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Onkyo TX-8020: interesting stereo solution

The process of an ideal stereo receiver search was rather difficult because a value for money is a determining factor in my choice. I wanted to get a device with great audio performance and the ability to power audio from my TV and Blu-ray player. I was interested in a pure musical power and strict classic functions, which I have found in Onkyo TX-8020. This Japanese creation allowed me to understand the meaning of “true quality” from the Land of the Rising Sun. However, while enjoying the high-quality sound, I mentioned some work insecurity.

Onkyo TX-8020 Review

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A strict design in black color gives the receiver solidity and dignity, so it can become an additional functional decoration in the interior. The central facade occupies a display window with a built-in joystick on the right and function control buttons at the bottom. Thanks to the last one it’s possible to adjust the brightness, contrast, display information and add stations to the system. The device is compact, so I put it on a small shelf under the TV and was pleasantly surprised how suitable it was. One more thing: it’s very hard to read labels of the controls, bass, treble, etc. They are not visible with natural lighting because they are too light and written with the hard-to-read font.


The device uses a WRAT technology, which provides a high-quality sound in the wide frequency range. It has 40 AM/FM presets with station naming, which is very useful. After acquaintance with the Onkyo TX-8020 specs, I’ve noticed that the remote control has started to malfunction intermittently. I found out the sleep timer and this smooth functioning feature became a pleasant surprise to me. The Onkyo has even 3-mode display dimmer (Normal/Dim/Dimmer), so the brightness adjustment becomes easier. The device doesn’t have Bluetooth, but such a problem may be resolved thanks to adding a special adapter. It’s even possible not to worry about radio tuner, do everything digitally and stream on Amazon Prime.


When I decided to check the sound edges of TX-8020, I started to listen to the carefully chosen test tracks. There was no distortion or compression of music, even when playing heavy metal hits. I ensured that 50W of power is enough for a medium-sized room. The manufacturer complemented the stereo receiver Onkyo TX-8020 with a closed ground circuit, so there was no noise in the channels.

Sound Quality

I definitely fell in love with its “warm” sound, which reminds me of those vintage receivers at astronomical prices. There are no flaws or weaknesses, just complete immersion in the music. The TX-8020 amp section sounds amazing and drives my 6 Ohm speakers to ear-cracking levels for as long as I can stand to listen. Nevertheless, I have mentioned one small problem: receiver was spontaneously shutting down at high volume. The only solution was to reset the device. I was a little puzzled by it, but such a problem appeared only once. Live dynamic sound Onkyo TX-8020 has an amazing accuracy, detail, and well-delineated bass. This stereo receiver will become a strong link in any budget stereo system.


The Onkyo TX-8020 has mono preamp output for connecting a powered subwoofer. Onkyo TX-8020 can boast an A/B speaker switch, which is actually located on the back panel alongside a 1/4-inch headphone jack. I perceive it as a glory to an old-school! Six audio inputs (including phono) are enough for truly enjoying the music. Thanks to two pairs of terminals I had an opportunity to connect a pair of floor acoustic systems 4-16 Ohms, shelf systems (A or B), or two pairs of speakers 8-16 Ohms (A B) in different rooms. By the way, connectors for FM and AM antennas are included in a kit. Massive EI Transformer is a real advantage. I have found that receiver is compatible with the AirPlay RI Dock for iPod/iPhone/iPad. One more important thing! If you’re going to use the Onkyo TX-8020 for a TV, it may appear something strange with the digital output and you might use an additional piece of tech to transcode the signal. After upgrading the TV this problem disappeared, but before this, I had a real headache.


All the connectors work trouble-free. All the need information is represented in the instruction, so it was easy for me to install the receiver and make the right configuration. I had some troubles with getting all the FM stations I wanted. But I think the main problem is with my old antenna, a T-shaped dipole. So I plugged in the unit that was a part of Onkyo kit. It worked! I’ve never had other receiver, but TX-8020 can become an amazing replacement to high-level audio devices. I completely agree with this statement!


After detailed Onkyo TX-8020 review, I can recommend it because the receiver is a true “workhorse”. It is perfect for classic usage and fills the room with saturated sound. There are some disadvantages, cause while using the device I mentioned its ability to shut spontaneously. The remote controller didn’t work properly and there were problems with attempts to read labels from the distance. But at the same time, the receiver is easy to use, it has 3-mode display dimmer, 40 AM/FM presets, and mono preamp output. Moreover, the design is very presentable and I did not pose any difficulties with connectivity and setting.

Common features


Onkyo TX-8020






4.2 of 5




Digital player

Internet radio

Network audio player

Amplifier class


Audio formats



Apple lossless






Built-in decoders

DTS neural:X

DTS-HD master audio


Dolby atmos

Dolby digital plus

Dolby surround

Dolby true HD

Power device

Operational power consumption

180 W

Standby power consumption

0.1 W

Built-in display






Total output power

100 W

Output power per channel

50 W

Output impedance per channel

4 Ohm

Frequency response

20 Hz-20 kHz

Total harmonic distortion

0.08 %

Number of channels


Signal-to-noise ratio

90 dB

Connectivity interfaces



IEEE 802.3

IEEE 802.3u

Signal processing

HDMI pass-through

up to 4K

Video conversion/scaling

HDMI to HDMI scaling, analog to HDMI up conversion

3D pass-through

has not

Upscaling via HDMI

has not

Connector type

AV inputs

has not

Optical digital inputs

has not

Coaxial digital inputs

has not

HDMI inputs

has not

HDMI outputs

has not

Optical digital outputs

has not

Coaxial digital outputs

has not

Subwoofer outputs



has not



Media content source





Tuner type


Tuner bands


Preset station qty


Additional features

A-B speaker switch

AIR Studios monitor certification

Three-zone capability


Advanced sound retriever (ASR) technology

Apple air-play support

Audio return channel (ARC)


Deep color


Auto power off

Pure direct mode

Dual-zone capability

Smartphone remote control

Sound features

Sound output mode


Audio D/A converter

24bit / 192kHz

Surround sound effects

Front Stage Surround Advance. Headphone Surround (V.S.S.)

Surround system class


Digital sound processor (DSP)

DSP preset qty

Digital content protection

has not


Built-in clock

Sleep timer


Shipping size

17.3 x 12.8 x 5.8 inches

Product weight

16.1 pounds