo TX-NR575

Onkyo TX-NR575

When you're buying home theater gear it's a usual choice between either features or performance. But if you could have both? The Onkyo TX-NR575 is a mid-level receiver which pairs of the wealth of up-to-date features with excellent movie sound.

Though what helps make the Onkyo receiver unique? Firstly multi-room music. Play-Fi, Chromecast, AirPlay, plus the proprietary fire connect. If you want to set up a multi-room system this receiver is a veritable Swiss army knife. Have a certain look at this Onkyo TX-NR575 review, which can help you to find out all the best sides of the receiver.

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The quality and build of the unit are very eye appealing. The user interface is very simple, but not lacking in features. From an aesthetic standpoint, the receiver is minimalist and clean: perfect for any taste. It is rather large and gets warm on top, so plan accordingly. Onkyo TX-NR575 clearly marked on top as such, so it is up to you for it never gets too hot in the use.


You will evaluate the zone 2 feature, which is great to send audio to the game room with one system. There is a useful the networking aspect, which allows you to stream audio directly to the system with an app and you can remote control the system with an IOS or Android app. You can control the volume power and settings etc. with the app, great for when you in zone 2 and not in reach of the receiver in zone 1. Plenty of power and clean audio. There is a great number of HDMI inputs with audio pass through. The ability to profile your listening environment through the setup process by placing a mike and allowing the unit to make the necessary adjustments in our home theater makes everything much easier.


The DAC in this receiver is really great, You can listen to your music with all channel stereo. There is no loss of quality, the receiver gives you a fabulous soundstage. This receiver works wonders for your game/theater room. Especially, the ability to stream Amazon music and other apps to the unit with only your phone will please you. So, there is no need to use the Onkyo remote. Quality sound for the price, and decent controls with different sound modes and equalizers. If you want to buy a 4k receiver that doesn't kill your wallet, I would say Onkyo TX-NR575 specs fit the bill.

Sound Quality

This receiver is very well balanced and noticeably clearer than an average receiver for this price. Speech recognition is much better at lower volumes (measured SPL). Music is excellent. There is more than enough options to get the sound you want. If you prefer a little more bass than the auto equilibration, so it is easy to find once you take a little time. Everything sounds like it has more of a punch to it. It offers clear detailed sound with movie soundtracks and a straightforward setup process.


It has Dolby Atmos and DTS playback with amplification for seven channels including two overheads, plus a dedicated zone 2. It also offers 6 HDMI inputs which include 4k HDR support. If you are vinyl enthusiast it even has a turntable preamp onboard. A couple reasons for giving the Onkyo TX-NR575 the 5 stars: the pass-through in mini player mode, the subwoofer level, the bass mix is always right, at any volume, (except volumes low enough that the sub auto shuts off). The network capability is a good reason to get this Onkyo receiver. The FM tuning section is as good as it gets, and you need to orient the antenna right. The only criticism is the CEC feature (also known as HDMI CEC, HDMI Sync, etc. by different brands/components) turns on other devices automatically that are connected to it at times when you don't want them on. Most newer electronics have CEC so that each component of a system can communicate to each, such as TV, game console, media player, receiver, etc.


Setup is a breeze, it takes less than an hour from taking it out of the box to having it fully dialed in. Everything just works right out of the box. The setup and settings can be done through the HDMI to your projector or TV, it is some people case, and it is very easy to navigate. Onkyo made it all make sense. Some sets can be made on the IOS app as well and that makes sense too. It first sets up with a wizard when you first turn it on, so make sure you have your TV on, so you can view the messages. It steps you through the system as well checking your equipment connections. You can always go back and rerun the setup at any time. You will spend more time connecting wires and cleaning up all the cables than setting up the system to be ready once powered on.


If you need simple clean power with some bells and whistles that put out great sound, this will get the job done and fairly well. Plenty of power, more inputs than you can for plenty of settings. The big volume knob has good resistance and just feels good in the hand, which is not lesser important. Note that most settings, including the ability to even use zone two audio, require a TV to navigate through the settings. Onkyo TX-NR575 has exceptional connectivity options, if you get this receiver, so your requirements will be absolutely met. Incredible music sound is clear and can fulfill every inch of your room.

Common features


Onkyo TX-NR575






4.2 of 5




Digital player

Internet radio

Network audio player

Amplifier class


Audio formats



Apple lossless






Built-in decoders

DTS neural:X

DTS-HD master audio


Dolby atmos

Dolby digital plus

Dolby surround

Dolby true HD

Power device

Operational power consumption

600 W

Standby power consumption

0.1 W

Built-in display






Total output power

610 W

Output power per channel

80 W

Output impedance per channel

4 Ohm

Frequency response

20 Hz-20 kHz

Total harmonic distortion

0.08 %

Number of channels


Signal-to-noise ratio

106 dB

Connectivity interfaces



IEEE 802.3

IEEE 802.3u

Signal processing

HDMI pass-through

up to 4K

Video conversion/scaling

3D pass-through

Upscaling via HDMI

Connector type

AV inputs


Optical digital inputs


Coaxial digital inputs


HDMI inputs


HDMI outputs


Optical digital outputs

has not

Coaxial digital outputs

has not

Subwoofer outputs






Media content source





Tuner type


Tuner bands


Preset station qty


Additional features

A-B speaker switch

AIR Studios monitor certification

Three-zone capability


Advanced sound retriever (ASR) technology

Apple air-play support

Audio return channel (ARC)


Deep color


Auto power off

Pure direct mode

Dual-zone capability

Smartphone remote control

Sound features

Sound output mode

Surround Sound

Audio D/A converter

32bit / 192kHz

Surround sound effects

Theater-Dimensional Virtual Surround

Surround system class

7.2 channel

Digital sound processor (DSP)

DSP preset qty


Digital content protection

HDCP 2.2


Built-in clock

Sleep timer


Shipping size

14.9 x 17.1 x 6.8 inches

Product weight

20 pounds