Sony STRDH550 review & specs

Sony STRDH550 – an excellent budget home theater system

Sony STR-DH550

The poor sound quality of many HDTVs is a long-established fact. I do not stop repeating the advice to buy a multichannel sound system as a replacement for tiny speakers. Have you decided yet which receiver from Sony you need to buy? This article is for you. I had the opportunity to test the Sony STRDH550 and I would like to do a review on this product. You will be impressed by the price tag of the AV-receiver Sony STR-DH750, which can easily become the basis of the sound system for a medium-sized room.

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I like the appearance of the receiver, minimalist and clean. The remote is uncomplicated and straightforward to use. The appearance of the Sony STR-DH550 can be described as the appearance of a typical AV-receiver without frills. After all, the view should attract the TV, and the AV-receiver must be heard, but not visible.

On the black front panel, under white letters and a black screen, there are buttons for accessing the radio setup specs (it is possible to create up to 30 FM and 30 AM preset channels), search for Bluetooth and select the Music/Movie mode. You can access these functions without getting up from the sofa using the remote control supplied in the kit.

Next to the conveniently located USB connector is the mini-jack connector for the automatic calibration microphone, which we'll talk about later. And further to the left is the headphone jack.

If you take a closer look, consider the small letter "N" above the radio setting buttons, which is an NFC sensor for connecting devices to the receiver.

On the rear panel of the STR-DH750 is a common set of connectors for connecting speakers and HDMI inputs.


It is a wonderful product if you have already got HTPC. Overall, this electronic equipment produces higher sound than the similar 5.2 Harman (HK) amp. This beast can decode anything. The STRDH550 will provide MHL connect, therefore you'll infix your smartphone via USB cable and mirror on-device audio and video. This means that it'll take the HD content from your phone and reproduce it on your screen and your speakers.

With very good horsepower, the STR-DH550 gives enough power to "tear and crash". It can also transfer 4K content from sources such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, but it does not have the function of upscaling their HD format to the 4K standard.

Enjoy high-resolution playback (up to 48k/16-bit PCM) when using a USB connector. Simply connect a compatible device to the receiver and enjoy.


If you have ever heard your favorite movies sound through the tiny speakers of modern TVs, when you hear the sound quality from the Sony STRDH550, then your reaction will be something between a pleasant and very strong surprise.

STR-DH550 copes with the transmission of a clear and powerful signal, for which you need the appropriate speakers. This unit supports a wide range of audio formats. I calmly look at the lack of upscaling video to 4K format, but with HD video format everything is in order.

It is worth experimenting with various audio modes, especially with musical "Hall", "Jazz Club", "Live Concert", "PL II Music" and "Portable Audio". For more advanced settings, you can use the built-in equalizer.

Sound Quality

Let's begin with that it's got a great, crisp sound for the price. Sound quality is awe-inspiring. Great bass tones, exquisite mid-range, and full sound delivered. I connected my laptop to the unit and the sound came through loud and clear. I’m most affected and really happy with this audio system.

The Sony STRDH550 is a very nice basic 5.2 surround sound receiver. It connected to a Definitive Technology BP8040ST (towers), CS8040HD (center), and SR8040BP (surrounds). The sound is amazing both listening to music and watching movies.

I'm very happy with the sound from this receiver. Power to the speakers is kind of enough for home use. The sound is clearly reproduced. Naturally, the speakers you've got can mostly verify sound quality, but the speakers I'm currently using, which were the same ones utilized in my old system, are currently manufacturing a thousand that's so considerably higher than what I fully fledged antecedently that I am stunned at the distinction.


Basically, you have got one HDMI cable going out from the receiver to your tv set, and 4 (if you wish four) HDMI cables returning into the receiver; one for your cable or satellite box, one for your optical disk player, one for a game console, and one tagged, "Video (MHL)." concerning speaker connections, you merely run speaker wire out of the 5 speaker connections – 2 front, one center and 2 surrounds. There square measure 2 RCA connections within the "Subwoofer Out" location, which might permit you to attach 2 subwoofers. (Which would be overkill, and would make me happy not to be your neighbor.)

Easily connect and charge compatible portable devices, including Android smartphones, iPod/iPhones, digital music players and even USB storage devices or hard drives. The USB input on the front panel allows you to easily connect and charge compatible devices.

High definition inputs. Enjoy universal connectivity of high-definition audio/video. The Pure Direct mode preserves the clarity and detail of the signal, disabling the unnecessary signal processing circuitry to provide the maximum possible signal path with minimal electronic interference.


Setup was very easy. Due to the lack of complex bells and whistles, the STR-DH550 is one of the easiest I've come across in a long time. Optimizing home theater settings for your space using Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (D.C.A.C.) is a snap. Connect your gear, plug-in the provided activity electro-acoustic transducer, and use the simplified remote to follow the on-screen prompts. Within a few short moments, your receiver is prepared for action and you can safely sit back, relax, and enjoy.


It is undeniable that Sony STR-DH550 is not the most functional device on the market. For example, it does not have a connection interface to the network, wired or Wi-Fi, ut the price at it corresponding.

I like the minimalist look of the receiver. The remote control is simple and easy to use. Easy to use STR-DX550 delivers a clean, powerful sound that makes it an excellent candidate for use in building a sound system. If for you it's important to have a quality sound, then this is definitely for you. Save your money and get a good receiver and better speakers.

Common features


Sony STRDH550






3.9 of 5




Digital player

Internet radio

Network audio player

Amplifier class

Audio formats



Apple lossless






Built-in decoders

DTS neural:X

DTS-HD master audio


Dolby atmos

Dolby digital plus

Dolby surround

Dolby true HD

Power device

Operational power consumption

200 W

Standby power consumption

0.3 W

Built-in display






Total output power

725 W

Output power per channel

145 W, 90 W

Output impedance per channel

6 Ohm

Frequency response

20 Hz-20 kHz

Total harmonic distortion

0.09 %

Number of channels


Signal-to-noise ratio

105 dB

Connectivity interfaces



IEEE 802.3

IEEE 802.3u

Signal processing

HDMI pass-through

up to 4K

Video conversion/scaling

HDMI to HDMI scaling, analog to HDMI up conversion

3D pass-through

Upscaling via HDMI

up to 4K

Connector type

AV inputs

has not

Optical digital inputs


Coaxial digital inputs


HDMI inputs


HDMI outputs


Optical digital outputs

has not

Coaxial digital outputs

has not

Subwoofer outputs






Media content source





Tuner type


Tuner bands


Preset station qty


Additional features

A-B speaker switch

AIR Studios monitor certification

Three-zone capability


Advanced sound retriever (ASR) technology

Apple air-play support

Audio return channel (ARC)


Deep color


Auto power off

Pure direct mode

Dual-zone capability

Smartphone remote control

Sound features

Sound output mode

Surround Sound

Audio D/A converter

24bit / 192kHz

Surround sound effects

HD Digital Cinema Sound

Surround system class

5.2 channel

Digital sound processor (DSP)

DSP preset qty

Digital content protection


Built-in clock

Sleep timer


Shipping size

19.5 x 15.7 x 9.2 inches

Product weight

19 pounds