Denon AVR-S510BT review & specs

Denon AVR-S510BT – good upgrade for your TV sound

Denon AVR-S510BT

The new logo of Denon AVR-S510BT «Flawless meets wireless» speaks true, and I was lucky to check it while using my new-bought receiver. The AVR-S510BT is a well-equipped audio/video receiver with Bluetooth functionality. It`s 5.2 channels deliver impressive surround sound and Denon quality transforming your TV room into a home cinema.

Take control via the Denon 500 series remote app available for IOS or Android, or use the clearly designed remote control. The AVR –S510BT can play your music from your favorite Bluetooth device. With it's 5 in 1 out HDMI port configuration, and several additional digital audio input options, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. Now it is high time to introduce my review on Denon AVR-S510BT.

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The AVR-S510BT is a great piece of audio equipment. I was a bit hesitant about its design, but to be honest this model manages to look more expensive than it is. It looks pretty good. There are several simple features uncommon at this price. Most receivers have a flip-down panel to hide its buttons and ports on the unit's face.

As an average unit, the AVR-S510BT lacks these accouterments but it looks fairly clean and all the buttons are useful. It also has four Quick Select buttons for the most often used inputs. Maybe you have used the dial even once to scroll through a seemingly random list of inputs you'll realize how useful button shortcuts can be. The menu system is fairly elementary, just white text on a black background and a blue highlight, but at least things are relatively easy to find. The remote control is easy to use, with dedicated source buttons.


It's pretty powerful AVR from Denon, and I use it in a fairly good sized room with fairly efficient speakers (90 dB 1 watt on 1 meter) and the volume gets plenty loud to fill the space. It's super easy to set up and has a lot of great functionality. The range of the Bluetooth is actually really good, too.

There is one important note: If your unit does not ship with the firmware update already installed, make sure you download the firmware update to a flash drive and update your unit. It has 5.2 channels, meaning you can use a second subwoofer if desired. It comes with a microphone to help automate the sound level settings for each channel based on your speaker types and room dynamics, which is a nice touch. I have been using mine in conjunction with a Windows 10 home theater PC and an LG 50" 4K TV, for you to know. The HDMI hookups work well. Bluetooth is great as you can stream your Spotify or other music from your phone.


I love the simplicity of this unit. Some specs really sold me, for example, the free app, an ability to download and control my receiver via Bluetooth and also great the 5.2 speaker configuration. The sound is deep enough with just one subwoofer by itself, but I'm planning to purchase an extra subwoofer for getting even more bass. Ability to decode Dolby and surround sound it is such a great thing!

Great system with automatic sound adjustment feature is really nice, but the thing that really stands out the most for me is the low energy pass-through mode. Without turning on this receiver, HDMI video and sound is allowed to pass to the TV for quieter viewing.

I noticed that my picture quality for both my Blu-ray player and DirecTV receiver seemed to be boosted. For the price, especially when a sale is running, this AVR is hard to beat. It has Bluetooth, decodes Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, and won't break the bank. The receiver also comes with a measuring microphone which can be used to calibrate the sound for optimum performance. When this microphone is connected to the receiver for calibration, the receiver sends out test sounds to the speakers.

What this does is it checks the acoustics of the space around to give the best possible sound configuration for your viewing. This automatically adjusts the volume levels and other settings for the best sound output. The whole process takes only a couple of minutes but is well worth the effort. This saves you a lot of time and effort that is required for manual calibration.

Sound Quality

All-in-all, this is a great, basic 5.1 receiver. I love music when it sounds good. My speakers are sufficiently powered, audio is clear and defined. I like that I have two subwoofers hooked up to it now for even more intense bass. I also like simplicity, so it's easy to switch between inputs, I experience zero lag, and it properly plays back all HD audio (DTS HD MA and Dolby TrueHD).

The Sony STRDH550 is a very nice basic 5.2 surround sound receiver. It connected to a Definitive Technology BP8040ST (towers), CS8040HD (center), and SR8040BP (surrounds). The sound is amazing both listening to music and watching movies.

The receiver will even down-mix 7.1 content to 5.1. The version of Dolby Pro Logic is the most up to date and does a good job at "up-scaling" stereo content to 5.1, at least it does a good job for movies. This and DTS Neo do a terrible job when up-scaling for music as I can easily hear audible flaws.

Using it for my home sound system I wanted to have a good sound to listen to recordings and also pro recordings to hear the difference. This unit gave me very much that. When you set it up, it sounds sweet, controlled, clear and no coloration. You hear what you put in and if there is a difference in the source, it will let you have it. Forget boring stereo sounds and bring home the power of surround sound with this receiver. It comes with 5 channels for the best in surround sound which translates into one left, one right, surrounds the dual subwoofers.


