Onkyo TX-8020

Onkyo TX-8020
Brand Onkyo Updated_at 2024-02-02 04:42:28 Number Of Channels 2 Signal-to-Noise Ratio 90 dB Weight 16.1 pounds USB has not
Audio And Video Quality 4.8
Connectivity 4.9
Features And Functionality 4.9
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Audio And Video Quality




Features And Functionality




Connectivity Options

Audio Quality

Price Range

Ease Of Use

Number Of Channels/Inputs



Rated 4.9 Out off 5.0*

Audio And Video Quality


Rated 4.8 Out off 5.0*

The Onkyo TX-8020 is an impressive stereo receiver that offers excellent audio and video quality. It has a built in amplifier with 70 watts per channel, allowing for powerful sound output while still maintaining crisp clarity. The preamplifier section offers four HDMI inputs along with three composite video inputs to provide maximum connectivity options for all your components. When it comes to the visuals, this model boasts 4K Ultra HD pass through support as well as Dolby Vision compatibility so you can enjoy stunning picture quality on your home theater system or TV set up. Additionally, it includes decoders such as DTS:X and Dolby Atmos which produce immersive 3D surround sound effects when paired with compatible speakers—making movies come alive like never before!



Rated 4.9 Out off 5.0*

The Onkyo TX-8020 is a great choice for anyone looking for an amplifier that offers plenty of connectivity options. This 2 channel receiver features 4 audio inputs, 1 output and A/B speaker terminals with banana plugs to easily connect multiple speakers. Additionally, it has built in Bluetooth connection which allows you to wirelessly stream music from your mobile devices like smartphones or tablets directly into the unit without any additional external components required. Furthermore, it also supports Wi-Fi connection so users can access streaming services such as Spotify Connect or Tidal HiRes Audio over their wireless network at home with ease.

Features And Functionality


Rated 4.9 Out off 5.0*

The Onkyo TX-8020 is an impressive stereo receiver with a range of features and functionality. It boasts two 80 watt channels, allowing for powerful sound performance in any room size. The 4K Ultra HD pass through allows you to connect your TV or other compatible device directly to the amp without losing image quality - perfect for home theater systems! For more flexibility it also has four HDMI inputs and one output, making it easier than ever before to hook up multiple devices at once. Additionally, this model comes equipped with Bluetooth technology so that streaming music from mobile phones or tablets can be performed wirelessly – no cables required! Finally, this unit includes auto speaker calibration which automatically optimizes audio settings based on the environment where set up was done – resulting in optimal sound every time.



Rated 4.8 Out off 5.0*

The Onkyo TX-8020 is a powerful AV receiver with an impressive total output power of 100 W and 50 W per channel. It has 4 Ohm impedance for each channel, allowing it to deliver high quality and ranges of sound without any disturbance. The frequency response range extends from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz, ensuring that all audio signals are accurately reproduced in the highest fidelity possible, However, its low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) rating of 0.08% guarantee a minimal signal degradation when playing music at higher volume.

Connectivity Options

The Onkyo TX-8020 does not have any USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Network connectivity options. It also lacks AV inputs and HDMI pass through up to 4K resolution. Moreover, it has no optical digital inputs/outputs nor coaxial digital outputs either. This receiver has limited features and functionality in terms of its connectivity capabilities but still offers a decent range for those looking for an entry level stereo amplifier with basic features only.

Audio Quality

The Onkyo TX-8020 is a two channel AV receiver that offers fantastic audio quality. It has an impressive signal to noise ratio of 90 dB, which provides a guarantee about clear and accurate sound reproduction with minimal background noise. The total output power of 100 W provides plenty of volume for larger rooms or outdoor spaces, while the 50 W per channel allows you to enjoy detailed music playback in smaller areas without distortion. Alon with that, its frequency response range from 20 Hz - 20 kHz covers all audible frequencies so you can experience full dynamic range when listening to your favorite tunes. Furthermore, it offers low harmonic distortion at 0.08%, ensuring faithful recreation of original recordings without any coloration or artifacts added by the amplifier itself

Price Range

The Onkyo TX-8020 is an excellent AV receiver for its price range. With a total output power of 100 W and 50 W per channel, it offers plenty of power to drive your speakers with ease. It also has a frequency response from 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ensuring that you get the full sound spectrum out of your music or movies. The Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is 0.08%, which means minimal distortion when playing audio at higher volumes. At just 119 dollars, this AV Receiver provides great value for money and will be sure to satisfy even the most discerning audiophile on a budget!

Ease Of Use

The Onkyo TX-8020 is a great choice for those looking for an easy to use AV receiver. It has intuitive controls and simple setup, making it ideal for beginners or experienced users alike. The dual zone capability allows you to enjoy different audio sources in two separate rooms at the same time, while the 40 preset stations make tuning into your favorite radio station quick and effortless. Moreover, its built-in clock with sleep timer makes sure that you won't miss any of your shows when falling asleep late at night. All in all, combination of these features make this product one of the most user friendly receivers in the market today!

Number Of Channels/Inputs

The Onkyo TX-8020 is a dual channel receiver which offers an output power of 100 W. Every channel has 50W of power and 4 Ohm impedance, making it suitable for powering medium to large sized speakers. It provides dual zone capability but does not have any AV inputs or digital audio connections such as HDMI, optical or coaxial ports. However, the unit have feature one subwoofer output which can be used to add extra bass response when required.

Pros & Cons


  • It generates enough power to fill your room with 6-ohm speakers.
  • The phono input is grounded. It excludes any noises.
  • It features a subwoofer pre-out that makes the device flexible in terms of speaker options.
  • The device turns off the amp, leaving the display active when it does not produce any sound.


  • No switched AC outlet on the back.
  • You cannot tune in individual stations using the stereo mode.


Additional Features


Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Apple Air-play Support

Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) Technology

Smartphone Remote Control

Three-zone Capability

Dual-zone Capability

A-B Speaker Switch

Pure Direct Mode

Auto Power Off


Number Of Channels


Total Harmonic Distortion

0.08 %

Frequency Response

20 Hz-20 kHz

Output Impedance Per Channel

4 Ohm

Output Power Per Channel

50 W

Total Output Power

100 W

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

90 dB

Sound Features

Digital Content Protection

has not

Surround System Class

2 channel

Surround Sound Effects

Front Stage Surround Advance. Headphone Surround (V.S.S.)

Audio D/A Converter

24bit / 192kHz

Audio Formats


Apple Lossless






Built-in Decoders

Dolby True HD

Dolby Surround

Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Atmos


Signal Processing

Video Conversion/scaling

HDMI to HDMI scaling, analog to HDMI up conversion

HDMI Pass-through

up to 4K

Upscaling Via HDMI

has not

3D Pass-through

has not

Connector Type

Optical Digital Outputs

has not

HDMI Outputs

has not

HDMI Inputs

has not

Coaxial Digital Inputs

has not

Optical Digital Inputs

has not



AV Inputs

has not


has not

Subwoofer Outputs


Coaxial Digital Outputs

has not


Tuner Type


Preset Station


Tuner Bands


Media Content Source






16.1 pounds


17.3 x 12.8 x 5.8 inches

Connectivity Interfaces

IEEE 802.3u

IEEE 802.3




Network Audio Player

Internet Radio

Digital Player

Power Device

Standby Power Consumption

0.1 W

Operational Power Consumption

180 W


Sleep Timer

Built-in Clock

Built-in Display