Frigidaire GHWQ103WC1 vs Windmill Smart Home AC

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Common Frigidaire GHWQ103WC1xWindmill Smart Home ACx
Model GHWQ103WC1Smart Home AC
Brand FrigidaireWindmill
Rating 00
Reviews 00
GeneralFrigidaire GHWQ103WC1xWindmill Smart Home ACx
Type Window Window
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 10000 8300
Color White White
Cooling Area (sq. ft.) 450 350
Cooling Modes 3 3
Fan Speeds 3 3
Noise Level 42 50
Control Electronic Electronic
PowerFrigidaire GHWQ103WC1xWindmill Smart Home ACx
Voltage 115 115
Cooling Wattage 890 690
Cooling Amperage 10 6
FeaturesFrigidaire GHWQ103WC1xWindmill Smart Home ACx
App Control
Voice Control
Remote Control
Other Inverter Quiet Tempeature, Energy Star Certified, Easy-to-Clean Washable Filter Easy to Install, Quiet, Energy Efficient, Side Insulation, Auto-Dimming LED Display
PhysicalFrigidaire GHWQ103WC1xWindmill Smart Home ACx
Width (inch) 19.45 19.3
Height (inch) 13.9 13.2
Lenth (inch) 23 19.4
Weight (lbs) 56 71.3

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Frigidaire GHWQ103WC1 is better air conditioner in this comparison. Check Frigidaire GHWQ103WC1 price