I chose it because of the overall reputation of Denon and the receiver providing the biggest bang for the buck. I wanted a receiver that had the latest connections (HDMI), Bluetooth, USB port, and the ability to customize the sound quality to meet my needs. This receiver had all of that and more. I have used Bluetooth input far more than I thought I would.

There are plenty of inputs on the back of the receiver for everything I have. And it works fine with the 1080p, 3D video I throw at it. All peripherals (Blu-ray, cable/STB, and tv) I needed were HDMI, simplifying the install for a neat finish. All back connectors (HDMI, RCA, and speakers) were easy to identify and engage.

The AVR-S510BT has seven video inputs including five HDMI inputs. Featuring the latest HDMI specification, three of this AVR inputs include full rate of 60 hertz 4k ultra HD capabilities. Also, these inputs support the latest HDCP 2.2 protocol for the transmission of copy-protected 4k video. With quick select, you can choose your favorite sources via a single button and the specific audio settings will be recalled.

Denon Heos Link

The AVR-S510BT is compatible with the Denon Heos Link which is a wireless home system for greater sound quality. There is a real possibility to improve the sound quality of your AVR-S510BT by using the app from Heos. The first step - download the app and then follow the setup process which will take you only a few minutes.


I am not an expert in connecting these things but I have to say it wasn't really that difficult for me. Setup and calibration went easy and accurate (I didn't have to adjust anything after it self-calibrated). It's incredibly easy and quick to get your home entertainment system up and running. Let the pictorial setup guide lead you through the initial process including automatic speaker setup and you`re ready to go.

All of this is achieved with low energy consumption. Summing up this cost-efficient nevertheless high-quality AVR. The AVR-S510BT provides five discrete amps integrated Bluetooth functionality, five HDMI inputs and one HDMI output and 4k Ultra HD full rate pass-through for brilliant entertainment quality.


Excellent entry level receiver. Nice remote with all of the critical functions. Bluetooth connectivity works great. Connections are clearly labeled.

The Denon AVR-S510BT is a powerful little package that can economically turn your television into theater-style sound and fill a medium size room. I can't really find a fault in this receiver, not for the price. Sure, there are other, more powerful receivers but they are more expensive. This will easily fit the need of someone who is looking for a more basic, 5.1 receiver. All in all, it sounds very pleasing and for me, very much true to its source.

I don't need high power and lots of fancy features and I certainly didn't want to spend tons of money. I am just a guy who likes music and wants to listen to it on good equipment, so I chose this model. It has all the features I want, sounds great and definitely did not disappoint. I'd definitely buy it again.

Common features


Denon AVR-S510BT






3.8 of 5




Digital player

Internet radio

Network audio player

Amplifier class


Audio formats



Apple lossless






Built-in decoders

DTS neural:X

DTS-HD master audio


Dolby atmos

Dolby digital plus

Dolby surround

Dolby true HD

Power device

Operational power consumption

330 W

Standby power consumption

0.3 W

Built-in display






Total output power

350 W

Output power per channel

70 W

Output impedance per channel

6 Ohm

Frequency response

20 Hz-20 kHz

Total harmonic distortion

0.08 %

Number of channels


Signal-to-noise ratio

98 dB

Connectivity interfaces



IEEE 802.3

IEEE 802.3u

Signal processing

HDMI pass-through

up to 4K

Video conversion/scaling

3D pass-through

Upscaling via HDMI

Connector type

AV inputs

has not

Optical digital inputs


Coaxial digital inputs


HDMI inputs


HDMI outputs


Optical digital outputs

has not

Coaxial digital outputs

has not

Subwoofer outputs






Media content source





Tuner type


Tuner bands


Preset station qty


Additional features

A-B speaker switch

AIR Studios monitor certification

Three-zone capability


Advanced sound retriever (ASR) technology

Apple air-play support

Audio return channel (ARC)


Deep color


Auto power off

Pure direct mode

Dual-zone capability

Smartphone remote control

Sound features

Sound output mode

Surround Sound

Audio D/A converter

32bit / 192kHz

Surround sound effects

Theater-Dimensional Virtual Surround

Surround system class

5.2 channel

Digital sound processor (DSP)

DSP preset qty


Digital content protection

HDCP 2.2


Built-in clock

Sleep timer


Shipping size

12.6 x 17.1 x 5.9 inches

Product weight

16.5 pounds