JBL Bar 5.1 vs Samsung HW-N950

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Common JBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Model Bar 5.1HW-N950
Brand JBLSamsung
Rating 4.1 of 53.7 of 5
Reviews 11751
GeneralJBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Placement type table-top, wall-mountable table-top, wall-mountable
Connection to source wired, wireless wired, wireless
Soundbar buttons power, volume down, volume up, input power, input, volume down, volume up
Audio featuresJBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Amplification type active active
Built-in channels 5.1 7.1.4
Supported channel quantity 5.1 7.1.4
Separate speaker (in package) 2 2
Separate speaker connections wireless wireless
SubwooferJBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Built-in subwoofer
Separate subwoofer (in package) 1 1
Separate subwoofer connections wireless wireless
Streaming servicesJBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Apple Music (AirPlay)
Google Play Music
Amazon Music
Other streaming services Chromecast, Pandora, Tuneln, Deezer Chromecast, Pandora, Tuneln, Deezer
ConnectivityJBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Ethernet (RJ45)
HDMI input/output 3/0 2/0
Optical digital input/output 1 1
USB 1 1
Coaxial digital input/output
Analog audio input/output (RCA) 1/0
Headphone output
Subwoofer output 1 0
FeaturesJBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Voice control Alexa
App control
Remote control
Multichannel surroundJBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Dolby Atmos
User manualJBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Manual N/A N/A
DimensionsJBL Bar 5.1xSamsung HW-N950x
Size (H x W x D), cm/in 5.8 x 114.8 x 9.3/2.3 x 45 x 3.7 (5.8 x 131.3 x 9.3/2.3 x 51.7 x 3.7 with detachable speakers) 8.1 x 122.4 x 13.4/3.2 x 48.2 x 5.3
Weight, kg/pounds 3.9/8.6 (4.5/9.9 with detachable speakers) 8.8/19.4

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