Yamaha RX-V483BL

Yamaha RX-V483BL
Brand Yamaha Updated_at 2023-12-18 19:07:23 Number Of Channels 5 Signal-to-Noise Ratio 106 dB Weight 17.9 pounds USB 1
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Connectivity Options

Audio Quality

Price Range

Ease Of Use


The Yamaha RX-V483BL is a powerful AV receiver with total output power of 525 W. It has an outstanding 115W, 145W and 80W per channel outputs for maximum sound quality. The 6 Ohm impedance ensures, that the audio signal remains strong even at high volumes without contortion or loss in clarity. This makes it ideal for home theater systems where you want to enjoy loud music without compromising on sound quality.

Connectivity Options

The Yamaha RX-V483BL is a great choice for those looking to connect their devices with ease. It features USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Network connectivity options that allow you to easily stream music from your smartphone or tablet. The IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u standards are also supported which allows the receiver to be connected directly into an Ethernet network without any additional hardware required. Add on to that, it supports up to 4K HDMI pass through as well as four HDMI inputs and one output port so you can enjoy high quality audio/video playback on multiple displays at once if desired. Apart from that, there's a single optical digital input along with two coaxial digital inputs available for connecting other compatible sources such as CD players or gaming consoles while its USB host feature provides convenient access when using external storage media like flash drives or hard disks.

Audio Quality

The Yamaha RX-V483BL is a 5.1 channel AV receiver with a superior audio quality. It has a signal-to-noise ratio of 106 dB, total output power of 525 W and 115W, 145W and 80W per channel respectively for the left/right front speakers, center speaker and surround channels. The frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz while its Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) stands at 0.09%. This model supports various digital formats such as AAC, AIFF FLAC MP3 WAV & WMA along with Dolby Digital Plus & TrueHD which ensures high fidelity sound replication when playing movies or music files stored on your device or streaming services like Spotify etc. Moreover, it also offers CINEMA DSP 3D technology that provides immersive virtual presence experience in any room size without having to install additional speakers around you making this product ideal for home theater setups where space may be limited but still wanting great sounding audio performance.

Price Range

The Yamaha RX-V483BL is an excellent AV receiver for its price range. At just 319, it offers a total output power of 525 W and 115 W per channel on the main speakers. It also features upscaling via HDMI to 4K resolution as well as four HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. Additionally, there's a digital tuner included along with one subwoofer output but no three or dual zone capability available at this price point. All in all, the Yamaha RX-V483BL provides great value for money when looking for an entry level AV receiver that won't break your budget!

Ease Of Use

The Yamaha RX-V483BL is designed with ease of use in mind. It offers a USB port for easy connection to your computer or other devices, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can stream music from any compatible device. The four HDMI inputs allow you to connect multiple sources at once, while the single HDMI output ensures that all connected components are working together seamlessly. Moreover, it has an optical digital input and two coaxial digital inputs for connecting external audio equipment such as CD players or turntables. Due to its built-in clock and sleep timer functions, this receiver makes setting up listening sessions simple and convenient. The Smartphone Remote Control feature allows users to control their system remotely via their smartphone without having to be physically present near the unit itself - making setup even easier!

Pros & Cons


  • Apple Air-play support.
  • Can be controlled remotely via a smartphone.
  • Built-in clock and sleep timer.


  • Decoders do not support Dolby surround, Dolby atmos, etc.


Connector Type



AV Inputs

has not

Subwoofer Outputs


Coaxial Digital Outputs

has not

Optical Digital Outputs

has not

HDMI Outputs


HDMI Inputs


Coaxial Digital Inputs




Optical Digital Inputs


Additional Features

A-B Speaker Switch

Dual-zone Capability

Pure Direct Mode

Auto Power Off


Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Apple Air-play Support

Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) Technology

Three-zone Capability

Smartphone Remote Control


Total Output Power

525 W

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

106 dB

Number Of Channels


Total Harmonic Distortion

0.09 %

Frequency Response

20 Hz-20 kHz

Output Impedance Per Channel

6 Ohm

Output Power Per Channel

115 W, 145 W, 80 W


Internet Radio

Digital Player

Network Audio Player

Power Device

Operational Power Consumption

260 W

Standby Power Consumption

0.1 W

Audio Formats





Apple Lossless



Connectivity Interfaces


IEEE 802.3u

IEEE 802.3



Preset Station


Tuner Bands


Tuner Type



Sleep Timer

Built-in Clock

Built-in Display





Signal Processing

Upscaling Via HDMI

up to 4K

3D Pass-through

Video Conversion/scaling

HDMI to HDMI scaling, analog to HDMI up conversion

HDMI Pass-through

up to 4K

Sound Features

Digital Content Protection

HDCP 2.2

Surround System Class

5.1 channel

Surround Sound Effects

CINEMA DSP 3D. SILENT CINEMA DSP. Virtual CINEMA FRONT. Virtual Presence Speaker

Audio D/A Converter

24bit / 192kHz

Built-in Decoders

Dolby True HD

Dolby Surround

Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Atmos


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17.9 pounds


12.9 x 17.1 x 6.4 inches