JBL Bar 5.1 vs Sonos Beam

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Common JBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Model Bar 5.1Beam
Brand JBLSonos
Rating 4.1 of 54.2 of 5
Reviews 117484
GeneralJBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Placement type table-top, wall-mountable table-top, wall-mountable
Connection to source wired, wireless wired, wireless
Soundbar buttons power, volume down, volume up, input volume down, volume up, microphone button, play/pause
Audio featuresJBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Amplification type active active
Built-in channels 5.1 3.0
Supported channel quantity 5.1 5.1
Separate speaker (in package) 2
Separate speaker connections wireless wireless
SubwooferJBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Built-in subwoofer
Separate subwoofer (in package) 1
Separate subwoofer connections wireless wireless
Streaming servicesJBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Apple Music (AirPlay)
Google Play Music
Amazon Music
Other streaming services Chromecast, Pandora, Tuneln, Deezer Chromecast, Pandora, Tuneln
ConnectivityJBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Ethernet (RJ45) 1
HDMI input/output 3/0 1/0
Optical digital input/output 1 1
Coaxial digital input/output
Analog audio input/output (RCA) 1/0
Headphone output
Subwoofer output 1 0
FeaturesJBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Voice control Alexa
App control
Remote control
Multichannel surroundJBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Dolby Atmos
User manualJBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Manual N/A N/A
DimensionsJBL Bar 5.1xSonos Beamx
Size (H x W x D), cm/in 5.8 x 114.8 x 9.3/2.3 x 45 x 3.7 (5.8 x 131.3 x 9.3/2.3 x 51.7 x 3.7 with detachable speakers) 6.8 x 65 x 10/2.7 x 25.6 x 3.9
Weight, kg/pounds 3.9/8.6 (4.5/9.9 with detachable speakers) 2.8/6.2

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  • 9.7JBL Bar 5.1
  • 10.9Sonos Beam

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