Amana AMAP050BW vs Keystone KSTAT12-1C

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Common Amana AMAP050BWxKeystone KSTAT12-1Cx
Brand AmanaKeystone
Rating 00
Reviews 00
GeneralAmana AMAP050BWxKeystone KSTAT12-1Cx
Type Window Wall
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 5000 12000
Color White White
Cooling Area (sq. ft.) 150 550
Cooling Modes 4 3
Fan Speeds 2 3
Noise Level 1 60
Control Mechanical Electronic
PowerAmana AMAP050BWxKeystone KSTAT12-1Cx
Voltage 120 115
Cooling Wattage 1140
Cooling Amperage 60
FeaturesAmana AMAP050BWxKeystone KSTAT12-1Cx
App Control
Voice Control
Remote Control
Other 8-Way directional air louvers directs the air where you need it, Removable Filters Energy Star, Follow Me LCD Remote Control, Dehumidifier, Sleep Mode, 24H Timer
PhysicalAmana AMAP050BWxKeystone KSTAT12-1Cx
Width (inch) 15.3 20.3
Height (inch) 12.5 14.5
Lenth (inch) 16 24.2
Weight (lbs) 39.7 78

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